6 Things Android Users Enjoy While Apple iPhone Users Only Dream Of

Apple has always been in the limelight for introducing amazing features and something new every time a new version of iPhone or iPad is launched in the market, yet there’s something that makes the Android devices better than this smartphone giant. Well, it’s not all about the smooth user experience and how better they’re able to enjoy buying online with the mobile shopping apps, but a bit more than this.

Google’s Android and Apple iOS platforms have become rivals over the past few years, with the users increasingly choosing to side with one or the other. With both the smartphone giant companies working closely together in the last few years, the battle of hearts and minds is likely to continue for a while. However, the Google’s Android smartphone users can take heart from the fact that their tiny gadget can boast the following stand-our features

More Choices, More Fans!

To begin with, Android has always been loved by the users for the plethora of options it offers. This has always been viewed as the more open and inclusive system.

Apple is making devices that run iOS, on the other hands the Google’s open-source Operating System is open to everyone. They’re available for people of all ages, budget and industry as well. Android users have a huge amount of device to choose from to enjoy their software, making it a better choice for those who love to explore something new every day.


Another great thing about the Android devices is the level of customization it offers. While apple wants to keep control of default apps to ensure maintained a homogenous software and hardware experience, Google allows the users to pick their own level of customization. The feature for customization extends all the way from simple things like color schemes, to live wallpapers, to custom ROM installation and placing Magento mobile apps on home page.

Whether it’s a picture of your marriage anniversary or even a snappy picture, the ability to set your phone to your liking makes Android owns feel the power of customization. Recently, HTC launched the feature to use custom stickers to represent apps – allows owner to transform their grid of apps into an appealing and cartoonish work of art.


Another great thing that make Android, a better choice than the iOS devices is the use of widgets.
This is probably the next level of the apps, allowing users to get the information they need, when they need, quick and simple. The whole process is done without firing-up an app. User can easily monitor appointments check weather conditions, or track their footsteps or other fitness information.

Android devices come with a wide number of widgets pre-installed that you can easily use according to your requirements – meaning you need never miss out on key information.

While Apple also launched its own version of widgets recently, but these are much more limited than their Android counterparts.

Add Extra Storage

As we all know, smartphones are not just the mode of communication, but we use them for many other requirements. For example, you don’t need to carry an additional camera when on a road trip, no need to use that bulky MP3 player anymore or you need not to get your pager as well.

Simply put some additional storage to your Android device and you’re ready to enjoy the unending fun without even carrying any other bulky gadget.

While iOS is still offering pre-defined internal storage, Android has taken the storage to the next level with latest device supporting USBs. All you need is a quick swipe down to tell the device that you want it to act as an extra drive.

Multi-Tasking With Multi-Window

With a wide range of apps and widgets on your phone, sometimes things get a little cluttered. Android brings to you the rescue – Multiple windows.

With this advanced feature, multi-tasking can be done on smartphones, using multiple windows. Many flagship devices offer the same experience you would have on Windows PC. The multi-screen views means you can have multiple apps in operation at the same time.

This is more useful when you want to work or check various news feeds on the go.

Smoother Notifications

Many online shopping apps send push notifications and other information to let you stay aware about the latest news. And the Android devices make reading the notifications a smooth experience.

While with the iOS devices, it can be tricky as unlocking the devices will cause lockscreen notification to disappear, they’re easier to read on the Android devices as the Android smartphones will keep both their icons and notifications presence until dismissed or accessed.

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