Enter the Realm of iOS For Great Business Opportunities

Magento iOS App Development

Technology has made life simpler and easier. The introduction of mobile applications is one of the greatest innovations today. Whatever your need, there’s an app available for it. Whether you need a partner, want to entertain yourself, explore new locations, know more about what’s happening around, mobile apps are available for virtually everything. Among all, online shopping apps are the most searched and used.

If you are running an online retail business, you already understand the importance of developing an app to grow your business in the global marketplace. Without a doubt, mobile app development has become a top priority by many reputed companies. What’s important for them is to decide which platform to choose – Android or iOS.

While both platforms are quite popular and have their own pros and cons, deciding one may be a tough choice. A point worth mentioning here is a number of big players choose to develop their apps on iOS. And they have benefited immensely from their decision.

Let’s take a look at why leaders choose iOS over Android:

• There were 44.53 million iPhone users in 2012 and the number was expected to reach 75.23 million by 2015. In 2016, Apple successfully achieved 1 billion users around the world.
• Apple iPhone downloads have exceeded 3 billion as the start of 2010.
• Till 2015, iPhone users were able to choose between 1.5 million from App Store.

I guess it’s enough to show why the big companies are always after iOS platform. While the decision solely depends on individual business goals, budget, and target audience, but developing an iOS apps will certainly offer some well-defined benefits.

Benefits of iOS app development for your retail business:

Mobile apps are reflection of your brand and the success of your online retail business depends on how better user-experience your Magento mobile app offers. An app, built according to your business requirements, helps achieve business goals and attract target audience.

Get More For Your Apps

No matter how big share Android OS enjoys in the market, iOS has its different image and a particular class of people use it. The iOS is expected to bring in 90% of the amount spent on development. This is a great reason that every online shopping store should consider investing in iPhone app. You have your own target audience and if they’re using iOS, then there’s no use of investing in Android.

Investing in an iPhone app development is more profitable for business owners having a target on a particular audience.

Secured Apple Eco-System

Not only iOS apps offer unbeatable user-experience, they are more secured and come with regulated environment. A number app developers choose to develop iPhone apps as it’s possible to offer a holistic and safer experience with help of iCloud, Xcode, iTunes, the App Establishment, etc. iPhone apps are much more reliable than Android apps.

And sharing content via iOS apps also becomes seamless throughout various devices.

Superior User Experience

While developing apps on Android may be cheaper sometimes, but the user-experience is much better on iOS online shopping apps. Experts claim that the same app, launched on both the iOS and Android play stores, the experience on iPhone devices is much better and smooth.

Whether you’re offering free music, shopping, video streaming or photos, you get the best of all with an app for the iPhone as the device offers an amazing media experience.

The App Store

Apple takes the honor to be first among others to launch its own dedicated app store, so they have an advantage over the Android app store. You find more apps on Android because of multiple Android markets, but you can find about 1.2 million apps on the Apple App store alone.

Also, iOS apps are more stable, user-friendly and dependable than those on Android due to their stringent approval procedures.

Researchers claimed about 91% of current iPhone users will upgrade to another iPhone device. So by developing an app for the iOS users, you will always have a dedicated set of users on the virtual world.


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