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The world is going digital and the popularity of smartphones can be determined with the number of compact devices used by people 2.87 billion around the world. With the advent of different mobile operating systems, such as Android, iOS, and Windows, the number of Magento eCommerce apps and business apps is growing significantly as they are now a fundamental requirement for every business. Every business, small or large, needs to consider investing in app development in order to boost the growth and conversion rate of their business

While there are many operating systems available for these compact devices, but the Android and iOS are the top ones and they have had an equal split of market share in the past five years. We’d like to share some figures to show the market share held by these two leading Operating Systems:

Mobile Operating Systems % Market Share
• Android 80.07%
• iOS 17.07%
• Windows 1.01%
• Blackberry 0.02%
• Others 0.02%

Following the above mentioned statistics, the Android and iOS are the two leading Operating Systems with Android leading the way with 80.07% of market share around the world, followed by iOS with 17.07%, Windows with 1.01% and Blackberry with 0.2%. The number of overall mobile shopping apps is likely to increase in the coming years as only 3% of overall online shopping platforms are offering to make purchase via mobile devices. Let’s see how the leading giant can fuel the growth of your online business.

How Android App Development Can Help Your Business Grow?

Widen your customer base

As mentioned above, the overall 2.87 billion people are using smartphone around the world out of which 80.07% are using Android devices. Now the number of people using Android devices is quite huge and this can make a great impact on your customer base. In this world, nothing is fixed and new technologies are required to be adopted to expand your customer base. And when we’re talking about adopting new technologies, how Android app development can be undermined?

Developing an Android shopping app for your eCommerce store can help you widen your customer base by increasing your reach from local buyers to global buyers.

Boost online traffic

An app not only makes users’ experience better while making purchase online, but also serves as a gateway to attract more visitors to your business. According to the figures available online, the shoppers online shop by desktop and laptop at 46% while the users purchasing through tablet and smartphone make up 50%.

This shows that the large number of online buyers prefer compact devices to make purchase and developing custom-made Android mobile app is a perfect way to secure good online traffic.

Better customer service experience

Nearly 7 out of 10 people make purchase depending upon the level of customer service experience they are offered by the shopping platforms. Your customers need a support service is dedicated at solving the problems that may arise while buying something. Nearly 77% people in the 18-24 age range look for customer support on their mobile devices several times.

And mobile apps are great at offering solutions to their queries right at the palms of their hands. The Android apps include features that mean your customers can easily get in touch with you for better shopping experience.

Boost user engagement

Another great way the Android apps can help an online business grow is by enhancing your customer engagement process. The apps can be loaded with various advanced features to allow you to interact with your customers seamlessly, allowing them to shop easily. This, in turn, can help you deliver a better user experience. Various features like live chat, one-page checkout, YouTube video integration, push notifications are additional benefits.

An app not only helps bring more traffic to your business, but also help improve your brand presentation, brand identify, and customer support service.

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