YouTube Removes Ads from Channels Less Than 10k Views

If you have an online shopping business and are enjoying great revenue with your existing YouTube channel and Mageto mobile app, then it’s the time to think about increasing your views of YouTube videos as the global leading online video streaming giant has announced to block ads on channels with under 10,000 views.
“Video channels on YouTube must now have more than 10,000 total views in order to have ads displayed on their videos,” says YouTube.

This major shift in policy the company said is designed to punish rule breakers. The step has been taken to ensure the user-generated content doesn’t end-up positioning ads next to questionable content. Only genuine channels with more than 10,000 view total across all their posted videos will be allowed to have ads posted. The measure has been in development since November last year, and it’s intended to block channels which steal content from other sources.

The step will only put a hurdle for the fraudulent and block channels from making money from stolen content, “With immediate effect, Youtube will no longer serve ads on YPP videos until the channel reaches the minimum lifetime views of 10k. This step will give the platform to determine the validity and reliability of a channel. This will also allow us to check if the guidelines are followed by channel owners. By keeping this limitation, we also ensure that there will be minimum impact on our aspiring creators,”

Once the creators reach the threshold, the platform will evaluate said aspiring creators, just to make sure that the channel meets all the requirements and guidelines set by YouTube. The online video browsing platform is facing a significant backlash from displaying ads from partners against content that is found to be objectionable. Following the issue, various leading brands like PepsiCo, Coca-Cola and more have already pulled advertising other than target search following reports by the WSJ of the ads being displayed against unsavory content.

YouTube launched its YouTube Partner Program (YPP) to everyone in 2007. The launch achieved great response with millions of online channel owners applying to have their videos monetized. The advertisers could have access to obscure audience while offering a chance to earn money for the channel owners. Not everyone who applies has such noble aims, though.

So, if you have a channel YouTube which is not receiving revenue anymore, it’s the time that you start promoting it and add new videos to bring more views.

How to Avoid Common Rejection Reasons When Submitting App on Apple Store

With millions of people using smartphone today, there has been a great surge in the number of app submissions on the Apple store. Following this we have seen a fair share of App store approval process challenges. The Magento mobile app submission on Apple Store is more complicated than developing one. One of the biggest frustrations for the Shopping store owners and developers is when a submitted app is rejected during the approval process before going live on the store.

Having a look at the App Store Review Guidelines is a must for everyone who is submitting the app. But sometimes the guidelines are interpreted differently by different reviewers and frequently change over time.

We have shortlisted the top most classic rejection reasons by the Review Team that the developers often experience.

Missing Privacy Policy

Online shopping platforms ask the buyers to register before they make payment. This makes it essential to provide a privacy policy either in the app or as a link inside the App Store listing. Offering privacy policy is a great way to avoid rejection on the App Store. We recommend including both for good measure.

Lacking App Meta-Data

While the lack of app meta-data is an easy fix, but this turns out to be the major reason of app rejection. In most cases when an app is rejected by the Apple App Store, it can be due to meta-data were not provided during the submission process or the information provided was incorrect. Make sure to cross check the information and all links are working properly.

Major Bugs in App

Online shoppers are always looking for the apps that perform better and look amazing. No one would want to use an app that comes with lots of bugs and navigation issues. This is why Apple gives special attention on the major bugs and if find any, App Store Review team from reviewing your app will immediately reject it. Make sure your Magento mobile app is thoroughly tested before submitting for approval.

Dummy Data Still in App

When submitting the app on App store, make sure to remove all the dummy data, broken links, dead links or duplicate content. It can be good till the staging, but when you are submitting the app, make sure you go prepared with everything that is fresh and working. It’s also good to remove all these issues as your app is likely to get hit on the search engines as well.

Ask for Personal Information Only When Required

Don’t force the visitors to register on your store and avoid showing pop up window simply to register for newsletters. As for personal details only when required and the information should be limited to only what is required to your business. For example, if you are making an online shopping app, asking for visitor’s contact details or birthday is not directly linked to the apps core functionality. These fields can be created, but only when the user is planning to complete the checkout process and make payment for the purchase. Do not make them mandatory.

The Functionality Is Against Apple Guidelines

Google App Store is very much strict about the apps with features that are against their guidelines. If, in any case, your app has the features or functionality that are against their guidelines, your app is likely to be disapproved. For example, if you are submitting an app where you use IAP to buy physical products is not allowed. We always advice you to stay in neutral area when it comes to App store guidelines or consult with an expert to know which functionalities may be against the App Store’s guidelines.

When you can cross the above mentioned things off your checklist, you will be a step close to having your Magento mobile app successfully approved and live in the App Store.

Top Rules of Engagement in Mobile App Development

Running an eCommerce business is all about winning the battle for the hearts and minds, which is not an easy task. The competition is stronger than ever before and buyers are smart now. Mobile users are always on the go, they show no mercy and give no quarter to the apps that fail to engage them. When developing a Magento mobile app, it’s real important to understand the competition. It’s the real world which competes for their attention.

Remember that mobile users are quite different to those who’re exploring products on their desktop computers in quite library rooms. Mobile users are smart, fast, and dynamically active and involved with the world. Whatever you sell, the app you design should engage an easily distracted person who habitually multitask with their environment.

Following these three rules of user engagement in your eCommerce to avoid your app join the countless other app casualties buried deep and forgotten within their mobile devices.

Keep the design clean & simple

None of us would want to open an online shopping app that displays thousands of promotional ads or unarranged products. An uncluttered, intuitive and attractive app is all we love. Ease of simplicity of use empowers the users. Clean and simple apps make users feel the comfort as they want to effortlessly use the app for the purpose for which it was designed. Remember, if the app is not engaging enough, it will fail to have their attention as people today are multitasking.

Design for the user

When developing the online shopping apps, make sure its design doesn’t get affected with your particular preferences. Think like a user and develop the app that users would want to try again and again. If you’re not an avid user of the app type you are designing or are unaware of the tastes of users, you must do some research.

Spend some time on understanding what type of apps are trending and what’s common in them. Make sure to get something unique to the table. Study user reviews of similar apps and pay attention to detailed reviews. This not only will tell you what works and what doesn’t, but also helps you have an insight into the psychology of the mobile users. Look for the factors that influence their reactions or lack of reaction to an app.

Make the app fast & responsive

As I mentioned above, mobile users are always on the go, show no mercy to the apps that are less engaging. And when it comes to user engagement, speed and performance takes the front seat as users appreciate apps that are fast and engaging. People today are quite impatient and the patience of people is directly proportional to the amount of time they have on their hands. If fails to maintain the speed, users may think the app is broken. This will lead them to uninstall the app and download another one, which may be of your competitors’.


Mobile app is the latest trend in online shopping marketplace with millions of people already using smartphones and nearly 70% of the mobile users preferring buying via compact devices. Whatever you sell online, make sure to design the Magento mobile app keeping your target audience in mind in order to achieve maximum user engagement and download rate.



5 Must Have Features For Your Ecommerce Mobile App

Mobile is the latest frontier for small business and big corporate companies alike. With growing numbers of people using smartphones to explore products and make purchases, you can’t afford to be just another name in the world of eCommerce mobile apps with some common features. Adding something unique with an additional benefit of making the Magento mobile app user-friendly is the key to success.

There’s a reason that the leading eCommerce giant companies are now focusing on improving and user-experience on compact devices, providing a great infrastructure with the cutting-edge mobile applications. Because unique is always preferred and loved by the users. And we bring to you some unique features that may be kept in mind while developing a mobile app that ensures more sales and revenue.

Ease of Navigation

When attempting to sell products to the target buyers, you can’t afford to develop an app that is complex and makes buying a hard nut to crack. The first requirement for selling a product online is to allow buyers find products specifically what he (or she) is looking for. Smooth navigation is the key of success for any eCommerce app. Remember that if they’re unable to find the right product, they will jump to competitors’ platform, so every effort should be made to have a site with smooth navigation.

Easy of Product Selection

I simply love the situations when I am able to add a particular product to cart, right from catalog page, as soon as I like it. I would appreciate if I’m able to skip the process of visiting product page, complete registration, and then add it to cart. This allows online buyers to go through many products to cart and shortlist the ones that they’re interested in. Integrating ‘wishlist’ feature is another great way to make shopping easier for the modern buyers.

Easy Checkout

User experience on eCommerce sites is critical to success. If they feel order placement is a tough task, they will wind up abandoning their cart with items left unpurchased. The checkout should be made easier. Avoid using the default Magento checkout process that involves six steps, making it difficult for buyers to purchase products. Ideally, the checkout should be as easy as possible for shoppers. Simply let them sign-in via social media and provide their shipping details with minimum efforts.

Simple Registration

Most online buyers are not fond of going through the default process registration process. The online shopping apps with feature to sign up using social media credentials are liked and appreciated by the mobile shoppers. Leading online shopping portals like Amazon keep it simple right from the sign up to checkout. This app would take the users to main page without any unwanted stress required to complete lengthy registration forms. This is a great option to keep your users hooked up and get them through the checkout process.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are coolest, easiest and the most effective way to engage users and get them back to your store without any hard work involved. Simply promote your fresh arrivals, discount offers, or simply offer discount on products that are left in the cart with push notifications. These notifications inspire immediate action. You can pair up this feature with analytics to see a significant boost in the sales in no time. Experts found that push notifications are likely to receive more response than any other way of promotion like text message or emails.


The Magento mobile app should be designed and developed with an aim of providing an immersive and unique experience that makes online shopping a seamless process. The app should include features that drive sales and bring more revenue for your business.

5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring an App Developer

If your online shopping platform doesn’t have a Magento mobile app yet, you could be missing out on great opportunities to tap into new revenue streams. These smart gadgets are everywhere and nearly 70% online buyers prefer buying with mobile devices. According to recent studies, the majority of 120 million smartphone users use a shopping app once a month.

If you’d like a mobile app developed for your platform that lets customers buy your products, or simply access products, you’ll need to hire an expert company you trust to custom build it. Before you jump into the decision of hiring a company, let’s take a look into some simple questions to ask mobile app developers to choose the right one for the job:

Where I can find example apps you have developed?

Don’t just get impressed with the website design or the claims they’re making to the clients. Make sure to ask for the demo mobile apps that they’ve developed for the past clients and check how they are working. Qualified candidates should be eager to provide you with their best apps they have already create and are live on the Google’s Android app store or Apple’s iOS App Store.

This way you can begin to gauge whether or not the company or the individual has the skills and experience to produce the type of app you’re looking for. For example, if you want to develop an app for online apparel store, ask for a demo app they’re created for online shopping platforms.

What kind of devices you use to test the apps?

Technology changes each day. With new smartphone devices being launched every day it’s good to know if the development company is using latest gadgets to test their apps. After all, your buyers are not going to use the app on Motorola phones that were launched as first smartphone.

This question can provide insight into how updated, knowledgeable, and passionate the company is about specific mobile platforms.

How will we communicate during development process?

This is a crucial part of Magento mobile app development process. The quality of the final product depends on how clearly and often you communicate your requirements throughout the development process.
No doubt emails are great source of corporate communication, but this often lead to delay in the development process. Using advanced methods like Skype or Basecamp should be preferred to discuss the development process. Don’t forget to ask “How often will they provide you with development status updates?”

Who will own the app?

Usually the company or individual paying for the app will own the finished product. However, there are times and certain company policies due to which the mobile app development company owns the app. To be sure to own all the right to the app you commissioned, make sure to ask if the app will be “white labeled.”
Consider signing a written “copyright assignment” contract to have full rights on the app that you’ve paid for.

Who will submit the app on App Stores?

Once the development is complete and you’ve approved the beta-tested version of the online shopping apps, the last step is to publish the app on App Stores. App submission is a multi-step process that can be confusing for a non-technical person. Some development companies would like to help you with the publishing process while some would take the challenge get the job done on your behalf.

6 Things Android Users Enjoy While Apple iPhone Users Only Dream Of

Apple has always been in the limelight for introducing amazing features and something new every time a new version of iPhone or iPad is launched in the market, yet there’s something that makes the Android devices better than this smartphone giant. Well, it’s not all about the smooth user experience and how better they’re able to enjoy buying online with the mobile shopping apps, but a bit more than this.

Google’s Android and Apple iOS platforms have become rivals over the past few years, with the users increasingly choosing to side with one or the other. With both the smartphone giant companies working closely together in the last few years, the battle of hearts and minds is likely to continue for a while. However, the Google’s Android smartphone users can take heart from the fact that their tiny gadget can boast the following stand-our features

More Choices, More Fans!

To begin with, Android has always been loved by the users for the plethora of options it offers. This has always been viewed as the more open and inclusive system.

Apple is making devices that run iOS, on the other hands the Google’s open-source Operating System is open to everyone. They’re available for people of all ages, budget and industry as well. Android users have a huge amount of device to choose from to enjoy their software, making it a better choice for those who love to explore something new every day.


Another great thing about the Android devices is the level of customization it offers. While apple wants to keep control of default apps to ensure maintained a homogenous software and hardware experience, Google allows the users to pick their own level of customization. The feature for customization extends all the way from simple things like color schemes, to live wallpapers, to custom ROM installation and placing Magento mobile apps on home page.

Whether it’s a picture of your marriage anniversary or even a snappy picture, the ability to set your phone to your liking makes Android owns feel the power of customization. Recently, HTC launched the feature to use custom stickers to represent apps – allows owner to transform their grid of apps into an appealing and cartoonish work of art.


Another great thing that make Android, a better choice than the iOS devices is the use of widgets.
This is probably the next level of the apps, allowing users to get the information they need, when they need, quick and simple. The whole process is done without firing-up an app. User can easily monitor appointments check weather conditions, or track their footsteps or other fitness information.

Android devices come with a wide number of widgets pre-installed that you can easily use according to your requirements – meaning you need never miss out on key information.

While Apple also launched its own version of widgets recently, but these are much more limited than their Android counterparts.

Add Extra Storage

As we all know, smartphones are not just the mode of communication, but we use them for many other requirements. For example, you don’t need to carry an additional camera when on a road trip, no need to use that bulky MP3 player anymore or you need not to get your pager as well.

Simply put some additional storage to your Android device and you’re ready to enjoy the unending fun without even carrying any other bulky gadget.

While iOS is still offering pre-defined internal storage, Android has taken the storage to the next level with latest device supporting USBs. All you need is a quick swipe down to tell the device that you want it to act as an extra drive.

Multi-Tasking With Multi-Window

With a wide range of apps and widgets on your phone, sometimes things get a little cluttered. Android brings to you the rescue – Multiple windows.

With this advanced feature, multi-tasking can be done on smartphones, using multiple windows. Many flagship devices offer the same experience you would have on Windows PC. The multi-screen views means you can have multiple apps in operation at the same time.

This is more useful when you want to work or check various news feeds on the go.

Smoother Notifications

Many online shopping apps send push notifications and other information to let you stay aware about the latest news. And the Android devices make reading the notifications a smooth experience.

While with the iOS devices, it can be tricky as unlocking the devices will cause lockscreen notification to disappear, they’re easier to read on the Android devices as the Android smartphones will keep both their icons and notifications presence until dismissed or accessed.

Great Tips on How to Promote Products on Magento Mobile App

So, you’ve finally created an amazing Magento mobile app.

Now what?

It’s the time to launch new products and give your sales a boost with more leads and sales via your eCommerce mobile app. Whether it’s your first sale or you’ve been there for a while, it’s always good to develop some new ways to promote your products and business as well. When planning to launch a new product on your mobile app, you can’t miss out on the promotional phase.

It’s no secret that many leading brands fail to sell some amazing products simply because of absence of good promotion. Hence, it’s vital to promote any new product before it’s launched in order to guarantee its success.

You need to create a buzz about the product! It’s the only way to guarantee desired sales, but what matters the most is the proven ways which actually generate a result-oriented hype.

Let’s take a look at a few ways to promote your product on the mobile shopping apps.

Send Invites

Sending invites to your target audience is always a great choice to create a buzz regarding the newly launched product on your app. While sending invites to a couple of selected customers is beneficial, it’s always advised to create an invite for your entire customer base. Remember, more invites means more visitors and more chances of product purchase. The invites can be sent out on text messages, emails, push notifications, in-app message or social media channels.

Teaser Campaigns

Nothing beats the curiosity as that of the black and innovative teaser campaign. The best way to maintain a level of curiosity is by displaying banners on a day to day basis that help build up hype about whatever you are going to launch. The teaser campaigns are all about withdrawing the spot-on information until the final date of launch. Make sure to keep the information minimal and hidden, so you are able to create the curiosity and engage people until the day the product is launched.

Include Discount

Online buyers are always after the discounts they can get via special promotional or launch sales. The best way to benefit from the promotion is to make sure you encourage your customers to try out the product. Instead of offering coupon codes, simply slash down the price of the product(s). This ensures your customers who want to buy place an order immediately.

Display A Countdown Clock

Now, that we are talking about creating a curiosity among the buyers, running a countdown clock never fails to achieve the purpose. Although an old method, this creates a genuine interest among the customers. It’s an amazing way to engage people with your online shopping app while at the same time making them scratch their brains figuring out what could be the new product that you are going to launch. Big brands like Apple, also follow the same methodology when launching something new to the international marketplace.


Following the above mentioned techniques can bring a great number of prospective customers to have a look at your new-launch. Make sure to remember to outline your campaign by considering the other important factors as well. The three important factors – promotional offers, occasion, and offer expiration – can help you work your way around the promotion of the product easily on your Magento mobile app.

Best Ways to Use AdWords for Your Mcommerce Platform

Everyone is exploring products and making purchase via mobile devices, which makes it a better choice of investing in a Magento mobile app development project. However, developing a great mobile app for your business is not enough to maintain user engagement and guarantee downloads. You need to think considerably about the whole app lifecycle – everything from integrating features, designing screens and optimizing keywords to make your app discovered, to the digital marketing strategy.

The key to improve app downloads and achieve a greater market appearance is to invest your time in the mobile marketing. When it comes to marketing an app, email marketing, content marketing, AdWords, and content marketing are the essentials for mobile app digital marketing. Unlike the free marketing strategies, AdWords is the most effective part of your app marketing and the great thing about it is that the benefits can be noticed immediately.

Let’s take a look at the easier way to use Google AdWords in your App Marketing:

• To acquire new mobile app users.
• To engage existing mobile app users.

App Install Campaign

After the initial stage of app development project, the next thing every business owner would face is to attract new users and make them download the app. Well, there’s no need to worry anymore as the Google AdWords helps you stay focused on your campaigns on getting more people to download your app and reach your target audience.

Google AdWords comes with a variety of advertising formats, enabling you to promote your app to the users who are already actively seeking your app or similar apps. With the Pay-per-Click (PPC) campaign enabling you to add a direct link to the Google Play or Apple App Store, your potential users can download the app directly. They simply click on your promotional ad and they’re redirected to your app download page. It’s worth remembering that more downloads can improve your shopping store ranking too.

Now, let me tell you something interesting. Did you know you can target your app within other apps? AdWords enable you to create a mobile display campaign to target users who are already using apps similar to yours, which turns out to be a great way to increase your app downloads. Experts suggest that over 80% of mobile users’ time is spent on mobile apps, which is a worth considering fact to go for Google AdWords.

App User Engagement

When you are in the highly competitive shopping industry, it is better you always stay focused on solving the issues that your target audience is facing with other platforms. For example, an online shopping app should be built to solve the problems of online buyers.

It’s a surprising fact that only 16% of people try an app more than twice, and if you’re unable to impress them with something amazing then you’re going to be dumped by those useless apps.

If you are trying to get people to open and try your app again, mobile app engagement campaign in Google AdWords is just what you need to take care of. Not many users will want to get back to just another mobile app, hence using deep linking is a sure way to bring your customers back to complete any activity they’ve already started! You can try reminding visitors to complete the checkout if they’ve left something in their shopping cart. To achieve this, you can set up remarketing for your app and create a target campaign.

Don’t Forget about App experience After the Ad!

The app marketing campaign is not only limited to encouraging customers to download the app and driving them keep coming back for more. Remember that the app experience makes the entire effort fruitful. Make sure to think about the user experience of your app. After all, no one would want to come back to your app if they’re facing problems.

Do you have a Magento mobile app that you already promoted using PPC? We’d love to hear your experiences!

Top 5 App Security Risks & How to Deal with Them

According to a recent survey on Ecommerce Application Security, over 90% of the tested apps have failed to be secure enough to keep consumers’ data protected. So, if you ever though that mobile security isn’t a concern, now you see why you could be making a huge mistake. Developing a great Magento mobile app is a good choice, but keeping it secure is another big thing that you must consider.

Check why mobile app security is extremely important issue and what dangers your developers should take into account while creating an eCommerce app and how to prevent such crises.

Why You Should Care About App Security?

Ecommerce is a big industry, in fact a very big one, with over $ 3.8 million transactions made through the online shopping stores and apps in 2015. Security of mobile apps is a top concern today. There have been regular events when mobile apps breach incidents were reported.

It’s not only the money you lose for security issues, but you’ll also lose the trust users placed in your brand and the app, compromising the strength and credibility of your brand.

Here we bring to you the top 5 security risks with bulletproof tips to help you mitigate them and develop a reliable mobile platform that offers a great user experience while keeping the users’ data safer.

No Security Testing

Most of the times, we are in a rush to launch the app, without worrying about the testing part. But it’s not smart to release a mobile app without having it properly tested for all the security and data breach threats first.

When testing the Ecommerce shopping app, make sure to test every inlet for security. This includes GPS, camera, sensors, or the platform itself. While the app can’t be completely safe from malware, but testing allows you to spot the potential week points in the app.

Note: Never let your users to see your crash and debug logs. These parts are full of information that hackers can easily use to trespass into your system. Remember when developing an iOS app, make sure to disable the NSLog statement. The Android debug log is cleared when a device is rebooted, but the app may be vulnerable until that moment.

Data Storage Vulnerabilities

Mobile devices are designed to store the useful information for as long as possible and caching the data serves as a partner to speed-up its performance.

While the data storage helps improve performance, this makes the mobile devices more susceptible to security breaches as caches information is relatively easy to access.

Here’s the most common piece of data that is store on mobile devices:

• Usernames
• Passwords
• Authentication Passwords
• Personal Data
• Location Data
• Application Data

One way to ensure better security is to make passwords mandatory. However, remember that users don’t like passwords, so think twice whether implementing this solution will actually be better for your business app or discourage them.

Weak Encryption

Many of us might believe that the encryption algorithm is bulletproof, but it’s not. The mobile app development technology is constantly evolving, and older encryption algorithms become easy to crack.

When developing a Magento mobile app, make sure to pay great attention to the encryption or simply decide not to use them at all. If you want users to provide crucial information like personal identification or credit card information, you simply need excellent encryption.

Poor Authentication Measures

Using a great authentication process is another way to keep the information secure from the hackers. Using two-tier authentication is always preferred by the experts.

Using the reliable authentication process makes sure that all users and devices are authorized to transmit data to the app. This will help your app to identify and block the unauthorized users, devices, and scripts.

Poor Management of Sensitive Information

Taking care of the sensitive information is the most crucial step you can take to make the mobile app secure from the hackers. If your app gets hacked, your own data might be at risk as well, which can be easily used by hackers to access to accounts, credit card data, usernames, passwords, and other information.

Scan your data for vulnerability caused by breaches to keep a close eye on this risk.

5 Reason to Go for Native Over Hybrid App Development

We all know the mobile traffic has already surpassed desktop traffic over the past few years, when it comes to internet research, communication, online purchase or virtually anything you want. Users spend more time on mobile devices that they do on the websites on average. This remarkable growth has significantly increased the demand of Magento mobile apps for online retailers.

As an eCommerce business owner, you must have come across the terms ‘native’ and ‘hybrid’ mobile apps and also how cheap hybrid mobile apps are. But, don’t just jump into conclusion of developing a hybrid app without going through the in-depth research.

While the hybrid apps may be slow-performing and sluggish or limited, they may be useful for many businesses, while some might find them totally irrelevant and useless. The moment you consider investing in the app development, make sure to know the difference between the native and hybrid mobile apps and most importantly, which is most appropriate for you and your business?

Native Apps

Native eCommerce apps are developed using dedicated languages and tools and are directed at specific platform like Android, iOS or windows. It requires a specific set of skill to implement application for each platform. When native app development is taken, it is assumed that best performance and appearance will be achieved. The developers are also assured of being able to take advantage of all device features such as camera, GPS, accelerometer etc. Also, they can add offline more and platform’s notification system to take the set of advantages.

Apps - 1


Hybrid Apps

Unlike native mobile apps, hybrid apps are designed to work on various platforms which means one app works for all platforms. It is pretty safe to assume that hybrid app is a compromise between the native and web technologies. No doubt the hybrid apps are cheaper in comparison to the native technology, but can you take the risk when it’s about your online shopping business?

5 Reasons You Should Go native

Hidden cost of hybrid apps

In the mobile app development industry, it is a common saying that the last 10% of a project is 90% of the work. It may be true in some cases; it’s relatively trivial to build something functional compared to taking something from a basic to something competitive in the marketplace. During the last 60% of the project, crucial features are developed and this is where the hybrid approach starts to show its flaws.

When developing a hybrid app, native mobile features can only be integrated through plugins, which can be a negative part of the hybrid technology because it’s possible that the existing plugin has not been maintained for recent operating system versions or simply an appropriate plugin doesn’t exist. The time required to develop the plugin far outweighs the cost to utilize the existing feature in a native application.


When you’re in the crucial industry like eCommerce, it is important to understand the security risk of hybrid applications. Hybrid applications come with various security threats as the technology adds a new layer that bridges their non-native code to native features. Since the layer is owned by a third-party, the code cannot be inspected by a user of that library.

While the hybrid platform itself is reliable, but the third-party plugins are a security concern. Developed use a plugin for every native feature that must be accessed in an application. Every code that goes into an application must be reviewed for potential security issues.

Write Once, Run Anywhere

Certainly the hybrid mobile apps are one-time investments, but they seem benefitting to the developers only. As an eCommerce business owner, your prime goal should be on taking your business to the next level and not to look for a slow-performing app that is designed to run on any platform or device.

Cross-Platform Is Accomplished Through Web Services

Because we’re living in the highly competitive world, instead of viewing mobile applications are cross-platform, your business needs to view its entire platform offering as cross-platform. Allowing access to company’s software offering across platforms is done by shifting logic and data into web services.

Mobile clients present, fetch, and manipulate the information but the web servers and databases verify the truth of that information. After the process, mobile clients are able to focus on meeting users’ expectations for the platform.

Experts believe, instead of investing time and money in the hybrid mobile apps that is likely to have an expiration date, the cross-platform should live in the backend.

Technical Reasons against Hybrid

No matter how rigorously designed, the hybrid apps are never going to match the speed of the native mobile apps since they have to go through an additional layer. When developing hybrid apps, developers must evaluate its code, the code in the hybrid library they are using, and the native code they may have built as plugins. The developers, sometimes may find it difficult to fix as the issue may be in the hybrid platform itself. Finally, as more people are getting attracted towards the wearables, television sets and the Internet of Things, hybrid approach becomes even less compelling.

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