Tips to Keep Kids Safe on Mobile Devices

Today, with the increasing involvement of technology in our daily routine, smartphones and tablets are no more the toys of youngsters only. The kids are making use of them equally as their elders. Whether it’s about communication, gaming, purchasing via online shopping apps, reading or anything else, kids are using these hi-tech gadgets no less than the others.

While more kids are using these compact devices and internet, their safety is an increasing issue for the families and hence we bring to you some tips to keep children safe on smartphones or tablets.


It used to be that ‘hand-me-downs’ was just about the jumpers with trainer shoes and elbow patches. Well, not anymore.

The time has changed with the techie family now heirlooms to pass the second-hand digital devices from generation to generation. When deciding to pass on your used gadgets to the children, never take the decision lightly. After all, they’re the most important people in our lives, so keeping in mind ensure they are safe online should regularly in the mind.

These gadgets not only offer access to the Spotify or music directory, but they use a lot more than them. It’s good to take some steps to ensure that they are safe online.


The Apple iPad and other iOS devices come with restriction feature, which is at the heart of restricting the behavior of your child on their device.

This allows the parent or guardian to turn on/off various features within the iOS.

This means you always know what features they are allowed to use or not such as camera, install/delete apps, FaceTime, access in-app payments, etc.

Taking time to review these features on your kids’ devices will go a long way to solving the issues you may encounter. Go to settings and explore the options available for you.


If, as a parent or guardian, you decide that your kids are not old enough for unrestricted access to the internet and can explore various social media or online shopping apps, Internet access can be provided.

If not, stop allowing them to use the Safari or any other app that includes unrestricted access to internet content.

You can let them use the internet, but make sure it’s done within an environment of accountability.


Kids are sensitive and they can be lured by anyone one phone. If you feel your kids are not young enough to be able to make phone calls, it can be done with certain features available on iPads. This can be changed when they get older, but until that point phone calls may be disabled.

Get the devices that don’t support SIM cards or use an old SIM card to activate the device. This also comes with a benefit or no monthly call charges and also means that the apps such as WhatsApp are out.


There’s something amazing about the iOS devices, they come with iMessage, which means you can allow the kids to message only within the family. This helps you stay stress free about their communication with anyone from the outer world.

If they’re allowed to send text messages, make sure to keep an eye on what messages are being sent to them and by whom.


The last obvious area to consider when letting your used use the smartphones is the apps. With millions of Magento mobile apps and social media apps available online, iOS devices allow the parents to give or withhold access to the ability to download or delete the apps or make in-app payments.

If they’re already been given the gaming devices like PS4 or iMac, then allowing them to use games on their phones should be avoided.

After all, it’s simply not healthy for them to spend all day jumping between lots of gaming apps on their devices.

Top Factors That Affect Performance of Your Ecommerce Mobile Application

Of course the first thing that affects performance of an app is the better configuration of mobile device, but there’s a lot more that makes a significant difference on its performance. The performance of a Magento mobile app depends upon various factors and we’ve listed some of the top ones that negatively impact the app performance. The top experts of eCommerce industry and top vendors believe these to be the root cause of the flaws in proper functioning of an app.

Mobile app development is no easy-task as the apps are developed using the complex technologies to make them user-friendly and engaging. With so many complex components, there is bound to increase the chances of flaws in performance. Remember, the simpler, the better and users too want their app to be simple with smooth navigation properties.


The design doesn’t needs to be complex. Rather it should be attractive enough to please the hearts. The design of mobile apps is considered to be one of the biggest factors which lowers down app performance. The mobile applications with simple design and structure are significantly better performers as the complicated design disrupt the way it operates. Not only this makes it difficult for the users to browse, but the coders even find it difficult to program the app then they see the design to be knotty.


With leading eCommerce platforms enjoying more sales via mobile devices, the business owners do not want to wait to launch their own Mobile shopping apps too. The competition of developing the app within less time falls on the shoulders of the mobile app developers. While the big organizations with big teams manage the workload but those with small teams do not manage to do well. The app may get launched in the markets on your target time but it might find it difficult to impress the users and the results may be very disappointing too. Therefore, taking Magento mobile app development service from a team of experts who can develop scalable and robust solutions within your target time without affecting its quality should be relied on.

User Behavior

When designing the app, keeping in mind the target users is certainly the prime factor. Most of the companies usually ignore this factor which eventually leads to bad results. Remember, anything which goes out of the way of the users’ expectations is not likely to deliver negative results. Hence, it is always important to design and develop the app on requirements of the users. Proper research should be done on what customers may require or how they want your app to work. What is missing out in the market should be given utmost importance before the development of the app.

Low-Level Testing

No matter what platform or technology you are using to develop the mobile app, but the testing should be rigorous. Testing is of vital importance and no one can deny it. Rigorous testing is crucial and its absence can lead to great losses. Most companies, in order to deliver mobile apps at faster rate, often ignore the testing part. And if it is done, it is done in a very limited way, which can be a disaster. As a result, the users who download it, use it for some time and then completely remove it because of the nuisances it creates.

Know Why It’s High Time to Develop a Mobile App for Your Floral Business

When it comes to a flower business, it’s simply about the flowers, but it’s all about the emotions that make the business in demand and keep growing. The emotions to greet people with flowers on special occasions be it birthday wishes, wedding wishes, celebrations, etc. To take advantage of sharing the people’s emotions via your flowers, apart from having a store it’s mandatory to build a Magento mobile app for your flower shop and make profit by increasing the number of customers.

With an app for your local flower shop, you can easily make your own flower ordering process easier and start taking orders online.

If you’re asking how an app can help boost your business revenue and sales, then this article would help you understand how an app can boost sales and help to improve local flower shops in the best way.

Mobile Orders

Suppose if someone wants to surprise his (or her) partner with the fresh flowers in a mid-night of birthday with warm greetings on a small card. You can make it possible for them by offering order via mobile app while they’re busy working in the office or enjoying a vacation. This surely reaps good profit to your local flower business due to increased comfort and customer satisfaction. You can quickly take the order and get it delivered for them by the time they’re busy. This will certainly boost your sales as it saves time.

Display Pricing in an Enhanced Way

Unlike people visiting your local flower shop and enquiring about the prices, adding photos and descriptions along with prices are a piece of cake for the modern buyers. According to a study, people are more likely to purchase from a business that displays pricing with impressive images. Thus, a Magento mobile app can take your local flower shop to an entirely different level, by offering the best experience to your customers and helping you earn good profits.

Target Local Customers

The Magento is a great platform and the native mobile app you get comes with certain features like geo-targeting and push notifications, allowing your local business to target the local consumers. These features can let you easily know the location of your customers and offer best discounts and deals. Track the whereabouts of your consumers and send push notifications and meal deals.

Introduce Local Delivery

Won’t it be amazing if someone delivers a bouquet of fresh flowers to your loved one while you’re busy preparing a business presentation? Introducing local delivery is one of the best ways to increase sales as it helps you facilitate local consumers, who might at times feel lazy to step out and also to travel and express their love for someone special. You may have your own delivery guys for this or you can even tie up with third party delivery service. Your customers can easily place an order through their mobile app and get the order delivered at the given address.

Stay Connected To Customers

Many a times, it happens that consumers visit your shop and then forget about you before their second visit. The reason is there are thousands of local flower shops on the way to their workplace, so why would anyone want to remember you? Thus, it is very important for you to remain in their minds forever with something different. With the Magento mobile app, you can stay in touch with your customers by constantly updating them, informing about great offers and fresh arrivals, etc.

Make Them Feel Goon on Special Days

Mobile apps come with a feature to create personalized push notifications, allowing you to create unique deals for your customers to send it to them on their special days, like wedding anniversaries or on their birthdays. Including some discount would make their day really special.


Being a local flower store owner, if you haven’t yet decided on giving a mobile experience to your loyal customers, it’s the right time to do it to cope up with the competition in the industry. So, take a step ahead and pull up your socks to take your local business to new heights. Failure to do so will only result in becoming invisible even within your industry.

How To Create A Perfect Mobile App For Ecommerce

Mobile is the newest address for the leading online shopping stores and there is obvious reason for that-more people are shopping on their mobiles using online shopping apps.

Earlier, it was considered that while more people were using their compact devices to browse internet, they were more likely to make a purchase on the bigger screens, like laptops. However, the time is changing and people today not only more are using their phones to browse, but more people are buying on their smartphones, too. According to research on smartphone users, people spend an average of 12 hours a day on phone. The time may be further divided into internet browsing, gaming, communication, texting, shopping etc. In short, mobile is trending.

Now, the question is are you making an eCommerce mobile app that is hooking your consumers onto it? Or are you developing an app that is just usable? Let’s take a look at some insights into what you’re probably doing wrong when developing an app and how to fix it.

Smartphone are not desktops

In the past few years, people have shifted from desktops to mobile devices for a reason. Mobile devices are convenient and easy to use. The phone is a one-size fits all technologies solution to all your needs. So, please make sure not to apply the concepts of desktop on your mobile app. Keep in mind that the mobile devices are not just smaller than the desktops. The differences are a lot more than that. The biggest mistake you’re probably making is creating a mobile app to fit all the requirements of a desktop.

Mobile apps are created to make the life easier, not complicated. Hence, an eCommerce mobile app should have some basic functions that make shopping easier and convenient. While developing an app, think; which problems I can solve with the mobile shopping app?

Pretending your mobile-friendly website is an app

This is the biggest mistake that various eCommerce businesses make, which results into a big failure. If you’re also doing the same mistake, then you need to stop it right now!

Mobile websites are just another form of desktop websites, but they are designed to look better on the smaller screens. Your consumers know the difference and you should know it too. Consumers care more about their mobile experience, but if you’re just going to develop a mobile-friendly website then they know you aren’t very aware of how to make their experience better.

Not giving incentives to encourage more visitors

If you have successfully created an amazing Magento mobile app, the next step is to know how you’re going to make sure people to visit and keep visiting to use your app. According to researchers, offering discounts and goodies to the new visitors and the existing ones can help maintain the growth chart to the impressive heights. There are several ways to engage new visitors and the existing ones and the first step to doing that is actually understanding who your consumers are. Get yourself into research mode and you will find out why your consumers use your mobile app and what can attract them. There is no better way to get their attention than by actually reminding them that your app with push notifications.

Leaving no room for customer support

Many businesses make this mistake. Remember that nearly 70% people want to purchase from the platforms that are having better consumer support service. If your mobile app isn’t useful then you are running your chance of gaining consumers. While developing an app, keep your buyers in mind and think about how you can interact with them. The best way to improve customer service is by creating a comprehensive review system, which lets consumers to rate your products and services, and give valuable feedback.


Mobiles are trending and they’re going to stay. So, make sure you avoid the above mentioned mistakes when developing your app and keep it ahead of the curve. Think on how to make it a better experience for the users and let them feel special.

OnGoBuyo Honored With 2 Awards By FinancesOnline

Ever since the OnGoBuyo was first developed to help global online retailers to get mobile presence, we have been working continuously to support our clients’ growth with great user experience for their consumers, and that’s something FinancesOnline, the most renowned online business directory, find impressing in their detailed review of OnGoBuyo.

We are absolutely delighted to get reviewed by the top IT experts. It is a testament to the hard work and dedication from the entire OnGoBuyo team. In the review by FinanceOnline, OnGoBuyo is characterized as the most User-Friendly and feature-rich solution that empowers eCommerce stores with a Magento Mobile App and let them sell their products via compact devices. You can probably now guess how efficient and helpful is OnGoBuyo for the online retail stores.


Magento App Development

Granted for offering exceptionally great user experience.


Magento App Builder

Granted for service that’s really efficient despite its young age.


“OnGoBuyo was distinguished with our awards and also met our experts’ quality standards and received our Verified Quality Seal. This seal is a guarantee of a product’s credibility and is a great way to increase the sales,” says FinanceOnline team.

The team added, “The native mobile app builder has been thoroughly checked by the professional engineers and then rated 8 out of 10 on our satisfactory scale. This makes it a worth considering option for the online retail stores.”

We’re feeling amazing on the awards being added to the achievements. It is the result of time and dedication devoted for the development of OnGoBuyo. And it seems like the efforts are not going to make eCommerce users’ experience better and improved.

We aim at making the user experience flawless and smoother for the eCommerce transactions.
Thank you, FinancesOnline! We feel privileged on receiving these awards.

4 Biggest Reasons People Don’t Buy From Your eCommerce Store

Millions of people explore the internet and ecommerce platforms and go through countless products listed there, but only 2% of them purchase something. Constantly increasing bounce rate can be a matter of trouble for your online store. After all, you’ve invested a lot of time and money in to building a Magento website and mobile shopping app.

Here are the top 4 reasons why people don’t buy from your store:


The key here is to ensure that additional charges like shipping or any other charges on the top of your product base price are shown as early on as possible.

The ideal place to display total price is the product page, which means you at least need to show basic shipping information. This is the reasons that many leading online shopping platforms have their shipping policy available on product page such as ‘Free shipping’ or ‘Free shipping on orders over $x’.

If you don’t find it an appropriate decision, then make sure to display the shipping price at cart page, either as part of the price or next to it.


With the increasing trend of ‘webrooming,’ countless people visit online shopping platforms just to check out what’s in trend or to check prices and then make a purchase from the local store. Sometimes people are just on window shopping mode.

There are some ways you can turn this footfall into your future buyers:

A. Ensure your website or Magento mobile app is enjoyable to browse and follows usability test practices.

B. Just like global eCommerce leaders like Amazon and Flipkart, personalize the experience with smart product recommendations based on visitor behavior. Understand what they looked at, and display similar products… make it easy for people to discover things they might like.

C. Use an email pop to capture their email address. This helps you launch a result-oriented email campaign, which is like gold dust for eCommerce. Email campaigns help increase 8% conversion rate.

D. Use a content-led approach to keep them engaged. This can be done with blogs and product descriptions that are interesting and informative.


Often ecommerce stores ignore the importance of mobile shopping apps, which can be a deadly decision especially in today’s scenario where nearly 3 billion people are using smartphones and 70% of internet searches are made via mobile devices.

Here are some reasons that prove mobile apps are must-have:

A. Mobile apps are fast, flexible, and make transactions electronics, which result in a better user experience and more sales.

B. Using mobile apps, consumers can shop smart using advanced features like price comparison, faster checkout, and many more.

C. Offline availability is another reason that online shoppers love to buy using mobile apps. This means that the speed of the transaction is extremely fast, which will result in lower costs.

D. The ease of shopping and speedy checkout process result in more people ordering items via their cellphones.


This is an important thing to consider, especially if you’re an online reseller competing against multiple retailers selling the same range.

Online buyers are smart and they love to order products that are listed at comparatively lower price. One way to ensure cheapest product price is to build up other benefits of shopping with you over another competitor. Offer more agreeable shipping, perhaps next day option at an extra price.

An App That Simplified Online Shopping and Increased Revenue for Fastdeel

Mobile is the future, and this is what ‘Fastdeel’ understood and decided making its eCommerce store available to every customer’s pocket with a Magento mobile app. The app not only helped them make way to consumers’ smartphones, but also took the graph of their sales to a higher level with 45% more sales and 52% more user engagement.

We were delighted to work with one of the largest supermarket stores in India. With over 10,000 products from over 1000 brands in the catalogue, Fastdeel has a lot to offer to Indian and global consumers. Right from beauty products to watches and jewelry – they have it all.

They were looking for an Android retail application to help their online buyers shop with ease and improve their business efficiently as well.

Since the app was for an eCommerce environment so it had to be fast, friendly, and easy to use. It included an easy checkout process and multiple payment gateways to efficiently and securely handle the final stages of order placement.

The successful app (to be used on smartphones and tablets) needed to speed up and simplify what was earlier quite a hectic task. And we did it the right way possible.

Simple yet smart!

With a tight deadline, OnGoBuyo team was set the challenge of building an Android app that could fast-track and simplify shopping process and payment making for the buyers. Fastdeel also wanted to simplify their return process for product orders. This required swift communication between the buyers and the seller. So, the Android shopping app included easy sign-in with social media and an easy-to-use contact us page.

Despite having tight deadline, we wanted to maximize the user experience and develop an app that would not only simplify the process, but also make is pleasant to use.

A comprehensive development process – start to finish!

We worked with the Fastdeel team right throughout the process.

To make sure that using Fastdeel mobile shopping app is actually saving your time and money we focus on speed, simplicity and user-friendly interface.

The development process included; designing an appealing and user-friendly frontend, fine tuning their initial specifications, researching and solving development problems and finally delivering on-site installation and user training.

Well it was a bumpy ride as during the development process, we had to face various issues and successfully solved them. One such issue was the successful integration of shipping process integration.

Fast delivery

Finally after great struggle and many successes, we delivered the app that is simple and efficient to use in the global eCommerce marketplace.

We took the opportunity to publish the app on Google Play Store. Following our training and installation day they are thrilled with their new app and have successfully doubled their revenue with over 45% increase in sales.

So, this is how Fastdeel conquered the eCommerce challenges!

The iPhone Touches First Milestone, What Next?

Ten years before, i.e. on January 9, 2007, Steve Jobs introduced the world to the iPhone. While many derided the innovation as a probable flop, the handset changed the world in a way that a few gadgets have done before.

Ten years – and 14 models – later, the iPhone has surely become a commodity device. So, what’s next, can the iPhone 8 change the game?

The journey started with its legendary player, a 3.5 inch screen and a 2-megapixel camera phone that changed the way people explored internet and used their mobile devices. Back then, US internet users were interested in buying it to explore internet, play music, male phone calls and send text messages, according to the data. Cost, and not really needing a new device, were reasons they didn’t want to buy one.

Since then, a lot has changed. Every year, with every new device, the iPhone not only got bigger and slimmer, but also smarter. iPhone, in 2010 launched its video chat feature, FaceTime, and in 2011 it launched Siri, a virtual assistant. In 2014, Apple Pay, Apple’s mobile payments service, was launched followed by the Touch ID the next year. Its supersonic speed changed the way people use their devices to play games, shop products using online shopping apps, and do a lot more with ease.

According to the experts and the users, it’s not just the device that has changed, the smartphone market has as well – it’s a lot more competitive now. Earlier people would want to buy iPhone simply because there wasn’t a device like it in the international market. However, the time has changed with countless devices out there that not only look similar to the iPhone, but have similar capabilities.

But as usual Apple is quite good to draw everyone’s attention, the smartphone giant has announced to launch its latest model, the iPhone 8, probably in the fall this year. Apple is reportedly cutting production of iPhone 7 by roughly 10% in the first quarter of 2017.

The next version of iPhone reportedly will have cool features like all-glass casing, wireless charging capability, and no home button – though new for apple, but something Samsung has already done.

Image recognition and video interaction are likely to improve dramatically. And both of these features have implications for how people interact using their smartphone, and the platforms they engage with.

A little touch of smartness to the Siri could make Apple the go-to source for information and shopping. For those, looking for something better from the iPhone camera, image recognition may be great addition. It’s going to interpret the world of users by overlaying data on what’s viewed through the lens.

The year 2017 is not only going to be a milestone for Apple, but also for smartphones. Figures state, 2.3 billion people, more than half of the world’s mobile phone users, are going to use a smartphone. And by 2020, smartphone will account for more than 60% of mobile phone users worldwide.

2017’s Top Mobile App Design Trends to Watch Out

“It’s great that you’ve finally made your mind to develop a Magento mobile app for your eCommerce business. Now is the time to take a look at some of the latest and new trends that will help you design a right mobile app for 2017.”

In the previous year, online retail businesses noticed many ups and downs just because of the common mistakes and not making pace with the trend of technology. When developing a mobile app, it is must to keep pace with all the latest trends to come up with a high-end mobile application.

There may be many designers, who will blindly simulate trends without applying any second thought, which can be a disaster as it is must to enhancing user experience and ultimately enhance the overall results.

Let’s take a look at top mobile app design trends that you should watch out to design your app astonishingly in year 2017:

Bigger & Quality Images

Modern users, to be specific mobile shoppers, appreciate mobile apps with high-quality images and 2016 has been a proof to it with bigger and high-quality images in applications gaining a lot of popularity.

Across the world, smartphone users are visual creatures, and the trend is likely to be a great success in the 2017 as well. With many online image stores available, it’s easier to get access to better quality images for your online shopping apps.

Semi-Flat & Material Design

In modern days, smart-phones and compact devices epitomize the speed and power. Now, material design is gaining great popularity as it is a natural progression of flat design by global leader – Apple.

Following the great success of the design trend, Google has also adopted this unique to decrease design, but managing to develop visual hints.


For an eCommerce business, it is all about a user-experience and hence it’s must to keep an eye on designing a better user-interface as navigation plays a very significant role and hence it must be your first focus.

More and more online shoppers are getting used to mobile apps that are designed with better navigation. Therefore, you should make sure that your menu be the most refined and well-designed element.

Excellent Typography

If you are using the same boring fonts like Arial and Verdana, now is the time to give a different appearance to your product descriptions for a lot of high-quality fonts are obtainable.

Use different fonts while making your online shopping app. But wait, don’t try using them all. Remember to make it as clean as possible. Adding CAPS can boost the looks of your typography.

More Swipes Than Before

With the iPhone 7 and many Android devices that offering 3D touch facility, the smartphone screens are not only touch target, but also gesture target.

Touching as well as gesture capabilities are more dominating trends in mobile app designing.

Swipe gestures are generally used to go back, deleting, sharing, and triggering actions like liking, reaching the menu, and more.

With gesture capabilities, users get an effective and comfortable experience as a bigger area of the screen can be used for a function.

Reasons Why Healthcare Industry Needs Mobile Apps

“The adoption rate of mobile devices in healthcare industries is higher than ever before, and the possibilities of applications are immense,” experts.

Similar to other industries, Magento mobile apps can significantly contribute to the service improvements of healthcare sectors while making services faster and cheaper without affecting costs and user experiences.

Fast Growing Healthcare Technologies

The growth of healthcare industry is rapid and new technologies for health data exchanges, health tracking, tests, and communications are entering with new dimensions, and opportunities in the market with a faster pace.

More people prefer to buy medicines and healthcare products online, similar to online shopping platforms, thanks to the comfort and safety provided by the online medicine stores.

The reach of advanced healthcare service providers becomes wild due to the fast spread of mobile devices with the internet and mobile connectivity. Involvement of mobile internet and applications are so rapid that we could not achieve the same over decades with wired telephone network that it has achieved in past few years.

Mobile Adoption

The level of mobile penetration in our daily lives is directly relevant to mobile adoption rate in healthcare sectors from hospitals to medico classrooms.

Students are enjoying great benefits of education apps in various field beyond imaginations such as making calculations, saving from notes, accomplishing quizzes, examinations, tests, peer communication, and myriads of other advantages while on the go!

Rapid Growth of Mobiles

The penetration of mobile devices can be identified with the share they enjoy all across the America. Stats show that average 40% Americans have landline connections against those 90% who are having mobile devices in their palms as communication technology.

Mobile devices come in several forms including smartphones, tablets, wearable devices etc., to that enhance use-cases and diversity in usage.

Inventory Management

Healthcare industry needs oodles of tools, chemicals, equipment, material, and medicines for its normal to emergency needs. For example, patients need a wide range of medicines that may be delivered by the online medical stores while the standard OPD services have different sets of chemicals and equipment for the healthcare professionals.

Digital Health Records

Keeping records of patients may be a daunting task for local medicine stores, especially when they’re using print material. Sorting and retrieving process becomes easy with digital records using healthcare mobile apps that are tailored to meet unique needs of healthcare industry.

Mobile apps can be designed in a way that the medicine provide can easily access the patients’ history, diagnostics, treatments, test reports, and other decision-making data to offer rapid and efficient healthcare services.


With the proliferation of compact devices, rapid involvements in healthcare services also become visible. It is directly or indirectly contributing to admin process like digital record keeping, delivering medicines according to prescriptions, data analysis, education, inventory management, and so on.

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