5 Common Mistakes To Avoid While Building A Mobile App

Mobile commerce is the fastest growing trend among global shoppers. With the increasing number of more people using mobile devices for internet browsing and product purchases, shopping through online shopping apps will change the future of the online shopping world. Since mobile app testing is the most crucial step of the entire development process, it’s important to put a special emphasis on it. A surprising fact about app development process is nearly 20% of apps are never used after being used once.
The number of shopping apps is increasing quickly. It your app has the right look and great products but doesn’t live up to expectations as they scale, users are more likely to dump your app and switch to a competitor. Testing is the only way to ensure your app works well and meets users’ expectations. As you perform the process of Mobile app testing, these few common mistakes things must be avoided:

Testing Without Detailed Information

Testing an app is more than just going through the pages and the checkout process. Magento mobile app testers are responsible to ensure a flawless browsing and shopping experience of the app users. The testers must have in-depth knowledge of the app, its functionalities, and business logic. Mobile app must be updated whenever an update is available from the platform. This allows the testers to ensure the better user flows in the app while ensuring the app performs optimally and as per core business requirements.

Testing Without a Strategy

Similar to the Magento mobile app development, its testing should be also done with a perfect strategy. App developers should not expect bug reports after the app is launched. The strategy is one of the most powerful factors in ensuring the success of the app and its proper functioning. Testers, while developing an app testing strategy, must consider the important factors such as the target market, user experience, region, and network coverage. App testing strategy shows company’s professional and professional integrity and commitment to its customers.

Ignoring the Sophistication Involved

It’s quite common among the global mobile app testers to run through the process of app testing without arming themselves with the basic working and functionality of the app. App testing is not all about swapping pages or going through the product listing pages. An important thing to keep in mind before testing is to have the requisite knowledge of the chief functionality and what users actually expect from it. This allows app testers to develop a wide coverage for all the intricacies in need of testing.

No Multi-Device Testing

We all know the mobile technology is growing at a supersonic speed and new models of mobiles are launched daily. Each of them has different specifications and screen sizes. Hence, it is important to test the online shopping apps on the various OS versions and devices that will be used by your users. Of course, it’s not possible to test on all the available devices, so it’s good to profile your user base as much as you can. When you conduct an analysis of who your users are, you’re more likely to find over 90% of your users use the same device.

Testing App like a Web Page

Before you start testing an app, it is pertinent to remember that the mobile apps are different to websites. And the most common difference between them is that the apps are used on small devices that are operated using Android or iOS platforms. Mobile Operating Systems are updated regularly, so you must be testing the app on an old device after only a few months. Hence, make sure you don’t follow the web testing approach as the web browsers are updated after years.

Bottom line

The objective of testing a Magento mobile app is to deliver better user experience. Therefore, it is important for the testers to avoid common mistakes to ensure the app delivers expected experience every time a visitor is using your app.

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