Cash on Delivery Check – Benefits & How it Works

Blue Dart Shipping integration

Online shopping platforms are feeding the hunger of people looking for best products online and making profits for themselves as well. The explosive growth of the online shopping industry has made entrepreneurs sit up and take notice. While Amazon, Walmart are the leading industry names in online shopping industry, the startups are also making their debut in this industry. While they are focused at offering better shopping experience to the buyers, there’s something that must be considered as the key-point: Cash on Delivery.

Cash on Delivery is the most sought-after functionality that people look for when buying online as nearly 83% people claim to make purchase only if the CoD is available. This is the reason using Blue Dart Shipping Extension Magento2 proves to be the best growth strategy available for the online shopping businesses, aiming to grow, improve, and build a stronger business online.

While Magento2 is the most popular and robust e-commerce development platform, it has some limitations too and hence using the premium Magento2 extensions prove to be the right choice and integrating Cash on Delivery check functionality is easier with these extensions.

The Bluedart magento2 extension brings with it great benefits like:

  • Shoppers can make payments to the courier person directly.
  • Increased trust as they pay only when the product is received.
  • Transaction is hassle free as they just give the cash and receive their product.
  • Order placement is secure as no online transactions are involved.
  • Cash on Delivery transaction method is very cheap.

The Bluedart magento2 extension is designed keeping in mind the Indian e-Commerce industry, allowing shoppers to check the availability of Cash on Delivery right before they add the products to cart. They can simply provide the pin code in the box and then check if the product is available in desired delivery location or not.

Note: The location where Cash on Delivery is available is decided by the Blue Dart Company itself.

Along with allowing online buyers to check Cash on Delivery, this Magento2 extension generates a PDF after order placement which is sent to the sales department for further process. The PDF comes with all the required product order details such as:

  • Product
  • Company
  • Order ID

All the details are made available in the form of a barcode. Blue Dart team can then scan the ID of the product to carry out order tracking.

This extension brings with it great functionalities such as:

  • Cash on Delivery Check

While most people prefer buying through the platforms offering Cash on Delivery check functionality, this extension lets them shop with confidence by simply checking the CoD using the pin code. Shoppers can simply provide the pin code at the product page and then proceed accordingly.

  • PDF with Order Details

For every product order placed at the Magento2 store, this extension generates a PDF that includes all the order related details such as product ID, customer ID, company details and other important details. The details are available in the form of barcode that can be scanned by Blue Dart team to process the order shipment.

  • Create Shipment

Not just this Magento2 extension makes shopping fun for the buyers, but also makes it a smoother experience for the seller as it makes shipment creation a super-easy task, which saves a lot of store admin’s time on tiresome process.

  • Print Shipping Label

Store admin can choose to print out the PDF using the simple process from backend.

Developed using the highly advanced Magento2 coding standards, the Blue Dart magento2 extension is an easy-to-install solution available for the future-ready online shopping platforms to make shopping a better experience for the buyers.This extension aims to deliver better customer-business relations as they’re facilitated with the best shopping experience.


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