An attractive, easy-to-shop app with chat feature

Awesome Features

Live Chat

Buyers & sellers chat live for better sales & customer satisfaction

Sale & Purchase

Makes buying & selling products convenient for people across vietnam

Featured Product Listing

Featured products displayed on home page for more sales & revenue

Google Analytics

Measure & optimize user engagement with mobile apps for lead generation

Client Requirements

Awcox came to us with an idea for a unique platform to online shopping while making it possible for every buyer to chat with the seller via Mobile App. The App had to be user-centric and smooth functioning to make shopping memorable.

Desired Solutions

  • Advanced Search Engine To locate Right Product on Android & iOS
  • Custom Color Selection To Match With Store Themes
  • Home Page Layout Customization For Shoppers’ Engagement
  • Push Notification Integration To Promote Products & Offers

Our Solutions

We began with a brainstorming session along with the client in order to come up with best way to turn the idea into reality. This consisted of plenty of sketching and scribbling to fully understand the client requirements and deliver the best. After the thorough development process, OnGobuyo delivered Android & iOS Apps to target the maximum audience, ensuring more sales and revenue.

The final app is looking great and has met our highest expectations. After some minor changes based on feedbacks and testing phases, it’s live now and plays great role in supporting sales chart of Awcox.

Technologies Used :

App Screenshot

The finished app beautifully displays beauty & personal care products in the most engaging way possible.