India is Upgrading Its Currency – Are You Upgrading Your eCommerce Store?

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The Indian Prime Minister’s announcement for withdrawal of Rs. 500 and 1000 notes ranks among the most crucial and significant measures ever taken by Indian Government. According to ruling government, this step has been taken to upgrade India’s financial condition and bring more transparency while giving a better life for the citizens.

Great step by Narendra Modi indeed!

Well, the Indian government has taken a great step towards the country’s growth, but are you serious about your eCommerce store’s progress? If yes then it’s the time that you also take a massive step towards the growth of your eCommerce business by investing in a Magento mobile app. If you are not in a favor of investing in the app development, just because you’ve already got a website then congrats you’re among the millions of eRetailers that have been unable to mark their presence in top 500s.

Why not to take a step forward for the growth of your business, just like Indian Government did for the betterment of its country by investing in an innovative idea?

Let’s take a look at what makes investing in mobile app a great idea:

Explore Products with or without Internet Connection

The best thing about mobile app development is that it gives your online buyers a freedom to go through your products and select the best ones even when they’re not having internet connection. Offline availability makes it possible.

Once your app is installed in users’ smartphone, they can use it offline until the battery dies. If you’re not using the same model like Amazon, which loads content from servers, then investing in mobile app would be a great choice. They have the functionality to work offline such as viewing a saved wishlist.

Push Sales Figures with Push Notifications

According to researchers, 7 out of 10 push notifications are likely to get clicked which makes it a better idea to promote your products and brand faster than the Email marketing. Online shopping apps let you send push notifications to customers’ phones, reminding them of important sales, new products, fresh arrivals and much more. They can be a very useful marketing tool.

Accessing Your Store Is Less of a Hassle

There’s a reason that over 70% of internet researches are made through mobile devices – They’re hassle free. Similarly, online buyers not find it easier to access their trusted shopping brands from their compact devices through apps. Apps have become a smarter way to attract more consumers as your products are merely a click away on the apps. Mobile apps are able to show products based on user preferences, which makes them so adorable.

They’re In Your Small Budget

The days are gone when developing a Magento mobile app was only in the limits of big brands like Amazon, Walmart or eBay. If you have a small online shopping platform and want to take it to the international level with an app, it is possible now as building and maintaining an app is much easier and cost effective. In fact, this is better choice as compared to a websites where the customer interacts with a brand or a list of brands.

Wider Reach

Like I already mentioned that nearly 70% of internet searches are made through smartphones and over 45% of overall online sales are made through mobile app. If you are not having an app for your store, you’re already missing on a wide range of potential buyers as the apps have the advantage of providing a bigger appeal because your consumers can carry their devices wherever they go.

Final Note

Mobile commerce is the future and it would only be wise for retail companies to ride the wave. It’s goof to go with the technology because you don’t want to be just another online shopping store.


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