A Buzz Helps Online Shopping Apps Stand Out the Competition

Magento Mobile App

Is Magento mobile app development a part of your next business development strategy? If yes, then then you are on the right track; if no then you need to start thinking about it. After all, the future generation is not going to sit in front of desktops and laptops to make purchases. They’ll rather prefer buying while on the go.

Today, because competition is higher than ever, you also need to put a plan in place to market your app as soon as possible because simply developing a highly engaging app isn’t going to work for you. You need to make your app more visible to your target audience, if you want it to stand out from the crowd and rise above the competition.

Thousands of apps are released on iTunes and Google Play store daily, so you can imagine the competition on these store. The topic here again is that developing an innovative eCommerce app is not going to be enough.
Most renowned apps today are not because they’re great to use, but because they have been marketed successfully.

Why Create a Buzz?

We all are here to make money. But due to stiff competition, monetizing your app isn’t going to be easier. Your app might be amazing and perform well with all the specially designed features, but it’s not important that your target audience will also feel the same. In the cut-throat competition in eCommerce marketplace, you first need to make your app visible and make more people want to download it when they come across it. It takes a right amount of buzz to make it happen.

Start talking to people about the app, even before it’s released. Remember how movie trailers are released much before the final launch? Same can be done to release successful online shopping apps. The buzz must be strong that your target audience cannot wait to download your app and start buying. It helps you hype up your app.

Why would anyone bother to download your app if there’s no hype surrounding it? In today’s era where you need to cover all your bases to be competitive, you simply cannot say no to the buzz.

Go live on Social Media

To make an idea go viral, there’s nothing better than the social media platforms. Simply put your idea in front of people and they’ll promote it for you. So, just make use of this amazing opportunity and promote it through social media. Simply give a short brief of your app and how it’s going to help online buyers. Share interesting features of your app and also you can share development stories and anything that will help you keep you app in the news.

Make sure to promote your app only among those people who belong to your app’s target audience.

Submit the App for Reviews

No we’re not talking about releasing your app on the iTunes and Google App Store and get reviews from the users, but submit it on various review sites. It gives strength to your brand and more confidence to your users about the safety aspects. You will need to pick the right review site to submit to, because there’s a wide range of options available.

Look for the websites with reputed name and having a number of people to give an unbiased opinion of a particular app.

App Store Optimization

We know the competition is increasing and the number of online shopping apps is going to touch the mammoth figure on iTunes and Google Play store. So, one of the best things to promote your app on these platforms is to get discovered. Just like website optimization, app store optimization also is a vital part of app marketing.

App store optimization helps your app achieve better raking on the app stores. This can be done in two ways:

• Use highest searched keywords in app title and description as well.
• Get as many positive ratings and reviews on your app page.


Now that you now the competition is higher than the past, your app won’t be able to survive if the cutting edge development isn’t backed by astute marketing. If you have an in-house marketing team then consult with them to handle the task, or you could hire the services of a professional in app marketing.


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