Effective Ways of Taking M-Commerce App’s Performance To Next Level in 2019

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Performance-based mobile apps are now the latest m-commerce trend for online businesses. They now need to feed on it. But this Herculean task can be achieved only through the quality of performance of their mobile apps for business purpose. The most important thing that counts as the part of their performance is the level of organic traffic they attract.

Things have now changed. It is because of advancement in mobile commerce technology. As a result, almost every e-commerce business now prefers to have an m-commerce app for growth by attracting organic traffic. Achieving this feat is a challenge in itself. It couldn’t be possible through a marketing channel.

In simple words, you need a proper marketing channel like PPC to market your mobile app. All in all, paid ads can help improve your m-commerce apps performance on business front significantly.

Pay attention to the use of data correctly instead of the numbers:

Numbers are considered to be everything at the start of your paid ads campaign. Most of the e-commerce businesses consider them more important than anything actually valuable for their business because social media giants and search engines like Facebook, Instagram, and Google, etc. emphasize them.

Coming to the point, since you are running your e-commerce business in the era of mobile commerce technology, sales, especially, recurring sales and the revenue your business receives should matter the most.

Therefore, the number of clicks for downloading your app actually does not matter. The most important thing that matters the most for your online business is the data related to the number of sales your business is getting through it.

You need to use that data carefully and see how it can add value to your online business.

Have patience and use your budget carefully:

Patience is the key to success in this game! You should play this game with mind and patience. First of all, you should have a clear budget set to achieve an increase in your sales. You cannot climb the Mount Everest in just one step! Therefore, use your budget wisely!

Start with as little as $5 and see the kind of returns you get on those five dollars. In case you notice a dip, do not get mad and start throwing more money. There could be something wrong in your strategy. You may need to get rid of that mistake. But in case your investment returns you something, increase it little more. You can take it up to $10 then.

All in all, play the waiting game and use your budget wisely.

Go Multi-platform:

This is another m-commerce trend you should follow for improving your m-commerce apps performance. Do not put all your eggs in just one basket! You have to re-target your customers. In simple words, a customer may see your ads once or twice on his/her Instagram account. He/she may click the ad to visit your website and read some content available there. Sooner or later, he/she may forget to purchase something and get back to his/her usual tasks. This happens unless you re-target them through your ad on their Facebook, YouTube or LinkedIn account as well.

Use keywords and optimize your m-commerce app:

Let’s get this straight! Do not forget to use brand specific keywords you use with app’s ASO. These keywords should be used with your PPC ads. This will create synergy with your ASO efforts. As a result, paid as well as organic traffic will get directed towards your app from the same kind of consumer. Your business will then get many more benefits. Another thing you need to know is that modern era PPC campaigns are price through an automated auction system. This is why experienced marketers look for ways to earn money by purchasing affordable ads that offer conversion rate to some extent. The use of keywords plays an important role in this process. This is why this whole process is called optimizations.

Discussed above are some effective methods of taking your m-commerce app’s performance to the next level. But this involves the execution of a lot of technicalities to perfection through experienced professionals. In case you need someone who can be the right hand, you need to count on for this purpose, your quest for that right hand could come to end at SoftProdigy! Since we know all the latest mobile-commerce technology trends, we can certainly be that right hand you need!

Let’s get connected and add a whole value to your business!


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