Advanced Marketing Strategies to Boost Adoption

Magento App Development

Mobile is the future-generation online shopping platform, offering buyers the freedom to explore products and make purchases without the limits of time and place. This makes sense for almost every online shopping store to invest in a Magento mobile app.

Also, it’s pertinent to make sure the app not only looks stunning, but also offer enhanced user experience to the potential customers when they visit your store. Following the increasing mobile usage and abandoned cart rate globally, we’ve compiled a list of tome very simple yet effective tips to help you decide where to focus your time and efforts when considering to develop mobile strategy.

Optimize Your App

No matter how great products you have listed on the shelves, but you are going to lose more potential buyers if your app is slow. Consider using optimized product images and less use less content to enable products appear faster on the app. Also make sure you strip out all the whitespace between tags as every millisecond you knock off the load time will make a difference in how great user experience your visitors are going to experience.

Get Personal

For everyone, mobile device is the most prized and individual possession and this is the reason that consumers expect the same from marketing massaging. Optimize the messages exclusively for every individual buyers – as a 1-on-1 conversation. Mass marketing can be a great choice, but it never works for mobile buyers as they wish to make private conversations with the sender.

Create a Reason for Retention

ECommerce marketplace has become more competitive than ever. Many visitors leave apps shorty after they download them. It’s important to give your target audience something to want from them. Offer exclusive deals and create valuable content to encourage them to keep coming back to your online shopping apps. Shopping coupons are one way to do this without compromising a lot with your budget, however depending on the app’s nature you can also consider other marketing tools for your specific business needs.

Product Placement

Big brands like Amazon, Walmart, and eBay achieve great visitors because of the strategic product placement at their app. Also consider marketing your app better than the competitors in your niche. Get an insight about your competitors’ marketing strategy, target them and more.

Get Some Social Media Help

Today, almost everyone is there on Social Media platform – and app marketing makes no exception. Make use of these much loved communication tools to get in touch with your target audience with high-resolution images and attractive URL posts. Promoted Tweets can also help making a positive impact on your app marketing campaign. Look on social media for communities and groups that match your business industry. Target the members to achieve maximum results for your marketing efforts.

Consumer Reviews Bring More Trust

Getting positive client reviews can be challenging, but once you have them then you can attract more consumers as the new visitors can trust your products now. Therefore, it is important to attract as many positive reviews as possible. One of the best ways to get more reviews is to offer something in return. It’s all about give and take!

I guess I’ve listed enough about the marketing strategies to boost adoption of your Magento mobile app, but if you feel like there’s something missing here then please share your information and we’ll update them here if they are relevant to the topic and seem practice.


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