Integrate Apps into the Mobile Strategy for Better Conversions

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Earlier in the past few years, developing an app was considered to be for the big brands, but with the changing scenario and Magento app development available at affordable pricing, the tides are turning. According to the researchers, it was noted that the mobile apps will become even more prominent over the coming year as the number of smartphone users is going to double by 2020, and that more small businesses will hop aboard the trend.

Here we’d like to share some of the reasons your business needs to develop an app in order to build a stronger marketing strategy.

You’ll increase customer engagement

We’re living in quite a hectic world where everyone is busy working, travelling, and doing a lot more important tasks daily. People have less time to turn on their desktops, so they shop on their mobile devices as an alternative. In future, one of the reasons online shopping businesses may experience low customer engagement is because they’re not providing a convenient means for customers to connect. An app can simplify the experience for the customers. With an app, shoppers not only can explore the collection of products you are offering, but also make the purchase instantly and also check the shipping progress all from the palm of their hand, they are much more likely to remain engaged with your business.

You’ll provide additional value to your customers

Today, the shopping world has changed and so is the behaviour of the buyers. They don’t just want to buy something, but also want something extra that separates you from your competitors and gives you favour in the minds of your customers. In this mission, an app may be the perfect partner to help provide customers with the added value they’re looking for. The online shopping apps provide all the one-hand information they need about your brand. In return? Your customers will increase their loyalty to your company.

Over 50 percent of searches occur on mobile devices

According to researchers, global smartphone users spend 2 hours per day on their smartphones. This time is purely utilized on sending texts, playing games and exploring the apps they have installed in the devices. With the majority of web traffic derived from mobile sources, it’s important to launch an effective mobile strategy. Online shopping lets your brand visible to the consumers wherever they are, greatly improving brand awareness and marketing potential.

You can offer customer loyalty programs for mobile app users

Customer loyalty plays the biggest ole in the success story of a brand and it all can be increased with incentivized spending as people love free things. Promotional campaigns may be launched like “Buy 10, Get One Free” to increase their shopping habits. And if they get something for free, surely they’re going to be back for more. With the mobile devices, grabbing the promotional offers is easier than ever as the push notifications feature allows brands to inform users about latest promotional programs quickly.

Today, more and more people are using mobile devices to search for businesses and stay in communication. When developing a mobile strategy, make sure to keep in mind the target audience and deliver expected user experience via the Magento mobile app. Mobile apps should be central to every marketing campaign for better performance of your online shopping business in the international market.


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