Key Difference Between E-Commerce & M-Commerce

Key Difference Between E-Commerce & M-Commerce

E-commerce and mobile commerce are the latest buzzes these days. Millions of people are buying products using online shopping websites and mobile apps. Everyone around the world is aware of these terms. You must have used either or both to purchase or sell goods and/or services. However, regardless of the growing popularity of online eCommerce and mCommerce, not many understand the difference between the two.

We understand the dilemma one may face due to the less information and hence bring to you the difference between eCommerce and mobile commerce.

Contrast Between E-commerce & Mobile Shopping

Although the names depict a lot about their difference, we’ve compiled a list of the price factors that may help you understand the concepts in detail.

They’re Different Concepts 

E-commerce and mobile commerce are both very much different concepts. The term e-commerce (also known as electronic commerce) refers to the process of online buying and selling products by employing electronic systems such as the internet. On the other hands, mobile commerce (m-commerce) a mobile app development refers to the process of purchasing and selling products or services through wireless handheld devices with Magento mobile apps.

M-Commerce Is Subset Of E-Commerce

We can also say that the e-commerce is a superset of m-commerce. We all know that mobile commerce is rapidly rising across the world. With more than 2.8 people using a smartphone, online store owners are also targeting the mobile owners to sell products.

Difference Between E-Commerce & M-Commerce

Experts in the online shopping industry claim that m-commerce will surpass or even replace e-commerce in the near future. Simply put m-commerce is an extension of e-commerce by selling the product with mobile apps.

Mobility Comparison 

You can’t carry your laptop or desktop with you while you travel or move outside. Of course, you can take your laptop, but using it can be quite tough. Smartphones, on the other hands, being smaller and lighter can be transported with ease and you cause them virtually anywhere, during shopping, traveling, watching a movie, at parties etc. This makes buying products easier with online shopping apps which means m-commerce is more convenient than e-commerce.

Different Requirements

Mobile devices are smaller, lighter, and smarter than the desktops and laptops.  The mobile websites, hence, need to be modified for m-commerce to be efficient as well as effective. A better mobile website or Magento mobile app allows online shoppers to explore products and make purchases easily regardless of their location. The web pages of mobile websites need to be light and contain essential content.

E-Commerce & M-Commerce

Leverage Different Kind of Devices

Earlier in the past, people would believe only the laptops and desktop devices to make purchases online. However, the mobile technology has changed everything. In the case of mobile commerce, handheld devices including cell phones, iPads, and tablets are employed.

Geographical Reach

E-commerce only works with the wired devices and at the locations where there are facilities of internet and electricity are available. On the other hands, mobile commerce works even in the absence of the internet. The Magento mobile app builder creates apps that work even with the lowest internet connectivity, meaning shopping process remains an ongoing and glitch-free process.

Now that you know the contrast between e-commerce and m-commerce, make better decisions to grow your retail business. If you are aiming for a particular country and a limited number of people, then investing in e-commerce website can be a great choice, but if your goal is bigger, then you must leverage the power of mobile technology for better and faster business growth.

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