App Store Rejection? Here’s What to Do Next!

According to reports, more than 60,000 iOS apps are added on the App Store every month. So the App Store receives 2,000 apps each day. Each app submitted on the App Store would go through stringent testing and most of them have to bear the pain of rejection. Sometimes it may be due to bad functionality, while sometimes it’s just due to lack of compliance with their guidelines.

Since you’ve put a lot of efforts and investments in the Magento mobile app development, rejection shouldn’t be taken as a failure, but as a challenge. The eCommerce market is quite competitive these days and there are highs and there are lows, but you have to make sure putting every possible effort to drag your app to the finishing line and get it live on the App Store.

If you really get stuck, you can request call back and discuss the reasons for rejection with the App Store review team. The App Store team would be able to shed light on your particular case within 2-3 business days as they have to deal with many such issues.

#1 Study the Reason of Rejection

Your Magento mobile app rejection may be a nightmare in a true sense as you put a lot of efforts into the development part. But don’t panic because that won’t make things any better. The only difference you can make is by analyzing the reason for rejection.

For the rejection from App Store, you receive an email from Apple stating the reasons for rejecting your app, which looks something like this:

i tunes connect

Also, you can log into your iTunes Connect account to know the exact reasons.

Once you log in, follow the path: Click on My Apps > Select your rejected app from the list > Proceed to view the app listing page. Here you can check the red-highlighted message on the top of the listing.

Click on the ‘Resolution Center’ to check rejection code (such as 2.1, 2.2 etc.) with a short description.

#2 Fix & Submit Issues

Once you check the rejection reasons for your online shopping apps, if you find the reasons to be simple and straight, you can simply move to fix and submit the issues. For example, if the Apple notifies “App Crashing” issue as a rejection reason, fix the issue and your app is ready to go back up on the App Store.

It’s not rocket science to understand the reasons for rejection as they’re usually mentioned in a clear tone. For example, check the point 3.5 where Apple clearly mentions small and large App icons should be similar, so as to not to cause confusion.

app store connect

#3 Look Up For Other People’s Experiences

Being from a non-development background, sometimes you may fail to understand the reasons for rejection. Although Apple provides you with a specific reason for rejection, but still if you’re unable to locate it, start looking for help.

There may be other people who have faced similar issues with app publishing on App Store. Many people discuss their problems with others and have already documented the problem and responses. Explore the internet and do some research on rejection reason and you’d come up with a host of solution that would address your query.

For example, check the post:

app store

#4 In Case Of Error, Contest Apple’s Decision

While Apple has professional developers and testers to thoroughly check your app before publishing it on the App Store, but errors are likely to take place as every day more than 2,000 apps are submitted for publishing. If you feel that the rejection reason is totally inappropriate, you can contest Apple’s decision.

Final Notes

Every Magento mobile app developer has to deal with a rejection on iTunes or Google Play Store once. However, rejection shouldn’t discourage you from reaching your goals. Whenever you come upon the situation like this, make sure to be strong enough to break the stereotype and take every possible step mentioned in the blog post.

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