Social Media Marketing Matters For Mcommerce

I have no doubt about the role of Social Media in everyone’s life. Along with helping people grow relations with their loved ones, these platforms are must for business growth as well. Be it a start-up, small business having website only or a larger scale online marketing industry that allows people to shop on desktop and smartphones as well with online shopping apps, social media is a game changer and anyone can afford for marketing their product on global scale.

It is the trend every business needs to follow to survive in the cut-throat online shopping competition.

Let’s have a look at some strange facts about Social media:

• Nearly half of the world’s population is on internet, which is 3 billion.
• Nearly 2.1 billion people are active on social media sites.
• Almost 90% of people aged from 18 to 29 are frequent users.
• 1.7 billion people are using internet through mobile.

The whole aim of using social media platforms is to get the potential clients from all over the world at low rates. These platforms give unbeatable results to boost your online retail stores’ sales. Surely, it has some rules, but the results are overwhelming every time especially when you are considering to expose your store on the international market.

Greatest thing about social media platforms is that it is near to free of cost and easy-to-understand. All you need is to know how the social media culture works and how this can help your online store reach the target audience.

Now, if you’re wondering how the social media can help your Magento mobile app achieve international exposure, here is the answer,

Did you know?

• In 2016 and 2017 respectively, social media marketing has 9.8 billion Dollars and 11 billion Dollars of investment.
• 22 % of the brands hire a social media professional for online promotions.
• 64% sales professionals reports closing a deal as a direct result of social media.

This is the reason that leading companies from developed countries are enjoying great business from other countries. Social media platforms allow online shopping brands to communicate with their clients directly, without the interference of any person. Earlier, companies would invest a lot for commercial advertisements on TV and Radio, but the time has changed and today you only need 10 to 20% of that amount to promote your brand in global market.

How to expose your local brand to global audience?

Promoting your products in the global market via mobile shopping apps is a great choice, but social media platforms make it more interesting by making people aware about both your app and the products. Being a future-ready online retailer, you should know how social media can affect your target audience’s lives.

Always keep yourself updated with current trends and make your social media strategy accordingly to win the trust of local audience. Remember that localizing your strategy will help bring great response and achieve desired results. Make sure you promote your brand in native language. It makes them personalized.

How the reviews matter?

• Over 57% of the customers make shopping decisions according to online reviews.
• 70% consumers trust online reviews.
• Only 16% are found to only leave the positive reviews.
• 78% of the consumers buy products solely after what company posts.

The key to great results is to engage yourself with consumers as no one would want to be ignored. Just take care of their individual needs and help them in best possible way. Also make sure you understand how the product is beneficial for the consumers and create strategies accordingly on local level.

Things That May Be Stopping Your Consumers Buying From You

If you sell online, you’ll understand the feeling!

Every day you check your Magento store or Magento mobile app if your sales curve magically hit the roof. The chances are you’re not seeing any improvement or spike-out-of-nowhere you’ve always dreamed of… by why?

Because the eCommerce marketplace is bigger than ever before, most of everyone’s visitors don’t convert. On average 68% of eCommerce customers abandon their shopping carts.

As an online retailer, you need to understand what’s stopping your customers buying from your store. But, before you start solving problems of your consumers, make sure you solve your own problem first. Understand what’s affecting your shoppers’ buying experience and stopping them buying from you.

Your Images are Too Small

Try putting yourself into the buyers’ shoes. Would you ever like to purchase a product that is hardly visible in the image? Because online shoppers have to rely upon the images and trust on the retailer when buying a product, it’s good to make sure your images are of highest quality and using professional photos can have a demonstrable effect on increasing your sales.

Professional and certified Magento developers can enable these bigger images in your store – like the 360° product images you’ve seen on various leading websites. Better images make the product feel more real and customers feel more confident.

They Don’t Trust Your Website

According to researchers, nearly 70% of online shoppers that abandon their shopping carts because of lack of trust. Today, because the eCommerce is more than ever before the consumers trust only on the reliable brands like Nike, Walmart, Amazon, etc.

The best way to establish trust for your brand and increase more sales is by growing your community. If your brand is untrustworthy, people won’t trade with you. Growing your following and creating a stronger reputation helps you build the trust that can’t be just bought.

Reach out to consumers via social media and engage your crowd while increasing your brand presence.

Your Website isn’t Responsive

Smartphones are everywhere and this compact device can’t be underestimated when it comes to eCommerce business. Nearly 80% of internet users own a smartphone. If you’re not having a responsive website then you’re already missing out on large perspective buyers.

It’s quite hard to nurture for an online business with non-responsive website. A difficult-to-understand and slow-loading website temps your customers towards competitor sites which offer a better shopping experience.

Having a Magento mobile app is a jackpot and lets you sell faster while allowing online buyers to enjoy an unforgettable experience.

There’s No Option To Checkout As Guest

The worst part of online shopping that every online shopper hates is the registration and long checkout process. Nearly 23% of buyers abandon their cart if they need to create a user account to complete checkout. There’s nothing better than allowing them to checkout as guest. Sending an email to get registered according to the convenience of time.

This functionality enables your new customers to buy anyway without having to create an account first.

No One’s Measuring Your Conversions

For an online shopping business, it’s important to understand the audience to solve their problems, help them, and alleviate their concerns. If there’s no one measuring your store’s conversion, and looking for small changes that do improve your conversions, it’s still really just guesswork.

Hiring a dedicated user experience analyst can be the best choice you can make for your business. A dedicated professional can give your business the ability to spot areas that may be changed in your store and to open up your store’s potential for growth.

The Bigger Picture

Above mentioned are a few considerations that can make an impact on increasing sales for your online store. However, there are many more things that make up the bigger picture in ecommerce. The range start from establishing greater cost transparency to single-page testing.

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Things to Learn from Global Top ECommerce Giants

Online shopping is a big marketplace, with countless platforms already available. If you are also starting an eCommerce website then it’s good to think out-of-the-box and develop a Magento mobile app that creates human connection, encouraging your target audience to visit over and over again.

Just like we get inspired by people in a real life, a great success in online shopping business can be achieved by learning from the list of websites that fall under the top 1,000 sites (as per Alexa). Adopt the practices they follow to improve your traffic and conversions.

Here’s what the leading brands like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Zappos and many others do for building an exemplary image and encourage visitors to make a purchase.


The word of mouth is very powerful marketing tool. So make sure you are offering something amazing to your visitors to encourage them to become your brand ambassadors. Amazon’s founder, Jeff Bezor believes this strategy and has been using it quite well.

A great thing about Amazon is that it has got almost everything right in place, which is why it attracts highest traffic among all eCommerce players. There’s hardly any person who haven’t shopped from Amazon until now.

The level of personalization it provides to each customer is the best thing about Amazon. As you use the website or app and explore the products, your activities are watched thoroughly and recorded. The history is then used to show you a personalized view of the items you may like. And this process goes on whenever a customer signs in the next time.

In short, Amazon is slightly different for each consumer. Magento 2.0 can help you achieve this level of personalization as it uses customer’s browsing data to generate information about what customers preferably search.


“eBay has defined e-commerce,” Meg Whitman, Former President and CEO of eBay

I guess it is the real truth. After all, it was eBay that brought an entirely new concept of listing and selling a variety of goods on one online platform. I am sure you won’t believe about the most expensive purchase made on ebay, which was a Gulfstream II Jet that sold for $4.9 million in 2001.

eBay offers a great number of user-centric features for improving user buying experience.

First here is the Geo Targeting feature, which in the first place tells the customer whether the product can be purchases in their location or not. Second, is the option buyers get to drop a message for the seller for color options or any other query. Third here is the message that every buyer reads at the checkout page stating “Another user may buy it until you complete the checkout.

Displaying helpful messages on your online shopping apps or website can help your consumers at each step of buying. Think out-of-the-box to make it convenient and quick experience for users.


“No online shopping website comes with guaranteed success. If you want it to succeed, create traffic,” – Joel Anderson, Former President and CEO WalMart Stores Inc. (U.S. eCommerce arm).

The omnipresent search box, present on the top of homepage of Walmart, makes it easier for consumers to anytime search for anything throughout the website. Wherever you move on website, the search function follows you on home, category or product page.

A well-designed menu bar and search option must be the easiest and quickest element present on your Magento mobile app or website. Customers should not be troubled to find a search box on your website.


Zappos always dreamt of building a website that delivers a very best customer service and the very best customer experience.” – Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos.

This is what Zappos does very well. When you visit the website, you come across different number and ways to reach out to their executives for any customer support. They’re always available 24*7.

Also, the website encourages the visitor to talk to their customer executive via phone, live chat email, and also report any security issue. The user manuals available on website and app help users to get the information they need without having to interact with the executive.

A Buzz Helps Online Shopping Apps Stand Out the Competition

Is Magento mobile app development a part of your next business development strategy? If yes, then then you are on the right track; if no then you need to start thinking about it. After all, the future generation is not going to sit in front of desktops and laptops to make purchases. They’ll rather prefer buying while on the go.

Today, because competition is higher than ever, you also need to put a plan in place to market your app as soon as possible because simply developing a highly engaging app isn’t going to work for you. You need to make your app more visible to your target audience, if you want it to stand out from the crowd and rise above the competition.

Thousands of apps are released on iTunes and Google Play store daily, so you can imagine the competition on these store. The topic here again is that developing an innovative eCommerce app is not going to be enough.
Most renowned apps today are not because they’re great to use, but because they have been marketed successfully.

Why Create a Buzz?

We all are here to make money. But due to stiff competition, monetizing your app isn’t going to be easier. Your app might be amazing and perform well with all the specially designed features, but it’s not important that your target audience will also feel the same. In the cut-throat competition in eCommerce marketplace, you first need to make your app visible and make more people want to download it when they come across it. It takes a right amount of buzz to make it happen.

Start talking to people about the app, even before it’s released. Remember how movie trailers are released much before the final launch? Same can be done to release successful online shopping apps. The buzz must be strong that your target audience cannot wait to download your app and start buying. It helps you hype up your app.

Why would anyone bother to download your app if there’s no hype surrounding it? In today’s era where you need to cover all your bases to be competitive, you simply cannot say no to the buzz.

Go live on Social Media

To make an idea go viral, there’s nothing better than the social media platforms. Simply put your idea in front of people and they’ll promote it for you. So, just make use of this amazing opportunity and promote it through social media. Simply give a short brief of your app and how it’s going to help online buyers. Share interesting features of your app and also you can share development stories and anything that will help you keep you app in the news.

Make sure to promote your app only among those people who belong to your app’s target audience.

Submit the App for Reviews

No we’re not talking about releasing your app on the iTunes and Google App Store and get reviews from the users, but submit it on various review sites. It gives strength to your brand and more confidence to your users about the safety aspects. You will need to pick the right review site to submit to, because there’s a wide range of options available.

Look for the websites with reputed name and having a number of people to give an unbiased opinion of a particular app.

App Store Optimization

We know the competition is increasing and the number of online shopping apps is going to touch the mammoth figure on iTunes and Google Play store. So, one of the best things to promote your app on these platforms is to get discovered. Just like website optimization, app store optimization also is a vital part of app marketing.

App store optimization helps your app achieve better raking on the app stores. This can be done in two ways:

• Use highest searched keywords in app title and description as well.
• Get as many positive ratings and reviews on your app page.


Now that you now the competition is higher than the past, your app won’t be able to survive if the cutting edge development isn’t backed by astute marketing. If you have an in-house marketing team then consult with them to handle the task, or you could hire the services of a professional in app marketing.

Enter the Realm of iOS For Great Business Opportunities

Technology has made life simpler and easier. The introduction of mobile applications is one of the greatest innovations today. Whatever your need, there’s an app available for it. Whether you need a partner, want to entertain yourself, explore new locations, know more about what’s happening around, mobile apps are available for virtually everything. Among all, online shopping apps are the most searched and used.

If you are running an online retail business, you already understand the importance of developing an app to grow your business in the global marketplace. Without a doubt, mobile app development has become a top priority by many reputed companies. What’s important for them is to decide which platform to choose – Android or iOS.

While both platforms are quite popular and have their own pros and cons, deciding one may be a tough choice. A point worth mentioning here is a number of big players choose to develop their apps on iOS. And they have benefited immensely from their decision.

Let’s take a look at why leaders choose iOS over Android:

• There were 44.53 million iPhone users in 2012 and the number was expected to reach 75.23 million by 2015. In 2016, Apple successfully achieved 1 billion users around the world.
• Apple iPhone downloads have exceeded 3 billion as the start of 2010.
• Till 2015, iPhone users were able to choose between 1.5 million from App Store.

I guess it’s enough to show why the big companies are always after iOS platform. While the decision solely depends on individual business goals, budget, and target audience, but developing an iOS apps will certainly offer some well-defined benefits.

Benefits of iOS app development for your retail business:

Mobile apps are reflection of your brand and the success of your online retail business depends on how better user-experience your Magento mobile app offers. An app, built according to your business requirements, helps achieve business goals and attract target audience.

Get More For Your Apps

No matter how big share Android OS enjoys in the market, iOS has its different image and a particular class of people use it. The iOS is expected to bring in 90% of the amount spent on development. This is a great reason that every online shopping store should consider investing in iPhone app. You have your own target audience and if they’re using iOS, then there’s no use of investing in Android.

Investing in an iPhone app development is more profitable for business owners having a target on a particular audience.

Secured Apple Eco-System

Not only iOS apps offer unbeatable user-experience, they are more secured and come with regulated environment. A number app developers choose to develop iPhone apps as it’s possible to offer a holistic and safer experience with help of iCloud, Xcode, iTunes, the App Establishment, etc. iPhone apps are much more reliable than Android apps.

And sharing content via iOS apps also becomes seamless throughout various devices.

Superior User Experience

While developing apps on Android may be cheaper sometimes, but the user-experience is much better on iOS online shopping apps. Experts claim that the same app, launched on both the iOS and Android play stores, the experience on iPhone devices is much better and smooth.

Whether you’re offering free music, shopping, video streaming or photos, you get the best of all with an app for the iPhone as the device offers an amazing media experience.

The App Store

Apple takes the honor to be first among others to launch its own dedicated app store, so they have an advantage over the Android app store. You find more apps on Android because of multiple Android markets, but you can find about 1.2 million apps on the Apple App store alone.

Also, iOS apps are more stable, user-friendly and dependable than those on Android due to their stringent approval procedures.

Researchers claimed about 91% of current iPhone users will upgrade to another iPhone device. So by developing an app for the iOS users, you will always have a dedicated set of users on the virtual world.

Must Have Features Every Restaurant App Needs

If you’re unsure whether developing a Magento mobile app for your food joint or restaurant would be a safe investment, then it’s time that you stop worrying about the decision as mobile is the next-generation platform where people communicate, shop, hangout, and eat as well.

Over the years, the number of mobile users has grown and apps have become essential part of every brand and industry. Food industry is not unaware to the modern world and in order to stay ahead of the competitors, every food business must have a fully customized mobile app with a robust back-end support.

The Math is Simple

If you are a 10 table, family-run restaurant and if you don’t have a dedicated an app, chances are that you’re missing out on over 20% increase in sales.

Apart from a mobile app, you can also consider developing a Magento website, but if you’re not considering to have the app developed then you’re going to lose those clients who’re just passing through your area, and feeling hungry too.

Essential Features for Restaurant App

Well, now that you know investing in a mobile app would be the next step to grow business, the next thing to decide on is what features to put in it. Here’s a list of some must-have features that every restaurant Magento mobile app should have to be loved by the customers. You can surely use your own innovation to add some more, but you shouldn’t compromise on the following features:

In-App Ordering & Payment

Online mobile app lets your consumers to avoid time required to visit your local restaurant and wait for the order to be taken and processed. In-app ordering feature lets your business come closer to the consumer and the ability to pay for their orders takes consumer convenience one-step ahead.

According to a research, consumers who order food online tend to visit restaurant 67% more than those who don’t. The ease-of-payment is a reason that 26% consumers use a restaurant’s app.

Apps not only make life easier for the consumer, but also improves your accuracy for handling orders. A perfect combination of these two abilities gives you a clear edge over your competitors.

Loyalty, Discounts & Reward Programs

Over 73% people are likely to place order if offered free coupon or discount on food items. 37% people use mobile apps to look for discounts and over 32% use apps for redeeming and earning more loyalty points.

This is exactly why some big names in the food industry pay close attention to retaining existing customers by offering lucrative deals and discount coupons vial mobile app’s push notification feature.

Table Reservation

No matter you have a big or small restaurant, make it easier for the consumers to walk—in with a table already reserved for them. Offering ‘table reservation’ becomes important if you are running a famous and high-end eatery that only accommodates prior reservations.

A restaurant app with table reservation helps cut down customer frustration that would undoubtedly arise as consumers have to face when waiting for a table on weekends.

Social Media Integration

No matter what industry you belong to, social media has make its way to help it make a business successful. It has become a permanent feature for every mobile app and for restaurant’s Magento mobile app even more. Share your “Today’s Best” or “Latest in the menu” on social media and attract more food lovers.

Also you can leverage the social media and tie it with your promotional campaign to entice existing customers to earn more reward points as they share your products to friends. It helps attract new customers and bring back the existing ones as well.


Irrespective of the size and fame, every food business aims to grow more and the above said features are must to include into your app to attract more visitors and get more orders. Again, you can use your own innovation but using them is a must.

Google Brings a Competitor to iPhone 7 in the Market

After the great success of Google Nexus smartphones in the Android market, Google has now officially announced its much-anticipated Pixel phones in the market; Pixel and Pixel XL. The latest devices are likely to usurp Google’s long-standing Nexus series.

These devices are the first that Google claims to have designed on its own in terms of both the software and hardware. With industrial design that clearly inherits some of its sensibilities from Pixel Chromebook, and Nexus, these devices look and feel excellent when held.

Google Pixel and Pixel XL some with a screen size of 5 inch and 5.5 inch respectively, but they are designed in a way that they look and feel slightly smaller than the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus in terms of footprints, thanks to a lack of any hardware buttons on the face.

Thanks to the AMOLED screens, the displays on the Pixel (1080p) and the Pixel XL (Quad HD) both look great and both benefit from the new Pixel Launcher, making the software navigation buttons present in Android smaller. The end result of all the changes is a focus on just how much usable area of the screen has to offer.

Along with being stunning at the front, Google Pixel devices look stunning from the back as well as Google has taken up the most unique choice, glossy and broad plate occupying the topmost portion of the back of each. Located on in the middle of devices, fingerprint sensor allows users to unlock device smartly while the camera is located up and to the left corner, occupying a smaller space than you’ve probably seen on smartphones.

Google is pretty serious with the Pixel’s cameras. Pixel’s cameras let you take stunning photos in bright light, low light or virtually any light. Smartburst lets you catch the action as they happen with a rapid-fire sequence of shots. Capture dramatic landscapes while making faces glow with new exposure controls.
Both Pixel and Pixel 7 run on the latest Android 7.1. Defeating rivals in video games and shifting swiftly to the online shopping apps is possible with a snap.

You know what’s better than having unlimited backup? It’s only not having to worry about managing the backups. If you’re fed-up managing your storage and taking backups frequently, Google Pixels are smart choice as they come with a great feature – Smart Storage. This automatically removes videos and images from your phone to the cloud as you start running short on space. Thanks to the unlimited backup google is offering, you don’t have to worry about loosing out on the quality of your images and videos at all.

Another standout feature here in Google Pixel and Pixel XL is the 24×7 customer support. And Google is offering customer support via both voice and text. It also has a screen sharing solution, allowing tech-support teams to check what’s going on your screen to diagnose problems easily.

Final Words…

The Google Pixel and Pixel XL are both quite compelling devices and are going to give a tough competition to the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. They’re great choice for those who want to shift to the latest smartphone and click better images while enjoying other benefits without shifting to iOS.

Ensure a Successful Mobile App Launch With The Right Tools

So finally you’re ready to launch your next generation Magento mobile app to facilitate online buyers with something new. But, do you really think that people would leave their loyal brands and visit your store to purchase products? Remember that mobile app launch is the first step of attracting your target visitors and to influence them to download your app in their smartphones.

No matter how great your mobile app looks like and how better it performs, but your efforts might go in vain if no right pre-launch strategy is prepared.

For better outcomes to your investments and attract more users, you’ll need to take some additional critical steps. Follow these guidelines to set the stage for app success.

One Month Before

Define goals. In order to know whether you are succeeding, you need to define some goals. Don’t make it too complex. Keep it simply by placing around active install rates, average rating score and number of reviews.

Demonstrate the App via video. Video is one of the most effective and affordable ways to show off your mobile app’s interface and capabilities. You can hire a professional or simply use some free tools to create a video that tells how your Magento mobile app is different to others.

Market research. If you are planning to create your own Android app, then iOS users are simply not your target users. Centralize your user base and focus your promotions to drive all potential users to one store. Knowing your target users and attracting a particular category of smartphone users will allow your app to get higher ratings, more visibility, and higher ranking. You can start with an official smartphone market and then expand to others once you start to build awareness.

One Week Before

Draft marketing content. Before you launch your app for an online shopping platform, make sure you have your blog post, press release, newsletter and other text drafted in advance. Leaving it to the last minute can create havoc.

Start creating awareness. Social Media is a big buzz among the modern people and almost everyone is already using these platforms to stay updated about latest news. You can also use social media platforms to create awareness for your mobile app. Also, you can send personalized emails to your existing customers.

Two to Three Days Before

Reach out to media. If you are a big brand and can afford to hold a press release and invite local news channels, then go for it. Also, you can consider publishing your app launch content on the social media and blog post websites to let your target visitors know in advance.

Offer a sneak peek. It’s better if you can offer your target visitors a glance at the features and physical appearance of your mobile app. Give them a demo video URL which can be used to know what your app exactly looks like.

Launch. Go Time!

Launch promotional campaign. The time has come and you need to start posting your press releases, blogs, and other related content for the visitors to stay informed about the launch. Also offer a link from where they can install your app in their smartphones and start purchasing from your store. Be sure to send information about your app to the renowned app review sites.

Go Social. Be sure to spread your words on social media platforms like tweeter and Facebook. Try a retweet campaign coupled with a giveaway-specific hashtag to boost the excitement of your launch.

Tap your existing users. Leveraging your existing customers to evangelize your online shopping apps can have an immense impact on the launch. Be sure to get help from the existing fans to spread your words. Reach out to your existing customers via social media platforms or emails. Consider a refer-a-friend campaign to boost response.

The process doesn’t end on the day of launch, but it’s just the beginning. You now need to start analyzing the data and make changes accordingly. The more you analyze your visitors’ behavior, the better you can serve them.

Launch Your Ecommerce Mobile App This Diwali & Sell More

OnGoBuyo understand the value of a Magento mobile app for the online shopping businesses and hence we deliver creative solutions to the global online marketers. We bring to you a great offer to turn your eCommerce store into an app to sell more on this Diwali festival season.

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See, how easy it is!

The offer aims to help online shopping stores to sell more during the upcoming festival season and give a boost to their business revenue without investing much on the mobile app development projects. Simply grab the deal and you’re ready to unwrap the great advantages of mobile technology.

Remember 2.5 billion people are already using smartphones to research, explore and purchase products from all across the globe. Don’t let yourself loose the race. Join the league of top online retailers by converting your brand into an app with this amazing offer like never before.

The highly competitive online shopping season is approaching. And what’s great about this deal is that we know what makes your customers happier. We deliver exactly what they’re looking for – performance, speed, smooth navigation, and functionality.

Boost your Magento store sales with some new features now.


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