Know Why Magento Mobile Apps Will Replace Mobile Sites

Mobile is the next-generation shopping device with nearly 65% of all online retail sales coming directly from mobile. No serious eCommerce business would want to underestimate the power of mobile-ready website, but the smarter ones are taking their mobile strategy one step further by building Magento mobile apps.

ECommerce apps are the present and future of online shopping. Now we are at the point where mobile websites become obsolete for the online shopping industry as companies make the move to app-only experience.

You might be surprised, but this has just happened in India.

Two leading online shopping platforms – Myntra and Flipkart – have announced to shut down their websites within a year and transition completely to a mobile app. Owned by Flipkart, Myntra has already abandoned its website in favor of an app.

Following the great response and sales it achieved through the app-only experience, Flipkart also decided to adopt the same approach.

Experts claim that users should be given the freedom to shop as they wish to. With app-only approach, eCommerce business can lead to high drop off rates and users turn to the competitive websites that are offering more flexible user experience.

However, using this approach has been a great success. Below are just a few of the main ones you should consider:

Increased Versatility

If compared with mobile responsive websites, online shopping apps are more responsive and have a far fewer connectivity issues. These apps work faster and better even during the low internet conditions. Apps can also incorporate smartphone features such as Bluetooth, GPS, address book, and barcode scanner.

Personalized Shopping Experience

Apps are the absolute winner in engaging customers by sending them personalized push notifications with great discounts, upcoming deals, news and what’s hot on the shelves.

A timely and well-written push notification can do wonders to your business and it has been already proven to improve conversion and revenue. According to experts, 7 out of 10 push notifications are likely to get clicks and bring visitors to the website.

Meeting Cross-Channel Customer Demands

You must have heard a famous line “With great powers, comes great responsibility.” Similar is the case with online shopping. If you are among the top eCommerce platforms, customers expect you to provide a mobile app alternative.

Because mobile apps are becoming the preferred way to interact with brands, you can’t afford to miss this part. According to a research conducted among the people between age group of 18 and 34, candidates said mobile was their first choice to place orders online.

Facilitating Payments & Checkout

Completing order process is faster than anything with a Magento mobile app as they use built-in mobile features to streamline payments. Multiple payment gateways can be integrated to pay via credit cards, digital wallets and more.

The Apple has announced to launch iPhone Touch ID in the coming years to allow online buyers make payment with finger print authentication via Apple Pay.

Gathering Meaningful Data

Developing an online shopping app is not only a cool way to engage consumers on compact devices, but also it makes it easy to track and understand their behavior. This makes a great difference between a successful and failed eCommerce business. Mobile apps come with various features and tools that allow you to gather valuable information, helping you to make data-driven business decisions and perform better in your niche.

In short, if a Magento mobile app is designed with an optimal user experience in comparison to mobile website, online buyers are likely to select app as their preferred option. It’s must to understand that mobile is the trending platform where more and more transactions are completed. It’s hence a smart decision to adapt mobile strategy in order to meet customer expectation and take your eCommerce business to the next level while increasing customer loyalty.

Google Turns 18! Know How It Has Changed the World

Finally, Google turns 18. If Google was a human, it would have already entered the elementary school last summer and would have finished the first grade on September 27. Google (originally named BackRub) is the brainchild of two extraordinary people who wanted to bring a change in technology, and they’ve quite been successful in their dreams.

With over 70 offices around the world, the Mountain View, California-based company grew substantially in its size and reputation in the past 18 years. Anyone you see starting an internet browsing window, the first search is sure to be Google. From being the most popular search engine to world’s favorite email client, mobile operating system, map services, and online video platform – Google has subsequently become a key part of our daily lives.

The founders of Google (Larry Page and Sergey Brin) have changed modern people’s live ranging from how we access information to how we connect with others.

Celebrating the 18th birthday of Google, we bring to you an account of how Google has impacted the way we live.

Sending Email Is Superfast with Gmail

The launch of “Gmail” was initially taken as a prank by the Google as it was launched on 1 April, offering 15GB storage while Hotmail offered only 2MB storage capacity. Well, it has brought about a great change the way people communicate around the world. Initially it started as an invitation-only beta release, Gmail later became available for general public in 2007. The popularity of Gmail has raised to higher that almost every online communication and shopping platform offers sign in with Gmail with premium Magento extensions.

YouTube Makes Video Browsing and Watching a Minute’s Task

Well, it’s true that Google didn’t create YouTube, but it owns it officially. Google recently bought the platform less than 18 months after the video-sharing platform went live in 2005. Google is the reason to its meteoric rise. Google has localized the YouTube in over 56 countries and more than 100 hours of video are uploaded to the site every minute.

Explore Endless Mobile Apps with Google Play Store

With over 2 million apps listed on Google App Store, the company has brought about a great change in almost every person’s life. Whether you are looking for a source of entertain to enjoy some time playing games or browsing videos, want to place order for a new dress, or simply looking for the best match in your locality, you’ll find something here for sure.

Self-Driving Car Is the Future Transportation

Once believed to be a matter of Hollywood movies and human imagination, Google has finally turned the dream into a reality with the launch of its self-driving car. Google is working harder to drive the automation process in order to get these cars on road that will change the way you reach the destination. These vehicles will autonomously sense, interpret, act and communicate with other infrastructures, automobiles, people and organizations. Powered by a smart computer, Google’s driverless car will also help visually impaired persons drive their own vehicles.

Wearable Saga Begins with Google Glass

In July 2012, the tech giant unwrapped its another invention – Google Glass. The highly advanced wearable computer with an optical-mounted display is the result of an aim – produce a mass-market ubiquitous computer. It gives the user a first-person loot at interesting situations, from business meetings, arrests and proposals to surgeries.

Capture Locations in Real Time with Google Maps & Google Earth

Wondering how to reach a particular location without knowing the local language? Google has something to help you – Google Earth. Simply insert your desired location and it will take you there without a trouble. Google Maps, on the other hands, offers you a real-time view of different places with car-mounted cameras. It’s not only a great choice for those people who are planning a trip, but also a great tool to market your local brand to the global audience.

Hang-Out with Friends on Hangout

Google handout is available for anyone, anywhere. It’s a great tool to communicate with friends, family, colleagues and even consumers using the live chat family, which also allows you to use camera to see the other person. Hangout also gives you the flexibility of connecting with people from virtually anywhere using mobile devices. Share files, chat, carry out video chat and do a lot more with hangout.

Android – the Name Is Enough!

I guess almost everyone is using a smartphone including you! Over 80% of people using smartphones are using Google’s Operating System – Android. If you didn’t know that Google owns Android, then you now have the knowledge to brag upon. The user-friendly features and speed, have won millions’ hearts everywhere. Despite great competition from iOS and other operating systems, Android already commands over 80 percent of the mobile market share globally.

Google News Brings More Information to Your Desktop

Every single day I log into my office Desktop, I search for Google News that brings to you up-to-the-minute reports from all over the world. This is one of the most reliable and valuable tools for keeping track of a story as it develops. It has actually changed the way people consume news and learn what’s going on around the world.

Google Docs Power Business Collaborations

In the past few years, Google Docs has turned out to be the most favorite way people shate their official text document, spreadsheets, slideshows, and more. Along with having a great presence in the corporate offices, Google Docs has been used in newsrooms, classrooms, and also helped people to with information on where to stay after the Boston Marathon bombings incidence.




So, now that you know how Google has greatly changed the way we all live, it’s time to wish the tech giant a very Happy Birthday!

Data Security – Top Priority For Mobile App Developers

Today, more people are using Mobile phones for shopping and share information with less fear and the reasons are obvious – Security is becoming far more prevalent issue than what it was in the past. Developers are putting their best efforts to develop best Magento mobile apps that keep the users’ information safe and secure.

Security that users get depends on the app developers and usually not everyone goes to the great lengths to develop apps that users can rely upon in terms of security.

The Basics of the App

In the highly advanced world where hackers are always after your users’ FTC expects app developers to take certain precautions so as to ensure safely protecting private information of online buyers.

While some implementations are not required by all pieces of software, but app developers are always expected to take care of the measure of security required to protect your users’ data from being compromised.

So, app developers take note of exploits and work to resolve these issues.

Mobile Apps from Trustworthy Developers

Usually most app developers use what’s called a software developer kit (SDK). What’s great about these kits is that they come with all the required tools necessary for making a feature-rich and robust Magento mobile app.

The problem you could face when dealing with a less popular and trusted developer is the lack of proper security measures. Sometimes, developers are overburdened with lots of work that they would neglect implementing proper security platforms. This, however doesn’t mean that all apps are created in this fashion.

You should be aware of using apps from trustworthy developers than are less scrutinized.

Understanding of API Development

Now here’s something that you might be interested in. Application Programming Interface (API) is different with each Operating System (OS). Also this includes different security-related features for different devices that handles various permissions.

It’s pertinent to understand that Android APIs work much differently for security than iOS APIs. Hence, developers ensure taking precautions to make sure each app is solid in its development.

Expert developers will understand the role of different APIs used for different Operating Systems.

Server Protection

When it comes to developing online shopping apps, servers should be always a priority for security. A large amount of users’ data is stored in a database on these systems.

If you’re using a shared server, there’s always a chance of virus or hackers to be attacking on your personal data. Because of the risk involved with servers, strong measures are put into place for guaranteed safety such as iterated cryptographic.
Security implementations make the user data and information secure and protect users’ data from being compromised.
From the server to hardware security of the mobile device itself, an extensive amount of security goes into protecting these apps.

Minimal Data Usage

Mobile shopping is all about better user experience and hence app developers always analyze the data collected to streamline the process. In order to ensure smooth performance and shopping experience, it’s a running practice not to collect irrelevant information for the app.

If the information is found beyond the app’s primary function, it’s deleted immediately.

This not only helps ensure smooth shopping experience, but also keeps users’ information safe while ensuring the elimination of burden on developers to protect information that is not being used.

5 Good Reasons to Upgrade to iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 went on sale last week, and the response has been amazing with the first batch sold successfully across many countries. This version of iPhone brings with it some significant upgrades over the 6s lined up.

With outstanding waterproofing capacity, dual speakers, and stunning wireless headphone with super-sonic performance make it probably the best-in-its-segment device. If you’re the proud owner of iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s and wondering if it’s a good choice to upgrade to the iPhone 7, here are some good reasons that the decision may be a great choice.

It Looks Similar, but Not Works the Same

You have the iPhone 6 or 6s in your pocket? Take it out and have a look at the design. The latest device doesn’t look any different, which might not create any sense of interest to you if you thought that the iPhone7 is designed differently.

While iPhone has failed to implement the visual upgrades, but the performance it never going to leave you disappointed. The metal-slab with curved sides and a flat back remains with a slightly altered antenna lines that are to make them less obvious.

The camera here is something different too, but it continues to jut out. Some Apple users find it irritating, but we’re not that bothered. A camera with a bump that makes it a better snapper, we’re all for it.

I just loved the iconic Touch ID-toting home button, and it’s still at the same place, but with a haptic response rather than actually depressing. It gives a buzz as your phone rings, and apps can use it.

The number of colors is the biggest visual change that is available in the iPhone 7. The company has ditched the Space Gray option in favor of two hues of black; Glossy Piano Black and Dark Black.

Turn your eyes towards the bottom and you’ll notice another significant change. The holes in the bottom are not to reduce the noise, but are going to offer you an amazing music experience with dual speaker. The trusty 3.5mm headphone jack has been sent to Apple’s private graveyard with FireWire and Ethernet.

IT’s the first official water resistant smartphone by Apple, which seems to be a big upgrade from the iPhone 6S. And you can trek anywhere in dust as this come with dust resistant protection too!

Bye-Bye Headphone Jack

Apple brings great relief to those who’ve always wanted to experience the best-in-class music experience without struggling with headphones as iPhone 7 has finally said goodbye to the headphone port. It’s certainly the biggest upgrade by Apple so far.

Obviously you can’t use your old pair of headphones with this device, but Apple has a couple of solutions to lessen the trauma.

You get a whole new pair of headphones called “EarPods” that plug directly into the Lightning port. The iPhone 7 also comes with a Lightning-to-3.5mm adapter available, which allows the users to continue using your preferred cans.

Plug your EarPods to know if there’s any difference in sound.

More Power & No More 16GB

I’ve always been cursing my iPhone6s for being too slow, even when its specs looked less glossy than those high-end Android devices. Apple replaces the A9 CPU with the A10 Fusion and performance seems quite impressive. The two high-performance cores let it work 40% faster than before, which means you can use online shopping apps and shift to your favorite game instantly without worrying about the lagging.

It’s 120 times faster than the original iPhone. Apple claimed that gaming would be 50% faster than the previous A9 CPU.

Camera Bump Makes it a Better Snapper

Since the iPhone 4, Apple has been on or near the top of camera game. This is the reasons that apple loves to talk up the optics.

Apple has made some iconic upgrades to make iPhone 7 a better camera phone is the dual-lens arrangement. However, the exclusivity will no doubt irk many folks.

Don’t go for its same 12-megapixel camera quality as Apple has added optical image stabilization feature. This helps steady shots and video along with improving low-light performance. iPhone 7 is capable of shooting 4K video at 30fps and 1080p at 60fps.

iOS 10 Adds Some Nice Updates

As I just said above, iPhone 7 is much faster than the previous versions by Apple. If you’re not concerned about the physical appearance and looking only for the performance upgrades, you’ll find it a better companion for beating competitors in games and place orders from online shopping apps.

iOS 10 adds in deeper 3D Touch, a much talked-about feature that is a clever new Home apps for controlling HomeKit-enabled smart home tech.

The Summary

The iPhone, though doesn’t seem to be a bigger change in the market, but the small box has a lot to leave you amazed as you get your hands on the device and start exploring its features and the super-sonic performance while having enough to brag about its camera performance.

Technology Trends That Are Going to Change the Future

If you thought 2015-16 has been the age of disruption, then buckle up yourself as you are in for a roller-coaster ride in 2017. With Apple announcing its much-awaited version of iPhone and Google taking its Map offline already, many other ground-breaking innovations are ready to plunge into an immersive world where everything is connected via internet and smartphone is your significant other.

Let’s delve deep into the topic and identify these cool topics.

Rise of the Virtual Companion

I don’t think I need to tell you what smartphones are for us. These small but smart devices are knowing us better than we know ourselves. In combination with personal information from networking platforms, online shopping apps, wearable devices, email, etc. these tiny gadgets are going to evolve into a virtual 24/7 companion, helping people with everything ranging from latest updates, fastest means of transport, clothing, reminder to wish your best friend “Happy Birthday” etc.

Don’t believe me? Take out your iPhone and ask ‘Siri’ how’s the weather today.

Healthcare Goes Digital

The emerging trends in technology will see healthcare providers and system go ‘all in’ in to ride the wave of technology across channels, products and processes. Powered by facilities like to search for nearest healthcare practitioner and get appointment instantly, wearable devices that instantly monitor your health conditions, and apps where you can instantly share vital stats with physicians and medical records while keeping all the essential records, digital healthcare is all set to provide physicians a real-time view of patient’s health.

Mobile-Powered Education Becomes the Norm

No need to hire a personal tutor just to help your kids the toughest terms of science or any other subject for mobile devices are gradually changing the education system. Tutors and students are just a few taps away. The technology has is changing the way students process the content and educators teach and could hence revamp the education system in the coming future.

Developers are taking education quite seriously with 80,000+ apps already available that focus on innovation in the education space. The time has come to enjoy the flexible and collaborative online learning experience.

IoT Will be Important

Previous years laid the stepping stones for Internet of Things (IoT) and it’s going to take charge in the coming future. The present is taking good care or it. Global leaders are embracing the concept of connected devices and are striving towards unleashing huge opportunities provided by IoT.

Organizations will see an increased adoption of real-time analytic tools to rapidly examine relevant information and provide instant preventive solutions.

3D Printing

While it’s not in the mainstream yet, but 3D printing is witnessing usage beyond prototyping. With substantial improvements in areas such as throughput, it’s the future and going to help people in a far broader way than ever thought. Application of 3D printing technology will slowly extend from hip and dental implants to automotive and industrial manufacturing equipment etc.

Time of Drones

If connecting to people via social media has been the past and wearable devices the present, the future is undoubtedly for the drones. Amazon has been able to grab the opportunity of introducing this technology in previous year, healthcare experts are already starting to imagine its importance in healthcare sectors.

While the tech arena has been quite skeptical about the importance of these devices, but it won’t be judicious to rule out their potential completely and they’re going to prove their mettle in the future.

The Bottom Line

With the above mentioned trends shaping up the future of compact device arena, mobile phone technology is expected to move to the next level

More people Are Using Mobile to Purchase Products Online

Buckle up yourself! It’s going to be a long ride. If you’re an online retailer and have developed an innovative website, but not a Magento mobile app, you’re about to get a rude statistic awakening.

Today, mobile technology has changed the online marketplace. If you are not doing something about it, then you are already missing out on a huge revenue. Mobile is the first choice of people for almost everything – From search to conversions.

During a research, more than 70% online shoppers claimed they plan to start shopping on mobile devices. The number is likely to go higher in the coming years. One of the most eye-popping statistics is the number of searches that convert into sales for local businesses. Nearly 78% of searches result in a local purchase. For example, if three people are searching for a local restaurant on desktop, mobile and tablet, which one of these is likely to make the purchase at your local food store? Of course it’s going to be the mobile user.

Mobile users are most valuable customers for online shopping stores as they are most likely to convert. As the number of smartphone users is constantly on the rise, you can’t afford to miss on this customer base. Make sure to deliver what they need and want.

In previous year, 64% of all online sales were made with mobile devices.

Smartphones are the future

By 2019, number of total smartphone users is expected to get double and this will make a huge impact on usage of desktop websites. Most of cellphone are already smartphones with Android Operating System leading the industry and wealthier users prefer iPhones. There are greater opportunities to grow if you take your store to customers’ pockets via online shopping apps.

Statistics show that over 80% people never leave home without their smartphones in hand and are likely to use their devices more than 10 hours in a day. Whatever your sell on the web world, a wider number of your target consumers are using mobile devices instead of computers for shopping.

Mobile users spend money

In 2015, $58.8 billion was the total estimated mobile spend in US alone, which is projected to almost reach $200 billion in 2018. It’s a number worth considering. 60% of people in US purchase products at least monthly. The countries that top the list in shopping via mobile devices include US, UK, France, Spain, Japan, and Germany.

As already mentioned, wealthier people use iPhones, half of the iPhone users make purchase at least monthly.

More sale on festivals

Of course, we all love to go shopping during the festival seasons and enjoy some time with the loved ones. Mobile has taken the first step to let shoppers enjoy more time with their friends and family as they buy products with just a tap on Magento mobile app.

This saves a lot of time as you can shop anything without the limits of time and place. So, make sure your iOS and Android app is designed in a way that it delivers unbeatable performance and smooth navigation to keep consumers engaged for hours so they don’t leave your store without buying anything.

A mobile shopping app is surely going to provide a smooth shopping experience and increase sales.

More growth to come…

All the above mentioned figures may seem impressive, but it’s not the end as there is a lot more to experience and more growth is coming in future. If you don’t make pace with the technology, you’re going to miss the bus.
Don’t take changes with your growth!

Powerful Strategies to Increase Ecommerce App Downloads & Engagement

So, you’ve just planned to get a Magento mobile app developed for your eStore? The first thing you must be wondering is how to ensure a great number of downloads and encourage widespread user adoption. If you’re not a marketing professional, the task might seem quite herculean – especially if you don’t have a game plan.

All it takes is a little effort and the right know-how to develop a unique mobile app to bring your app to the attention of the masses. In order to learn the best ways to boost your app downloads and user engagement, we’ve compiled a list of some methods to help achieve your goals.

Create an Enticing App Icon

Icon is the first thing that someone sees in the app store, so make sure the app icon you choose is engaging enough to bring success. While the users scroll through the app store, your app icon should pop out as eye-catching and recognizable.

Look for a design that serves as a clear representation of your app and business. Make sure it provides enough clue to what users will find as they install it. Don’t go too flashy with the app icon as simplicity is best. Don’t make it too cluttered and confusing to the eyes.

Social Media Outreach

It’s no secret that social media plays a wider role in business success around the globe. Also, it can be a great platform to market your app. However, before you start marketing your app on social media, you have to decide what angle to start from.

Make sure your app’s personality is described in the campaign. For example, if your Magento mobile app is offering cool fashion accessories, don’t bore your fans with bland business language. Similarly, if your app brings professional products to the buyers, then business speak might suit your audience well.

Don’t simply post your app links on the platforms, but create conversations and engage with your target audience. Here’s the list of platforms where apps tend to get more attention:

• Twitter
• Facebook
• LinkedIn
• Youtube
• FourSquare
• Pinterest

Get More Eyeballs Attracted With Photos & Videos

When developing an app, make sure you use only premium quality images to demonstrate your products, but also compress them to maintain the performance of your online shopping apps.

A good combination of images and product description is crucial to maintain users’ interest in a way that they recommend your brand to others.

Ask For Reviews

You can actually notice overnight increase in app downloads if you can draw positive reviews from fans of your brand.

These reviews declare that your app is engaging enough with affordable products available and say it provides a great user experience. Reviews will let other users know your app is worth downloading.

Make sure you don’t go for the paid reviews as Google know it all. Organic reviews from real people are far more valuable and people know what the truth is. These reviews also let you know what needs to be fixed or changed.

Focus on the User

Success to your app is not how many people have downloaded it, but it’s about how many people are still using them.

Keep a track of analytics to determine what your users want the most and how you can deliver what they are constantly looking for. It’s also the key to generating continuous downloads.

These analytics inform you about user behavior. One of the best analytics tool is Universal Analytics.

Final Thoughts

Generating more downloads for your Magento mobile app is now always an easier task. All you can do is to make sure your app is developed in a way that it engages more users and works uninterruptedly.

From logo design to coding and app launch, everything should be planned and looked after by the experts.

Advanced Marketing Strategies to Boost Adoption

Mobile is the future-generation online shopping platform, offering buyers the freedom to explore products and make purchases without the limits of time and place. This makes sense for almost every online shopping store to invest in a Magento mobile app.

Also, it’s pertinent to make sure the app not only looks stunning, but also offer enhanced user experience to the potential customers when they visit your store. Following the increasing mobile usage and abandoned cart rate globally, we’ve compiled a list of tome very simple yet effective tips to help you decide where to focus your time and efforts when considering to develop mobile strategy.

Optimize Your App

No matter how great products you have listed on the shelves, but you are going to lose more potential buyers if your app is slow. Consider using optimized product images and less use less content to enable products appear faster on the app. Also make sure you strip out all the whitespace between tags as every millisecond you knock off the load time will make a difference in how great user experience your visitors are going to experience.

Get Personal

For everyone, mobile device is the most prized and individual possession and this is the reason that consumers expect the same from marketing massaging. Optimize the messages exclusively for every individual buyers – as a 1-on-1 conversation. Mass marketing can be a great choice, but it never works for mobile buyers as they wish to make private conversations with the sender.

Create a Reason for Retention

ECommerce marketplace has become more competitive than ever. Many visitors leave apps shorty after they download them. It’s important to give your target audience something to want from them. Offer exclusive deals and create valuable content to encourage them to keep coming back to your online shopping apps. Shopping coupons are one way to do this without compromising a lot with your budget, however depending on the app’s nature you can also consider other marketing tools for your specific business needs.

Product Placement

Big brands like Amazon, Walmart, and eBay achieve great visitors because of the strategic product placement at their app. Also consider marketing your app better than the competitors in your niche. Get an insight about your competitors’ marketing strategy, target them and more.

Get Some Social Media Help

Today, almost everyone is there on Social Media platform – and app marketing makes no exception. Make use of these much loved communication tools to get in touch with your target audience with high-resolution images and attractive URL posts. Promoted Tweets can also help making a positive impact on your app marketing campaign. Look on social media for communities and groups that match your business industry. Target the members to achieve maximum results for your marketing efforts.

Consumer Reviews Bring More Trust

Getting positive client reviews can be challenging, but once you have them then you can attract more consumers as the new visitors can trust your products now. Therefore, it is important to attract as many positive reviews as possible. One of the best ways to get more reviews is to offer something in return. It’s all about give and take!

I guess I’ve listed enough about the marketing strategies to boost adoption of your Magento mobile app, but if you feel like there’s something missing here then please share your information and we’ll update them here if they are relevant to the topic and seem practice.

Magento Mobile App and Its effectiveness In Ecommerce Business

With increasing number of mobile users today, desktop websites have taken a back seat and more businesses are opting for the mobile-ready websites and Magento mobile apps. The mobile devices have taken the customers’ shopping experience to the next level. And there’s no doubt in it!

The current market size of mobile commerce is about 50 billion. And the reason is clear-we all love to shop using mobile devices. Mobile visits are responsible for about one-third of overall traffic that most leading eCommerce websites enjoy. In short, mobile has established itself as an integral part of eCommerce industry. Experts have also revealed that the businesses that are not investing in mobile apps, are probably missing on attracting potential customers.

Nearly 53% of smartphone users claim to find on-the-go shopping much better, quicker and easier than using desktop sites.

Let’s put it simple and jump to “Why it’s smart to have a Magento Mobile App for your eCommerce Business?”

Your Users Are on Mobile

As I already mentioned, customers love to shop via mobiles. Nearly 30% of the total revenue and 53% of the traffic in eCommerce websites are driven through mobile. This is a clear indication of what makes mobile a stronger channel for eCommerce businesses growth.

Nearly 2.5 billion people are using smartphones around the world. And the number is going to be double in coming years, which means the chances of your mobile visitors are higher than ever before.

More Speed

The modern buyers are the least patient creature ever found. Your website takes more than 5 seconds to load and you’ve lost many potential buyers. This is why, mobile apps ensure your store loads faster and better than of the competitors’ with just one tap on mobile screen. Because native mobile apps are created using advanced technologies for specific Operating Systems (OS), they load faster as compared to mobile sites.

Keep in mind that 1 second’s delay in page loading time leads to a 7 % drop in sales.

Push Notifications

With push notifications, you can easily communicate with consumers at a personal level. This feature gives life to your marketing campaign as 7 out of 10 push notifications receive clients’ attention and get clicks. This turns to be helpful in boosting repeat purchases and customer loyalty.

Whether you’re going to launch a new product, greatest deal, discount offer or have planned to bring something new on the upcoming festival season, just inform your target consumers about all of them through personalized notifications that target every individual. Push notifications can help convert 70% abandoned carts into complete purchases successfully.

Social Sharing

It’s no secret that almost everyone is using social media platforms and millions of people are communicating using these tools. Social sharing feature at your online shopping apps can help increase online presence and put your products forward to billions of people around the world. Research shows that about 66% of online buyers visit social media platforms to know about a product before purchasing it.

Each product that is shared via your mobile app is going to be live on the walls of many people.

Higher User-Engagement

A well-designed and better performing Magento mobile app, has the potential to drive high level of user engagement. The best thing about the apps is that users don’t need to remember the website URL, rather they can simply click on your company icon at mobile screen and your store will be live in seconds. If the users find your app interesting, they’re going to use it for a longer time.

This helps boost the visibility of apps and the users come across your brand more often, in fact every time they unlock their device.

Having a Magento Mobile App Promote it Without Investment

Once you’ve made your mind of developing a Magento mobile app for your online shopping store, it’s time that you must be wondering how to market your brand for the smartphone users. It is important to promote your app in order to attract the attention of target users.

For every online store owner, planning to enter the mobile world and get more smartphone users to their store, it’s important to ideally market their app in the best possible way to generate maximum audience. Make sure your efforts are going in the right direction to achieve good percentage of conversions and maximum reach.

So, before you begin with the marketing, make sure you know the essential questions that will help you determine the potential of your app.

• Does your app has good usage ratio?
• How would know if your app is being downloaded?
• How would you track success of your app?
• Is your app discoverable on the basis of the ranking it has achieved?

Once you’re able to answer these queries, you would realise the potential of the app. Now you will need to work on marketing techniques that will help you reap long term profits and benefits. I’ve conducted an in-depth research about some marketing techniques and here are some tips that you should ideally integrate to promote your app among the target audiences.

Get Introduced to Social Media

Today, whole word is there on social media platforms and you can’t afford to neglect its importance when you’re on the mission to market your online shopping apps in the international market. You need to sync with social media in the right way. Social media has the potential to help you engage with consumers and promote you app to gain right amount of attention and conversion.

A well-planned and effective social media strategy can help you make the app visible as well as personify the brand in an effective manner. Capture the dynamics of the app perfectly if you want more positive reviews.

Create Ad Network

Using affiliate marketing to improve your conversion for your app is never a bad deal. These affiliate marketing networks can help you promote your app through their banners. The click through rates of the app ads are pretty good. The results can be sometimes more than expected. The number of conversion achieved through these ads is about 1% of the total. It’s quite an impressive number.

You might need to work in collaboration with the ad company that will direct the ads to the segment of audience you want to target.

Organic Ads

Remember that organic marketing differs for both the Android app store and Apple app store. Hence consider these difference and work on them before you start promoting your apps through organic marketing. It can help you achieve optimal reach and boost the marketing of your brand and the Magento mobile app. If the ratio per download increases, this will reflect in the conversion and user engagement of your online shopping store. You can use push notification to reach registered users easily.

Retain Loyal Users

It is a fact, attracting new consumers is costly than retaining the existing consumers. Rewards or loyalty points can help engage more users in the best possible ways and gain maximum conversions. Once you have done with the mobile app development, make sure you keep on attractive more and more users using push notifications with loyalty points. Make sure the discount you offer should not have an overhead cost as this will help you control your expenses and improve the revenue that you are planning to generate.

While these tips may vary for gaming and eCommerce mobile apps, but there’s hardly any store that has failed to achieve more conversion with these tips. They are always helpful in gaining maximum conversions and profitable revenue with quality reach. Use these tips and you don’t have to invest any amount in the marketing campaigns. They only need quality performance.

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