Key Strategies to Retain Users in Your Ecommerce Mobile App

Key Strategies to Retain Users in Your Ecommerce Mobile App

So you’ve just achieved 1000 downloads for your Magento mobile app? Congratulations on achieving this milestone. Now is the time to cope up with a new hurdle: engage and retain the users. Engaging users is even tougher than driving new visitors to your business and requires substantial investment, but you get great benefits from engaged users. Brand publicity, loyalty, word-of-mouth publicity, in-app purchase, etc. Experts claim that just 5% increase in customer retention can result in 25% to 95% profit.

Just think, how many of your mobile apps you really use? The reason is simple, we do not use the apps frequently that fail to engage us. We’ve compiled a list of some noteworthy obstacles that can keep users away from your mobile app. Don’t forget to check out the remedy for each obstacle to retain users easily and keep your app competitive.

Performance Issues

Perform or perish! This is the simple rule of the digital world. Frequent crashes and other performance issues can lead to users’ early detachment from your app. After all, no one is really interested to become a part of a testing phase.

Solution –

Before the app is launched, make sure to test your app on multiple devices and check potential issues like the crash and slow performance during the development phase only. Even after the app is launched successfully, keep checking the app’s performance and the reactions of early users to retain other users.

In-app Ads

When users open your app, they want to explore your products, not the ads. Too many ads will not only spoil their mood but also have a negative impact on the app’s overall performance. With the irrelevant ads, users are likely to feel annoyed and eventually uninstall the app. Make sure to play smart with the ads as you need the ads for monetary benefits.

Solution –

Initiall ny, it is smart to give your users an ad-free first experience. Once the users are engaged with your brand, then they will accept ads in your app. Also, the ads must be relevant to the visitors and hence must be displayed according to their search history or preferences.

Complex Sign-up

Mobile buyers are always in a hurry and appreciate faster product browsing and checkout process. If the sign-up process is time-consuming, visitors may jump to the competitors for product purchases. After all, no user would like to spend 5 to 10 minutes just to complete the registration process.

Solution –

If it is essential to register, make it easier with the social media login. This feature allows online buyers to complete registration or log-in using their social media credentials. This way, they don’t even need to remember multiple usernames or passwords as they’re using the existing social media credentials.

Frequent Push Notifications

Push notifications in the online shopping apps are a great way to engage users and grab their attention, but they are like a double-edged sword. Using them properly can bring great user engagement possibility while the improper use can be a big reason for deleting your app. Too many push notifications can annoy users, encouraging them to remove your app from their smart devices.

Solution –

Play smart with the push notifications. Target the users by sending them notifications related to their past history and sentiments. Do not sent multiple notifications a day. In fact, one notification every day is enough. Notifications regarding proper reminders or progress can be useful especially if you have a lifestyle app. Abandoned cart reminders are great way to engage users on your Magento mobile app for eCommerce store. And it’s always better to inform the users about special offers or discounts.

Bottom Line

No app user will give you another chance to prove your metal. If the app is annoying, they’d be happy to uninstall it from their devices. With the competition getting fierce every day, it is necessary for you to give your app users a reason to stick to your shopping app.


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