Great Tips on How to Promote Products on Magento Mobile App

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So, you’ve finally created an amazing Magento mobile app.

Now what?

It’s the time to launch new products and give your sales a boost with more leads and sales via your eCommerce mobile app. Whether it’s your first sale or you’ve been there for a while, it’s always good to develop some new ways to promote your products and business as well. When planning to launch a new product on your mobile app, you can’t miss out on the promotional phase.

It’s no secret that many leading brands fail to sell some amazing products simply because of absence of good promotion. Hence, it’s vital to promote any new product before it’s launched in order to guarantee its success.

You need to create a buzz about the product! It’s the only way to guarantee desired sales, but what matters the most is the proven ways which actually generate a result-oriented hype.

Let’s take a look at a few ways to promote your product on the mobile shopping apps.

Send Invites

Sending invites to your target audience is always a great choice to create a buzz regarding the newly launched product on your app. While sending invites to a couple of selected customers is beneficial, it’s always advised to create an invite for your entire customer base. Remember, more invites means more visitors and more chances of product purchase. The invites can be sent out on text messages, emails, push notifications, in-app message or social media channels.

Teaser Campaigns

Nothing beats the curiosity as that of the black and innovative teaser campaign. The best way to maintain a level of curiosity is by displaying banners on a day to day basis that help build up hype about whatever you are going to launch. The teaser campaigns are all about withdrawing the spot-on information until the final date of launch. Make sure to keep the information minimal and hidden, so you are able to create the curiosity and engage people until the day the product is launched.

Include Discount

Online buyers are always after the discounts they can get via special promotional or launch sales. The best way to benefit from the promotion is to make sure you encourage your customers to try out the product. Instead of offering coupon codes, simply slash down the price of the product(s). This ensures your customers who want to buy place an order immediately.

Display A Countdown Clock

Now, that we are talking about creating a curiosity among the buyers, running a countdown clock never fails to achieve the purpose. Although an old method, this creates a genuine interest among the customers. It’s an amazing way to engage people with your online shopping app while at the same time making them scratch their brains figuring out what could be the new product that you are going to launch. Big brands like Apple, also follow the same methodology when launching something new to the international marketplace.


Following the above mentioned techniques can bring a great number of prospective customers to have a look at your new-launch. Make sure to remember to outline your campaign by considering the other important factors as well. The three important factors – promotional offers, occasion, and offer expiration – can help you work your way around the promotion of the product easily on your Magento mobile app.


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