Google Product Feed Import for Magento – Recommended Alternatives

Google Product Feed Import for Magento - Recommended Alternatives

If you are a Magento ecommerce store owner and if you have been in love with the Google Product Feed Import for Magento, then the news of this being retired must have come as a shock to you. Recently in March, Google has dropped the product feed integration with Content Management Systems including Magento and others.

The partnership with Magento platform was established two years back by Google Merchant Center, right ahead of the 2016 holiday shopping season. The news of the establishment being retired comes as a shock to many online retailers as the integration made online selling quite easier for Magento store owners as they could easily upload product feed directly to Google Shopping and reach to millions of online buyers globally.

Alternatives That May Help!

Running an online shopping website on Magento with Google Product Feed Import must have been a great support, but as the new flashed online, it’s time to look for the best available alternatives to not lose your business or sales. Here, we have researched about the best options available and would like to share with you the top extensions or marketplace features that can help you continue to ensure the growth of the online shopping business.

Simple Google Shopping

This is one of the best Magento extension available that allows store owners to create XML data feeds of your complete catalog automatically. Exporting the data regularly to Google Shopping is very easy and quite quick with Simple Google Shopping. Using the Google Merchant Center, it is easier for the online merchants to submit their items to Google Shopping using Google Merchant Center. Link your Magento catalog to your Google Merchant Center account and do a lot more super-easy with the Simple Google Shopping extension.

  • Create multi-stores, multi-VAT-rates, and multi-currencies data feeds.
  • Include all product types to your data feeds.

Google Shopping Feed

This is quite an easy-to understand and customizable Magento extension, designed to help getting your Magento products in your Google Merchant account the easiest way possible. The whole process can be completed with a few clicks with this specified extension that enables you to easily generate and manage your shopping feed. All this results in saving a lot of your time as well. You can create new visitors and clients using the Google Shopping Campaigns online. Store owner can easily manage all the imported products before sending them to the Google Shopping.

  • Compatible with configurable and grouped products.
  • Option to use filter and export selected products.

Product Feed Extension

Set custom prices and attributes easily with the Product Feed Extension that lets you generate special file that would contain all the required information regarding products in your store catalog. With Product Feed Extension for Magento, you also get the option to upload the file to different comparison shopping engines. This results in increased business ranking on the search engines and more product exposure to the target audience. Schedule feeds execution, generate multiple feeds, create feeds in bulk and do a lot more with ease according to the requirements of any comparison engine.

  • Generate file with all products & upload to different comparison engines.
  • Option to generate multiple feeds manually or automatically.


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