Develop Magento Mobile app to Survive the Competition

magento mobile app builder

Every entrepreneur dreams of becoming the best of the best in the field of technology. In order to become the best, it’s good to make some changes to consolidate the whole operating system, enhance the competitiveness, improve the current performance with mobile shopping apps, and guarantee the timely update of the new technological trend.

The lack of competitiveness and changing according to the current technology can be a difference between the failure and success. The industry has observed the death of leading internet based businesses. People need service providers that keep changing according to the time and if their demands are not satisfied, they move to other brands.

The online shopping marketplace is harsh and highly competitive, and in order to become the boss, you need to keep changing. But the question is “How?” The answer is quite simple, you need to stay updated with the latest technology and change the way you appear before your customers’ eye.

Upgrading from online shopping store to Magento mobile app is becoming the hot trend in the world today and many brands have been successful in transforming themselves. In a shocking news recently, Amazon claimed to have received its 25% of the total revenue from shopping app. The number is worth considering. If your business is also a potential company, make this big change for the big breakthrough in revenue.

Now that you know the power of shopping apps, the next concerning issue must be “What is the best mobile app builder and how to choose the best one?” The answer is simple, just follow these steps carefully and you can find the most relevant answer.

Track Whether It Supports iOS, Android or Both

Android is the most used platform, but the power of iOS must not be undermined. All you need to aim is to know that your audience uses either iOS or Android, so you need to define it thoroughly first with market research elaborately. With enough data, showing that your potential audience is Android users, for example, you need to find the app builder for the particular platform. Make sure the builder you choose understands what Android app requires so as to turn your online shopping store into a totally beautiful Android App.

Mobile app builders come with countless features and one of them is the ability to merge the data from website to the app. Thorough research is all you need to make sure the ultimate app you get is the best one with full of helpful features.
If It Can Synchronize Well the Website Data with the Mobile App
Website’s data is the most important asset for a business owner and merchants are most concerned about the integration of data between web store and shopping app. Successful synchronization will ensure the same experience to customers that they get while surfing a browser on computer screen. It duplicates exactly what appears on the website to the mobile in eye-catching format. To know if the app builder is offering good synchronization, you will need a place to try the demo app. Try the demo app to be sure.

If It Can Integrate with Popular Payment Gateways

The fluency of checkout process is the most important thing that every merchant is concerned about while choosing an app builder. A confusing process can lead to increased abandoned cart rate, so make sure the app offers easy to follow and simple process. Check if the mobile app builder organizes the checkout steps for your app with popular payment gateways to make sure your customers will not get irritated with the complicated process.

The Price of App Builder

When it comes to providing great user experience with great features, price is not something too important, but make sure that you don’t get cheated with too much high cost. A good app builder doesn’t mean that it must have the high price, but you can predict if the price is reasonable or not depending on the provisions of features and supporting services.
With the considerations in mind, you can at least figure out the basic standards that your app needs to become a leader in the online shopping marketplace. If you can master these elements, then you’re sure that your mobile shopping app will reach the highest standards.


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