5 Reasons Your Business Needs Native Mobile App

Magento Mobile App


The online shopping industry has exponentially burgeoned in the past couple of years. Thanks to the mobile technology the convenience it brings, eCommerce Magento mobile apps are most popular programs to be downloaded into a cellphone. Mobile apps are used more frequently than its counterpart – Responsive websites. And the reasons are obvious, smooth navigation, better performance, security, features and many other things that mobile websites can’t even think of delivering.

Native mobile apps are capable of doing everything that the complex eCommerce business could possibly need. If you are happy with just better sales and constant customer base, then having a responsive website is a great thing, but it you need something better than the average, go mobile with an eCommerce mobile app.

Beyond bringing more customers and sales, a mobile application can benefit your business in other ways as well:

They are Inexpensive

You might find the app development a bit more expensive in the initial stage, but looking at the long-term benefits, you are going to notice how they are affordable to your business. Mobile apps turn the financial transactions into electronic. The transactions made through eCommerce apps ensure the transaction speed and conversion rate is extremely fast, resulting into lower costs.

You save on every transaction made through the mobile app.

Brand Loyalty & Customer Experience

No matter you are at home, workplace, travelling across the city or having a sip of your favorite cappuccino outdoors, making purchase with the mobile apps is faster and easier. This is the reason that nearly 78% of online buyers said they would prefer to access shopping sites via a mobile app than through their mobile browsers.

Shopping through apps is fun as they make the experience faster, more secure, and buyers don’t have to remember the website URL or login details each time they want to see what’s new or place their usual order.

Apps Give Designers Better Control Over User Experience

Every mobile app is the result of a great idea and the flexibility of app development gives the designers and developers to come up with unique and powerful user experience depending upon the device the user has. Controlling user interface and presenting faster service is possible with mobile shopping apps development.

Technology allows developers to tailor the user experience of the device, enabling you to go beyond the limitations of responsive web design. Just convey your idea clearly to the developer and to tailor your future application to your specific needs. Make sure to include some secure payment options for a safer experience. Programming the apps to remember subsequent shopping experiences helps streamline the buying process for the user.

Offline Ability

Internet connectivity may be tricky at times. The better shopping experience users enjoy, the more they are likely to return to your store. This is where mobile apps stand strongest to the rivals. Mobile app users can browse products and services even when there’s very less internet connectivity.

Many eCommerce apps provide the option of working offline where visitors can take a look at saved wish lists of products. This is also helpful when you have very less data left and can’t wait to complete the purchase before the offer ends. Browse the products and then go online to make the purchases.

The Ease of Comparison Shopping

Every customer wants to compare the products with others and make a smart purchase to save every single dollar he (or she) can. Ecommerce mobile apps enable buyers to shop smart by using the option to easily compare prices.
Comparison shopping results in more people ordering items via their cellphones.
The Bottom Line

Above mentioned are the most renowned 5 benefits of building an eCommerce mobile app, but remember that it’s not everything. There is a whole wide range of more benefits you get with a Magento mobile app ranging from marketing advantages, push notifications, geopositioning integration, etc. Mobile apps bring great opportunities to your business. You just have to grab the opportunity.


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