Push Notifications in App – How It Helps Boost User Engagement

How To Use Push Notifications To Increase Customer Engagement

The M-commerce industry is increasing, and mobile apps are completely dominating this arena. With more than 2.8 billion people using smartphone across the world, eCommerce stores of all sizes are seeing the benefit of having a Magento mobile app. A recent study reported that almost half of the online shopping business is expected to create a mobile app by the end of the year.
While creating an app can be a great initiative towards business growth, but just having an app is not enough to win over mobile users. Mobile users use various apps each day, and when it comes to downloading new mobile apps, only 3.2 % of iOS apps and 3.3% of Android apps reported to have active users after 30 days.
In order to ensure mobile users are using your app even after weeks of installation, mobile push notifications play a crucial role. Push notifications help keep the audience engaged while improving user retention.

What is Mobile Push Notification?

Push notifications in the online shopping apps serve as app engagement solutions that deliver engaging notifications to the home screen of an app user. Push notifications are customized according to the past history of users, geographical location, etc.
The push notifications may include promotional offers, discount coupons or simply the latest launches on the store. Following the great technological advancements, apps can now adopt a mobile push notification strategy that is aimed to deliver better returns on investments while significantly improving app engagement. Here’s what makes push notifications great support:
• 3x faster response time than email
• 540% increase in daily app usage
• 30% increase in social sharing

Best Push Notification Strategies

While more than 70% of mobile users opt-in for push notifications, but there is still some room for improvement. Implementing the push notification strategies helps make the most of your marketing campaigns launched through the in-app communication feature. The strategies include a sound opt-in experience. Push notifications distract users from other tasks, hence they expect this to happen from the first moment they open the Magento mobile app.


The first and the most important, strategy for push notification campaign is to stay stick to the relevancy. Whether you are sending to Android or iOS users, you need to think about one important factor – relevancy.
And this can be achieved by understanding your target audience and your mobile app users. This way you can easily build up a persona of what your mobile app users want and how they interact with the app. Relevancy means the push notifications should be of interest to the users and delivering only when it is relevant to the users. Your mobile app user’s experience should be the center of everything you do.

Notification Timing

One of the quickest ways to lose users is by disturbing them when they expect the least. Of course, it sounds obvious but most apps commit the mistake. When creating a push notification strategy, the most important thing to consider is notification timing. It is important to understand the best moment to reach your users.

Frequency of Notifications

How often should you send a push notification to the app users? When it comes to ensuring better user engagement, less is more until have a sound understanding of your user’ interest. Take help of a professional, having expertized in push notifications with frequency caps. The frequency of push notifications largely depends on the type of apps. For example, if you have a shopping mobile app, communicating with them more regularly is the key. But that doesn’t mean you should send push notifications after every hour. Prioritize quality over quantity when creating the app push notification strategies to boost engagement and revenue.

Deep Linking

Another great way to make your Magento mobile app push notifications work for you is using the deep linking technique. This becomes pretty helpful if you know where you want your users to end up inside your app. When launching a push notification campaign, it is better to ensure that you adapt to specific requests and end points.

Push Notifications Is Future of In-App Communication

Push notification is not just a simple pop-up on your phone. It can be an extremely valuable tool to improve your user engagement, which should be on the top of your business growth strategy. It is better to ensure that your mobile app audience gets the most relevant notifications.


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