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Magento Mobile App

The technology has brought a great change in the way people buy and there are thousands of products available on the virtual world. For the newbies, it seems easier than ever to enter the eCommerce marketplace to offer the products that are better than the competitors. To start a business, an eCommerce mobile app builder can be a great help to grab attention of people who love to shop on the go.

For the newcomers who are willing to enter the marketplace, it’s always safe to choose apparels because they are popular commodities that never lose the trend. But, what’s more important before jumping into the sea of online retailing is that one has to think a lot. And spend much time to research the market, choose the target customer group, and the target market. The fashion industry has the potential and there could be seen an explosive growth in fashion items around the world and their coverage on prominent media platforms.

Be it a man or woman, everyone loves to dress whenever they are out as this makes them feel confident. And you can give them the confidence by introducing something new in the online apparel market.

1. How to Start a Mobile Shopping App

Frankly speaking, developing mobile shopping apps is not a big deal, if you have a passion for it. For every business, being in every customer’s pocket is something very important and simple at the same time. Everyone is using a smartphone and if you don’t catch this trend, then you’re likely to be unknown.

Unlike other normal offline stores, a Magento mobile app will give your business a great visibility to appear in front of a wide range of customers. It allows the store owners to attract customers from the local, national and international market.
So, when you’re convinced about the importance of a mobile app, turn your attention towards the Magento platform to launch a website first because it offers countless unique extensions that bring functionalities to the website. And once you have a website, go for a mobile app builder that will convert your store into an app.

2. Why Choose OnGoBuyo to Build Your App

Since fashion is something that everyone is concerned about, it’s important to make your store in the reach of every customer. By this, I mean via mobile phone because each of your customers will keep at least 1 smartphone in pocket. They can simply put their hands in pocket and pick the phone out, the whole world is there in their hands.

A fashion shopping app must be dynamic, stunning, user-friendly and appealing enough to give the user an eyegasm. Each part of the app must be perfect to create an overall complete flow for mobile customers can easily navigate the app with better shopping experience. Because every store owner may not be an expert in mobile app development and know nothing about how to manage the app in virtue of a store owner, OnGoBuyo can be a helping hand with reliable support.

If you’re planning to enter the online fashion retail market, OnGoBuyo is really suitable as this allows a business to have what it needs the right time and the right place. OnGoBuyo developed apps have many features including:

Increased Sales via Mobile – Converting an online store into a mobile app comes with an assured 45% increase in the customer base. With this, an opportunity to get sales from mobile source beside online store gets higher. OnGoBuyo can help store owners to convert a store into an app to hit the highest final goal which is the increase in sales.

A Plethora of Features – The app you get comes with countless features like 100% labeled solution, Social Media login, Push notifications, categorized banners, etc. The prime aim of these features is to make the app become more professional and more appealing to customers, at the end, to hit in their mind the statement that you are selling best fashion items ever.

Multiple Payment Gateways – This is really important because each customer has a belief on some popular payment gateways. While some would look for an online store that accepts payment through PayPal, some are more interested in paying through PayU and many would want to feel the product and then pay using Cash on Delivery. OnGoBuyo understands that and offers all the said payment options, making your store suitable for almost everyone.

3. Tips to Manage Fashion Shopping App with OnGoBuyo

As your business evolves, so is the way of managing the fashion app OnGoBuyo. Here are some tips to manage your online store:
Pick a Customized Team – A team of likeminded people is the key to success. A customized team of people can help you overcome the complexity of business operation. As your business will change, so will change your business needs to adapt the market’s change, and customized team will help you stay tuned to compete effectively with competitors.
Stay Organized – It is must in everything, especially in building mobile shopping app. Know all about your products, price, and descriptions beforehand to make sure that when opting OnGoBuyo, the conversion process from a store to an app can happen the smoothest way. The easy-tracking dashboard of OnGoBuyo enables owner to keep track with the order status, and payment information.

Never Run out of Stock – Keep this thing in mind and maintain your store products’ availability as running out of stock may be the worst thing that may ever happen to an app. Just imagine what impression you will make on the customers as they receive “Out of Stock” notification for something that they searched after a lot of research. It brings depression, misery, and disappointment to the customers.


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