Google Turns 18! Know How It Has Changed the World

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Finally, Google turns 18. If Google was a human, it would have already entered the elementary school last summer and would have finished the first grade on September 27. Google (originally named BackRub) is the brainchild of two extraordinary people who wanted to bring a change in technology, and they’ve quite been successful in their dreams.

With over 70 offices around the world, the Mountain View, California-based company grew substantially in its size and reputation in the past 18 years. Anyone you see starting an internet browsing window, the first search is sure to be Google. From being the most popular search engine to world’s favorite email client, mobile operating system, map services, and online video platform – Google has subsequently become a key part of our daily lives.

The founders of Google (Larry Page and Sergey Brin) have changed modern people’s live ranging from how we access information to how we connect with others.

Celebrating the 18th birthday of Google, we bring to you an account of how Google has impacted the way we live.

Sending Email Is Superfast with Gmail

The launch of “Gmail” was initially taken as a prank by the Google as it was launched on 1 April, offering 15GB storage while Hotmail offered only 2MB storage capacity. Well, it has brought about a great change the way people communicate around the world. Initially it started as an invitation-only beta release, Gmail later became available for general public in 2007. The popularity of Gmail has raised to higher that almost every online communication and shopping platform offers sign in with Gmail with premium Magento extensions.

YouTube Makes Video Browsing and Watching a Minute’s Task

Well, it’s true that Google didn’t create YouTube, but it owns it officially. Google recently bought the platform less than 18 months after the video-sharing platform went live in 2005. Google is the reason to its meteoric rise. Google has localized the YouTube in over 56 countries and more than 100 hours of video are uploaded to the site every minute.

Explore Endless Mobile Apps with Google Play Store

With over 2 million apps listed on Google App Store, the company has brought about a great change in almost every person’s life. Whether you are looking for a source of entertain to enjoy some time playing games or browsing videos, want to place order for a new dress, or simply looking for the best match in your locality, you’ll find something here for sure.

Self-Driving Car Is the Future Transportation

Once believed to be a matter of Hollywood movies and human imagination, Google has finally turned the dream into a reality with the launch of its self-driving car. Google is working harder to drive the automation process in order to get these cars on road that will change the way you reach the destination. These vehicles will autonomously sense, interpret, act and communicate with other infrastructures, automobiles, people and organizations. Powered by a smart computer, Google’s driverless car will also help visually impaired persons drive their own vehicles.

Wearable Saga Begins with Google Glass

In July 2012, the tech giant unwrapped its another invention – Google Glass. The highly advanced wearable computer with an optical-mounted display is the result of an aim – produce a mass-market ubiquitous computer. It gives the user a first-person loot at interesting situations, from business meetings, arrests and proposals to surgeries.

Capture Locations in Real Time with Google Maps & Google Earth

Wondering how to reach a particular location without knowing the local language? Google has something to help you – Google Earth. Simply insert your desired location and it will take you there without a trouble. Google Maps, on the other hands, offers you a real-time view of different places with car-mounted cameras. It’s not only a great choice for those people who are planning a trip, but also a great tool to market your local brand to the global audience.

Hang-Out with Friends on Hangout

Google handout is available for anyone, anywhere. It’s a great tool to communicate with friends, family, colleagues and even consumers using the live chat family, which also allows you to use camera to see the other person. Hangout also gives you the flexibility of connecting with people from virtually anywhere using mobile devices. Share files, chat, carry out video chat and do a lot more with hangout.

Android – the Name Is Enough!

I guess almost everyone is using a smartphone including you! Over 80% of people using smartphones are using Google’s Operating System – Android. If you didn’t know that Google owns Android, then you now have the knowledge to brag upon. The user-friendly features and speed, have won millions’ hearts everywhere. Despite great competition from iOS and other operating systems, Android already commands over 80 percent of the mobile market share globally.

Google News Brings More Information to Your Desktop

Every single day I log into my office Desktop, I search for Google News that brings to you up-to-the-minute reports from all over the world. This is one of the most reliable and valuable tools for keeping track of a story as it develops. It has actually changed the way people consume news and learn what’s going on around the world.

Google Docs Power Business Collaborations

In the past few years, Google Docs has turned out to be the most favorite way people shate their official text document, spreadsheets, slideshows, and more. Along with having a great presence in the corporate offices, Google Docs has been used in newsrooms, classrooms, and also helped people to with information on where to stay after the Boston Marathon bombings incidence.




So, now that you know how Google has greatly changed the way we all live, it’s time to wish the tech giant a very Happy Birthday!


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