How Online Shopping App Can Help in Enhancing Sales

Magento Mobile App


There is a visibly great rise in the use of mobile technology, particularly smartphones and tablets. Each passing day reveals an increased number of people using these compact devices for operating businesses, communicating with friends, and purchasing through mobile shopping apps. Market is already flooding with a wide range of mobile devices, creating great opportunities for businesses to interact with customers and achieve better conversion rate.

Following the popularity of mobile technology, small and medium businesses are increasingly turning to apps to improve customer experience, generate sale leads, attract new and retain existing customers, and promote their brand.

A Magento Android mobile app can help improve your customer relations and build stronger relationships with your clients while building loyalty to bring them back to your store again and again. A mobile app can be a great tool to reinforce your brand in the global marketplace.

According to researchers, mobile shopping apps can help increase sales up to 45% by providing important information in a friendly matter and thus bring success to your business.

Mobile apps provide added value to the brand

The main reason why apps are so useful, and must be there for every customer, is because they serve as added value to the online buyers. They are great tools for sale, enabling online buyers to explore products, compare prices, choose best fit and do a lot more without the limits of time and place.

No matter they are sitting in a living room, traveling to a new city or simply having food, mobile shopping apps for eCommerce store do nothing but simplifies the whole buying process. Visitors, reaching an online retail store through a mobile app have better chances of being converted as customer.

Super-Fast Performance

In the age of fast-paced life, users don’t appreciate a website that takes too long to load. If your website sis taking more than four seconds to load, the visitor is more likely to switch to your competitor and buy the same product from there. It has been found that a delay of 1 second in loading time leads to drop of 7% conversion rate. Mobile apps load a lot faster than the responsive sites even in an area of poor network coverage.

Because mobile is the first preference of the modern buyers, apps are the quickest way for business that want to become available all the time.

Comparison Shopping

Another way a Magento mobile app can greatly improve your sales is by allowing your users to compare details, features, and prices of products through the App.

Ecommcerce websites are sometimes not as customer friendly as the mobile apps and having an app to complement your store gives customers a better opportunity to obtain product pricing and place their orders with simple checkout process. Along with it, user reviews is a big boon for users as it reduces complications and hassle of going through different websites to get the best deal.

They Are Social

If you have a mobile app for your store, there’s hardly a need of improving your social networking strategies. These apps allow your customers to share their favorite products with friends thereby increasing you social media presence and sales.
You can include a simple feature that lets the users share links on their social media profiles. One click and your product will be visible to thousands of people that are active on social networking sites. Social media referral is a persuasive force and an app lets you maximize its use.

If you’re planning to build a mobile based eCommerce app, don’t think too much as many online shoppers are already using the mobile technology to give a boost to their sales and social presence. It can not only help maximize your sales and revenue, but also be a better friend of your customers allowing them to shop with ease.


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