Top Benefits of Selecting Android for Ecommerce App Development

The world has gone mobile, and we all know it. With more than 2.5 billion people already using smartphones globally, Android enjoys the larger share of the market, making it a stronger competitor of iOS. To cater to the needs of global mobile users, Android mobile apps have come into existence.

With multiple platforms available in the market today for app development such as Windows, Symbian, Blackberry, Android, Tizen, and iOS, global online retailers have multiple options to choose from. However, the Android platform by Google is moving ahead and its popularity shows no signs of receding. This makes sense of investing in the widely used platform when considering app development for your online shopping store.

We elaborate on the top Magento Android app development benefits for businesses seeking enterprise applications that solves customer problems and increase brand visibility.

Open Source Platform

Android community offers great advantages from licensing, royalty-free, and best technology framework. What makes the Android platform very attractive is the Open Source architecture of the Android Software Development Kit (SDK), which means you can actually interact with the community for expansions of the app development. This results in faster development and better opportunities for developers to learn more. Android is a magical platform.

Easy to Integrate

Whether you are looking for a complex technically customized eCommerce app or just a simply to use web app, Android can be the right solution for you. Android offers great opportunities for easy customization, which means you can always integrate ad tweak the app according to your business needs. Ever since Android came into existence, it has been known as the best mobile platform between the app and process architecture.

Wide Consumer Reach

I don’t think I need to tell you the market share of Android devices as you must have noticed 8 out of 10 people around you using Android. This is what makes this platform the best choice for app development, especially if you are planning to target a wider audience that too from all types of people i.e. students, employees, employers, etc. It is better to go for Android mobile app development as the platform is available on more variety of devices to users of almost all economic groups.

You build it, you publish it. And you can reach your end users through multiple channels.

Greater Security

Recently in 2012, Google rolled out major security fixes across all Android platforms, which make it a highly secure platform. The address space layout customization made it extremely difficult for the malware to locate data structure for executing codes and a hard nut to crack for the cyber criminals. Also, Google’s automated system sends periodic notification to users to decrypt their devices.

Easy Customization

With Android, sky is the limit to your expectations. No matter what feature or functionality you want the Magento Android app to have, it’s all possible with Android. This platform offers versatility with easy customization, making it easier for developers to create apps with diverse functionalities. The platform is specially designed to accommodate the varying requirements of advanced businesses.

Whether it’s a simple or highly complex technical customization, Android provides ample space for executing customizations.

If you are designing a mobile strategy and considering a robust platform to start development with, Android is the best choice you can make. It gives greater opportunities for the applications and business to grow and expand with easy feature integration and wider consumer reach.

Know How to Make Use of Push Notifications

Gone are the days when information about the latest promotions and new season arrivals was sent via emails or text messages and wait for consumers to respond. Magento mobile app has made marketing an easier task with great features like push notifications. It’s not just a message delivery channel, but a fully powerful marketing channel.

Push notifications allows online retailers to send direct messages to consumers and boost brand awareness and user engagement. It is the next-generation communication channel to get closer to your consumers, especially those who have been stick with your brand for a long time.

Free Marketing Tool

Cost effectiveness is the strongest advantage of using Push Notifications. Just take a look at the expenses you would have to bear for sending promotional mail via mail chimp. It requires at least $120/year to send emails to up to 500 subscribers. While push notifications, on the other hands, allows to send massive to unlimited users without any fee. Of course, it’s totally free.

For the startups or small businesses on a budget can get the word out about online shops and reach a large number of users without spending thousands of dollars on marketing strategies. Everything can be done at little or no cost by using push notification feature of their own mobile app.

While it’s free, keep in mind that your customers are going to check it on the compact device so make sure your messages are not lengthy. Make it small and engaging with concise and easy to read texts; and light images that load as rapid as possible.

Message Delivery Channel

It’s the best know marketing tool that allows to deliver messages that are instantly seen with just one tap of a finger. Push notifications are considered better than the emails and text messages.
Besides, this does not mean you can only send discount deals and information about fresh season arrivals, but also hot coupons and news based on Geo-target and at the nick of specific time right on the mobile screen.

Studies show that push notifications exceed emails with more than 70% higher open and 97% click rate. With push notifications, messages are displayed on users’ smartphone within seconds after sending. It surpasses any other kind of marketing as it’s the time-sensitive communication method. Notifications is somehow similar to the way that emails or newsletters inform your customers.

Branding Method

Sending notifications to consumers once or twice a day is likely to increase your brand awareness to the global consumers. Global brands aim to initiate and maintain the engagement with consumers so they will be motivated to continue their relation with the brand via iOS or Android mobile app. Attracting consumers to download your app is the first step to get closer to them and make a better image, but engaging them is another step that can be achieved with lots of efforts and time.

Push notifications serve as a bridge to create customer retention and compete with leaders while reducing cart abandonment. Researchers claim that consumers who enabled pushing alert feature are likely to visit mobile store 88% more than those who disabled it.

App Engagement Tool

Magento mobile app alerts not only motivate your customers to take action, but also helps increase retention rate of your app. Unlike marketing methods, notifications increase users’ interaction with the brand. For example, you send mobile users a message with special discount of 60% flat on the latest arrivals on the festival season. Visitors are attracted towards the deal, but they not only look for the promotional products and also go around your app and see your season collections and latest combos; and make purchases.

This is the magic of push notifications. It helps to secure consistent usages and boost your sales via the mobile app.

No doubt, Push Notifications is a great tool to attract more visitors to your store, but always keep in mind that your customers read your messages right on the smartphone device so try to make it shorter and engaging enough to attract users’ attention.

Statistics That Make Mobile Apps Better Than Desktop Sites


Buckle up yourself. If you are an online retailer, you’re about to get a rude statistical awakening about Magento Mobile App.

Technology has brought about a great change in the way people purchase products and mobile plays the widest role. If you’re not doing something to make pace with the changes right now, you’re going to miss the train. Today, mobile is the game changer. Not just mobile search, but the entire mobile experience from browsing to conversions.

Go through the given statistics and you’ll see mobile commerce in a new way.
Two out of three people prefer accessing mobile app than mobile website.

Today, online buyers are more concerned about the speed, security, performance and smooth navigation, and want a mobile experience without all these barriers. Users find responsive websites an unnecessary barrier as they perform pathetic, if compared with native online shopping apps.
Many users don’t want yet another website. They want a personalized and lightweight experience of being able to do what they want to without any drawback.

Responsive websites come with great benefits, but users are looking for the next-generation solution for browsing directly from their mobile devices. Mobile users don’t mind becoming loyal customers of your brand store, provided if you are able to give them what they want.

They are just looking for a good deal with better navigation.

It’s time that you are going to stick to mobile-optimized web experience or take the next step towards the success with a Magento mobile app.

Something More

Online Customers will make purchases on a responsive website, but only if it’s easier than downloading an app.

If developing a mobile website, make sure it should be easy for the users to convert on their mobile devices without installing the app, which is near to impossible as apps are much better treat.

78% mobile searches result in purchase.

I bet it’s going to be an eye-popping statistic from mobile studies. Studies claim 78% pf online searches result in purchases, which show mobile winning by a significant margin.

Consider how this happens. If three individuals are looking for local restaurant. First there is an individual using a mobile phone. Second there is an individual using a laptop to search and third there is an individual using a tablet to search. Who is going to make the purchase?

Answer: The individual on mobile phone.

Researchers claim the mobile users are most valuable customer segment as they are most likely to convert into buyers. This makes sense to focus more on this user segment and deliver what they are looking for.

Something More

• Make sure you provide a better platform for customers to purchase from your store.
• Consider providing advantages to mobile users with an app.

Shoppers spend more time on mobile devices than desktops.

Shopping is more than just a mobile activity. During every festival season, one third of all eCommerce purchases are made on smartphones. Let’s check the figures:

• 11% of the internet searches are done on tablets.
• 44% of internet searches are done on mobile phones.

The figures clearly depict the mobile searches dominate the online shopping market. Because global consumers now spend more than half of their time on compact devices, mobile can’t be viewed as an ancillary device. People today think mobile as they think of purchasing something from online stores.

Something More

• If you have a local business, make sure to create a shopping experience that appeals to mobile users.
• If you have a local business, remember that customers interact more with your business on a mobile device than on a desktop.

The Bottom Line

Nearly every study, research, report, statistic has ominous prediction about how mobile shoppers are “on the rise!” And you know it already.

The difference between a successful and failed online business is understanding the importance of mobile technology and employing it to your business.

5 mCommerce Mistakes You Might Be Making


mCommerce is growing rapidly. But mobile marketing tactics don’t always work. Learn how not to alienate mobile users by avoiding these marketing mistakes.

You probably already solidified the idea that, if you want to be a successful online entrepreneur, you have to be able to satisfy mobile device users. I’m hoping that you already have this idea, ingrained in your business practices. If not, then there are a lot of things that you still have to learn. Appeasing mobile users has to become one of your top UX priorities.

If you’re already on the mobile commerce bandwagon, then there’s a chance that you’re still making some very basic mistakes, when marketing to the mobile community. Below, you’ll find a list of some of the basic mCommerce marketing mistakes that a lot of businesses are making. Be sure to check them out and verify that you’re not practicing any of them.

Be Careful with Your Promotions 

One of the biggest differences between mobile platforms and your usual desktop experience is the space that’s available to you. On a mobile screen there’s not enough room for everything, so sometimes you either have an option of displaying text or images. With this approach, people are most likely to consume visual content, than anything else. That’s why platforms like Snapchat and Instagram experience incredible growth and popularity.

At the same time, this means that if you want to succeed with the help of these platforms – you need to be able to recognize the right opportunities to promote your business/ products. As we established, visual content rules the mobile niche. This is where a lot of mistakes are being made.

Have you seen an Instagram account that’s constantly posting banners with ads about their promos/discounts? I’m sure you had one of these in your feed at some point. I’m sure that you’ve unsubscribed from at least one of these. Same goes for other destinations/ apps and even websites. What you can do to avoid alienating your user base and potential clients from mobile-centric platforms?

Magneto Mobile App Development

Stop using images as your main promotional tool. Quality should prevail, no matter the platform. Especially on sites like, Pinterest, where aggressive marketing is pretty common. So be sure to post relevant content. Mix in ads, but be careful with their quantity.

Are you making promo materials for a sale? Did you make sure to have versions for each and every platform that you’re working with? Nothing’s worse than looking at an out of place image on a platform that it wasn’t designed for. On a small smartphone screen the obvious mishap will be visible right away.

Responsive Design Isn’t Enough

Making a responsive version of your website isn’t enough anymore. It’s important to make it actually usable on a mobile device. That popup that looks good on a desktop might actually look horrible on a mobile device. As well as other navigation elements on your website. It’s important to distinguish the mobile experience and provide enough alterations to your mobile design to create an experience that’s really beneficial for the mobile users.

Another important aspect is being able to recognize the downsides of mobile experience, like the frequent unavailability of a stable connection: public wifi, or hotspots with a lot of interference, like in apartment buildings, where there are many networks, broadcasting on the same frequency. This means that your mobile users need to be able to access your website in a convenient manner, with properly loaded images and no interruptions. That’s why image, code optimization are very important. Not to mention that this will also benefit your regular desktop visitors in one form or another.

Don’t Ignore Interface Standards in Design

It’s important to understand the interactions that mobile users are going through on daily basis. For example, the famous ‘hamburger’ menu is more likely to be recognizable by a mobile user, then by a desktop user. This is just a simple example, but there are a lot of other features like this that work specifically with mobile interfaces and it’s important to be able to recognize these and implement in your mobile designs.


Image source

Companies like Google have taught billions of people to use their products in a certain way. If you’re not adding these user experience blueprints to your designs and favor your brand’s identity, you might be in trouble. It’s important to maintain a good ratio of interface tactics that have been previously available from your site and be able to implement UX standards set up by the big brands. It’s easy, since these companies have plenty of tools and frameworks that can help you facilitate your users’ experience. For example, Google has splendid material design guidelines and tools.

Add Value to Your App


Creating a mobile app that simply mimics your website’s experience might be a good way of attracting mobile users. But making the app stand out is really something you should focus on, if you really want to have decent adoption and retention rates. After all, apps being different from the desktop version, is the main reason why they exist and are popular among users.

This is especially true if you already have a responsive design in place. Make your app unique; analyze user experience and the specific platform you’re advertising the app to. What can make it stand out?

Maybe a streamlined ordering process? Maybe there are push notifications that can actually work for your benefit through the app?  You should consider these and many other things before starting the development of the app.

Don’t Push Your App

If you ever used TripAdvisor, you probably know what this specific tip deals with. If you have an app that offers unique and convenient experience – people will naturally switch over to it. It’s not necessary to try to push the app aggressively in order to increase the app’s user base. This is especially true for cases, when the app is not particularly useful.

Not to mention, that not all companies can afford aggressive marketing of their apps. TripAdvisor gets away with their ‘bullying’ simply because there are millions of users and many people don’t have any good alternatives to it. That doesn’t mean that your business can afford the same approach. In fact, it might cost you users in the long run.

About the Author

Alex Plotnikov – CMO at, an innovative PaaS that allows you to launch a Magento store in a matter of minutes, automatically deploying Magento instances, installing themes and extensions.

5 Reasons Your Business Needs Native Mobile App


The online shopping industry has exponentially burgeoned in the past couple of years. Thanks to the mobile technology the convenience it brings, eCommerce Magento mobile apps are most popular programs to be downloaded into a cellphone. Mobile apps are used more frequently than its counterpart – Responsive websites. And the reasons are obvious, smooth navigation, better performance, security, features and many other things that mobile websites can’t even think of delivering.

Native mobile apps are capable of doing everything that the complex eCommerce business could possibly need. If you are happy with just better sales and constant customer base, then having a responsive website is a great thing, but it you need something better than the average, go mobile with an eCommerce mobile app.

Beyond bringing more customers and sales, a mobile application can benefit your business in other ways as well:

They are Inexpensive

You might find the app development a bit more expensive in the initial stage, but looking at the long-term benefits, you are going to notice how they are affordable to your business. Mobile apps turn the financial transactions into electronic. The transactions made through eCommerce apps ensure the transaction speed and conversion rate is extremely fast, resulting into lower costs.

You save on every transaction made through the mobile app.

Brand Loyalty & Customer Experience

No matter you are at home, workplace, travelling across the city or having a sip of your favorite cappuccino outdoors, making purchase with the mobile apps is faster and easier. This is the reason that nearly 78% of online buyers said they would prefer to access shopping sites via a mobile app than through their mobile browsers.

Shopping through apps is fun as they make the experience faster, more secure, and buyers don’t have to remember the website URL or login details each time they want to see what’s new or place their usual order.

Apps Give Designers Better Control Over User Experience

Every mobile app is the result of a great idea and the flexibility of app development gives the designers and developers to come up with unique and powerful user experience depending upon the device the user has. Controlling user interface and presenting faster service is possible with mobile shopping apps development.

Technology allows developers to tailor the user experience of the device, enabling you to go beyond the limitations of responsive web design. Just convey your idea clearly to the developer and to tailor your future application to your specific needs. Make sure to include some secure payment options for a safer experience. Programming the apps to remember subsequent shopping experiences helps streamline the buying process for the user.

Offline Ability

Internet connectivity may be tricky at times. The better shopping experience users enjoy, the more they are likely to return to your store. This is where mobile apps stand strongest to the rivals. Mobile app users can browse products and services even when there’s very less internet connectivity.

Many eCommerce apps provide the option of working offline where visitors can take a look at saved wish lists of products. This is also helpful when you have very less data left and can’t wait to complete the purchase before the offer ends. Browse the products and then go online to make the purchases.

The Ease of Comparison Shopping

Every customer wants to compare the products with others and make a smart purchase to save every single dollar he (or she) can. Ecommerce mobile apps enable buyers to shop smart by using the option to easily compare prices.
Comparison shopping results in more people ordering items via their cellphones.
The Bottom Line

Above mentioned are the most renowned 5 benefits of building an eCommerce mobile app, but remember that it’s not everything. There is a whole wide range of more benefits you get with a Magento mobile app ranging from marketing advantages, push notifications, geopositioning integration, etc. Mobile apps bring great opportunities to your business. You just have to grab the opportunity.

Proven Tricks to Increase your eCommerce Sales

The days of easy profit simply by developing an online shopping website are long gone. To compete harder in the rapidly changing marketplace, you simply can’t afford to ignore to bring changes and implement new strategies like developing a Magento mobile app, new marketing strategies, etc.
“Converting visitors into buyers” is the biggest challenge that most eCommerce stores are facing these days and to achieve this, online retailers must understand how important the pleasant user experience is. This not only helps to woo customers to enroll for the services, but also to buy your products. A mobile app builder helps design every element of your mCommerce store and contributes to make user experience better.

If in case you’re unaware of the better UX designs, these tricks will help boost your eCommerce store sales:

Build Trust With User-Friendly Checkout Process

More than 60% of the abandoned carts are result of complicated and lengthy checkout process. Make shopping an easier process by directing them to the cart page soon after they’ve selected the items they want to buy. This ensures customers have enough time to double-check what they have purchased before paying.
Make sure the checkout process is easier, but don’t miss the important fields (Delivery date, shipping date, size, quantity, and availability) to make buyers feel safe. This will help build trust and confidence in your online shop. Also check if the exact color of the product they have ordered is shown.
Most importantly, the checkout process should be placed prominently, allowing them to continue shopping, if they wish to.

Sort Navigation Items by Popularity

Forget about the traditional A – Z order for your navigation category, which distracts customers from knowing about what’s in trend. Use the most popular product categories to make it as easy as possible for the buyers to find what they’d love.
Get a Magento mobile app that displays featured and popular products on the home page. It’s like killing two birds with one stone. This helps customers save time and take a look at the products that people are searching the most.

Eliminate Dead Ends

Your store should not have dead ends or full stops. Make sure to design each page to channel visitors to the right product, even if they’ve already converted previously. This should be the first rule of thumb.
If there’s a limited range of products available at a particular category, try using ‘continue shopping,’ ‘call to action,’ or ‘other products’. This helps customers to check more offers or products just in case they’re not interested in the main deal.

Send Wishlist Reminders

Hey Paul,
An item in your wishlist is nearly out of stock.
Hurry up, don’t let this one go away. We know you’ve got a good taste, and we are here to help you get what you just love.

Online shopping apps let you sent customized wishlist reminders. Customize the look and then send emails out to people informing them that there’s something your store that they would love to have. You can also send reminders about the fresh arrivals, abandoned cart, discount offers, etc.

Upfront Free Shipping

Don’t force the customers to travel all the way to checkout page to know if the product is available with FREE SHIPPING. Tell them in advance. The sooner you disclose it, the sooner your customer can decide whether or not to purchase a product.
Researchers claim, a $5 free shipping offer is far better and appealing to customers than a $10 discount from a purchase.

Credit Cart Details at the end

“We must finish what we’ve started.” The same rule applies in the online shopping as well. So, just use the knowledge and put the trick to increase sales of your online store. This may be a small, but the most effective one when it comes to increase sales and persuade visitors to complete checkout process.

Should You Abandon Your Website in Favor of an App?

Mobile has been a hot topic for a while, for obvious reasons. In an age of smartphones, app is not something to be ignored. But, it can be a bit tricky to select where to put your efforts – Magento Mobile App or Responsive Website.

Many online retailers feel that they don’t need a mobile app, a website that looks good on a mobile devices is enough. Others say that mobile apps have benefits that a website cannot provide. Having a responsive website that looks good on mobile is a great choice and there are no downsides, but taking a step ahead towards the app can make the wonders happen with various things that websites can’t, like offline access, push notifications and many businesses can benefit from them.

Let’s look at a few main factors to decide if it’s a right path for your business:

Your Business has a Location-based Component

Are you targeting audience from a particular city, or country and need to present them with relevant information based on there they are located? Push Notifications can be a great example for it.

Many businesses like restaurants would need to connect to the local people, informing them about the newly invented dish or what’s hot in today’s menu.

In case of a restaurant and local apparel store, there’s a strong location-based element that’s necessary to stay in touch with the foodies, fashionistas and the people who love to go trendy. Because most people have their smartphones when them everywhere, it makes sense to send Push Notifications informing them about the various activities on your store and build a stronger bond with a mobile app rather.

Your Idea Requires Real-Time Information Delivery

Do you want the consumers to get informed about something the moment it happens? Does your idea needs to inform people about latest updates? For example, online shopping stores. Every customer must be informed immediately about the status of item they just purchased.

Whether the product is packed, ready to ship, dispatched or delivered, online shopping apps can do it all for you.

Since people are concerned about the timely delivery of their product, they might want to track the status when they are away from their computer. For the on-the-go people, mobile app make more sense as it’s more convenient for them to track order details and shipping information. They don’t have to remember login details as the app would record them right when consumers login.

If real-time information delivery is the need for your business, it’s likely building a Magento mobile app will be the best route.

A Mobile App is a Key Competitive Advantage

If you’re new to the online business industry and have an idea with similar competitors that have already done a great job by building for the web, it’s your time to take a step ahead of the competition. Building a mobile app could be a route to consider.

For example, Myntra is an app that made a late entry into the eCommerce industry, but did well by standing out of the crowd with an innovative mobile app, simplifying online shopping experience for the modern buyers. If Myntra has started as a website and stayed with the same concept, it would have been difficult to stand out from more established competitors like Amazone, eBay or Flipkart.

Because Myntra focused on improving experience for the on-the-go buyers, it allowed them to differentiate more effectively from competitors. And it’s renowned name among those who love to shop using mobile devices. It has received widespread adoption from thousands of customers.


The final decision, whether or not to invest in a Magento mobile app, solely depends upon your business. For a casual blogger or service provider, the mobile website wills, while for the restaurants or eCommerce stores, the mobile app wins.

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Bring Magical Changes to Your Sales With Mobile App


For almost every business, with every expenses, no matter how small or large, online shopping apps have become an indispensable part of growth. Because there is a visibly great rise in adoption of smartphones, compact devices open a whole new world of opportunities for the retailers as well as the consumers all across the globe.

Mobile phones are no more just the instruments to communicate with friends or family, but their usage has gone far beyond the limits that were ever thought. Mobile technology is all set to improve day-to-day business efficiency as more and more people are using them to purchase products. Researchers claimed that over 60% of the total sales made on eCommerce stores are from smartphones. In fact, 9 out of 10 customers prefer using smartphones to shop over desktops.

How OnGoBuyo Can Help Multiply Sales?

With rapid involvement of smartphones in our world, the human fascination with technology has turn to be a common lifestyle. We all are using mobile apps for everything we need in line – Communication, Entertainment, Business, Shopping, etc. and our eyes are glues to these magical devices everywhere and every time. If you are one of those online shopping stores, having forward thinking to follow where people’s eyes are and want to make the most of your web presence, OnGoBuyo is your choice.
OnGoBuyo is the next-generation mobile app builder, creating mCommerce solutions for the online merchants to increase customer shopping experience and loyalty all at same time.

We understand a mobile application is not a one-size-fits-all product, so we customize apps to meet your specific business needs at a fraction of the price and time. Our apps are visually appealing, easy-to-use and handle delivering great performance ensuring that your consumers have access to the most up-to-date information and prices every time they visit.
When combined with a creative business and idea, OnGoBuyo increases sales productivity by simplification. Our app will save your time and increase sales efficiency.

Let’s examine some strategies OnGoBuyo uses to help companies motivate customers:


Mobile Commerce is all about the convenience buyers get when using apps on their devices. OnGoBuyo makes the experience even better for the customers to encourage them to keep coming back. Customers can explore the product range and information without the limits of time and place, and even with the minimum network connectivity. OnGoBuyo not only makes your services more convenient for the consumer, but also increases your chances for repeat business.

Quick, Easy Ordering

What’s most loved about online shopping apps is that they allow customers to quickly place orders using their tablet or smartphone. In the fast-paced life, we hardly get time for shopping and hence we all love purchasing online. Ecommerce apps give customers a reason to buy. They can explore products and place order while they are traveling, working, cooking, watching TV etc. From big stores to small businesses, companies profit by making services convenient and accessible to customers.

Value Added Benefits & Features

Incorporating value added benefits and features in an app helps generate more sales. Custom designed apps with unique features like Reward Program, Push Notification, Social Share, etc. can help give you a leg up over your competition.
Encourage customers to share your content and products on social media by providing rewards such as discount on future purchases. These benefits can help motivate customers to patronize your business. Additional discount coupled with ability to pay using one step checkout directly from the app, is a double winner for everyone!


Mobile devices have become part of everyday lives and they’re not going to vanish any time soon. The rapid rise of mobiles in daily lives has doubled the online shopping industry and shoppers are using them more than ever before. Investing in online shopping apps that enhance the in-store experience can never be a bad deal for customer engagement.

How Magento Mobile App Helps You Double Your Sales?


I believe your store is doing well and you must be busy with the preparations for the upcoming festival season. Festival season is the right time that you should invest in strategies to multiply your sales like advertisement, SEO, Social Networking referral programs etc., but there’s something that shouldn’t be avoided here if you are really in favor to increase your store’s sale – Magento Mobile App.

You may or may not be aware of the facts, but more than 60% of online purchases take place on smartphones over desktops. With mobile app in hands, shopping with your store cab ne more convenient way for the online buyers. Online shopping apps don’t guarantee sales, but it definitely gives them a reason to visit your store.

Well, now you must be thinking that a Magento mobile app is only for the big brands and requires big investments that prove to be unnecessary expenditure for their small and medium businesses. But, it’s not the case, developing a online shopping apps is much affordable than ever before and comes with a potential to multiply your store sales.

I’ll tell you how mobile apps deliver a customer-centric approach:

A Painless User Experience

Researchers find that over 60% of online buyers prefer purchasing products over desktop websites and apps are now the default way that people shop online. The reasons behind the number is the painless experience that people enjoy with the apps on mobile devices. Remember that mCommerce is not only limited to the responsive websites. Of course, having a responsive website is a great choice, but it can’t beat the smooth navigation and performance an app can deliver.

If you’re looking to give your customers a better shopping experience and give your business a boost this festival season, you must consider building a mobile app for your eCommerce store. It’s one of the most valuable tools for any business.

Customized Checkout for More Conversions

Once you’ve succeeded to bring the customer to the shopping cart page, you’ve already won the half battle. Customers’ decision to complete the transaction remains on how well your checkout page is designed. Magento uses a default 6-step checkout process that may leave the customers confused and irritated, which results in abandoned cart. Online shopping apps come with customized checkout process reduced to one-page for increased conversion rate.

It sounds unrealistic — but isn’t. A customized checkout page can fetch almost double the amount of sales in your online store.

Social Referrals & Loyalty Rewards

Today the social media is the most viral marketing platform, and we all know its power. It can take a business to the unlimited step of the ladder. You just have to make the right decision by integrating social media referral feature in your Magento mobile app to allow the consumers to share your products among their networks. Every single post or share made on the social media reaches out to millions of users at one time. It will help you in both brand visibility and more new customer acquisition. Encourage customers to share more by rewarding their actions at your app.

Rewards can be used to engage both new and existing customers. Offer rewards for every activity they share on social media that can be later used against future purchases. This encourages customers to share and purchase more.

Push Notifications

It will prove to be a helping hand in doubling your sales. Take yourself as an example, don’t you consider push notifications with heavy discounts on flight tickets when you actually need to travel? Of course, you will. But, you can’t know what and when your consumers need if you’re not connected to them. If you can understand the needs of all consumers, your sales graph will definitely hit the top point.


Online shopping apps are like hitting down two birds with one stone. They can be used to attract new customers and to retain the existing ones. All this can be achieved only if you have an app with user-friendly and flawless functionality. An app can be a revenue-generating tool to give boost to your sales and conversion rate.

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