Improvise User Experience With Social Login Functionality

social login Magento Extension

We are always striving to boost conversion rates and reduce cart abandonment, but have you ever thought what actually helps achieve these goals? The key here is to deliver better user experience by making things easier for the online shoppers.

Magento, no doubt, is the leading eCommerce development platform with more than 26% eCommerce websites developed using Magento. However, the default Magento functionalities sometimes make it tough for the buyers to search, select, and purchase products. And since most shoppers abandon their carts during the checkout process, this is the most important one to be taken care of.

One way to make checkout faster is integrating One-step checkout Extension, but user registration also proved to be a hurdle for the smooth shopping experience.

For the uninitiated, Social Login Magento Extension allows users to get register with the websites using their existing social account IDs. They can simply use their Username and Passwords for the leading social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn.

With the Social Login Extension on your website, users need not to fill out the registration form or remember yet more passwords. Additionally, this allows the store owners to gather more accurate data for future promotional activities.

Social Login Extension offers many benefits to online merchants. Let’s explore them!

Quick Registration & Authorization

Over 77% of online buyers consider social login as an essential element to complete purchase faster. And since the Social Login Functionality makes available instant access to the particular store, it’s a must-have for the online retailers. Allowing guests to complete purchase may be an inconvenient option, Social Login Extension becomes a great time saver for those who don’t want to spend time filling details on the lengthy registration forms.

Social Login functionality allows shoppers to quickly register themselves simply by opting to log in using social media credentials.

Default registration form may seem particularly irksome for mobile users who usually leave websites that require registration. And for the obvious reasons, they’d prefer websites with social login functionality.

Additional Login Options

Besides allowing users to register without filling those lengthy forms, social login functionality facilitates users to link their Social IDs to their existing ones, resulting in more number of social login options. This means shoppers can easily login to your online shopping platform using credentials for multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Yahoo, etc.

With the functionality, retailers facilitate shoppers to log in with preferred networks, which results in increased number of site visits. Besides increased conversion rate, social login functionality also helps merchants to build a stronger database for marketing purposes.

Accurate Customer Data

Statistics reveal that 85% of social media users fill accurate information when registering with the social media platforms. And when shoppers login with their social media accounts, you are sure to get the accurate information about the users.

With Magento Social Login Extension, you can get more detailed information about customers. For example, if a shopper chooses to register with Facebook, you get all the details such as customer’s personal information, including friends and interests. Similarly, when they sign-in using LinkedIn, information about their professional, industry, business nature, education, skills, etc. are shared with you.

Targeted Advertising

The more accurate data you have, the better will be your marketing results. With more accurate information available, store owners can plan their marketing strategies and tailor them according to the particular audience segment.

This is the main reason why more businesses these days prefer to integrate the social media login functionality instead of the web registration forms to boost sign-up rates and get accurate customer information.

Bottom Line

The most common reason why you need to integrate social login Magento extension is that your customers want it. With millions of people using social media platforms to stay connected with their loved ones, it is an easy way for them to complete the registration process and log in with the online shopping platforms without undergoing the traditional registration process. You’ll be making a cardinal mistake if you’re not using the social media login extension on your website.


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