Know Why Magento Mobile Apps Will Replace Mobile Sites

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Mobile is the next-generation shopping device with nearly 65% of all online retail sales coming directly from mobile. No serious eCommerce business would want to underestimate the power of mobile-ready website, but the smarter ones are taking their mobile strategy one step further by building Magento mobile apps.

ECommerce apps are the present and future of online shopping. Now we are at the point where mobile websites become obsolete for the online shopping industry as companies make the move to app-only experience.

You might be surprised, but this has just happened in India.

Two leading online shopping platforms – Myntra and Flipkart – have announced to shut down their websites within a year and transition completely to a mobile app. Owned by Flipkart, Myntra has already abandoned its website in favor of an app.

Following the great response and sales it achieved through the app-only experience, Flipkart also decided to adopt the same approach.

Experts claim that users should be given the freedom to shop as they wish to. With app-only approach, eCommerce business can lead to high drop off rates and users turn to the competitive websites that are offering more flexible user experience.

However, using this approach has been a great success. Below are just a few of the main ones you should consider:

Increased Versatility

If compared with mobile responsive websites, online shopping apps are more responsive and have a far fewer connectivity issues. These apps work faster and better even during the low internet conditions. Apps can also incorporate smartphone features such as Bluetooth, GPS, address book, and barcode scanner.

Personalized Shopping Experience

Apps are the absolute winner in engaging customers by sending them personalized push notifications with great discounts, upcoming deals, news and what’s hot on the shelves.

A timely and well-written push notification can do wonders to your business and it has been already proven to improve conversion and revenue. According to experts, 7 out of 10 push notifications are likely to get clicks and bring visitors to the website.

Meeting Cross-Channel Customer Demands

You must have heard a famous line “With great powers, comes great responsibility.” Similar is the case with online shopping. If you are among the top eCommerce platforms, customers expect you to provide a mobile app alternative.

Because mobile apps are becoming the preferred way to interact with brands, you can’t afford to miss this part. According to a research conducted among the people between age group of 18 and 34, candidates said mobile was their first choice to place orders online.

Facilitating Payments & Checkout

Completing order process is faster than anything with a Magento mobile app as they use built-in mobile features to streamline payments. Multiple payment gateways can be integrated to pay via credit cards, digital wallets and more.

The Apple has announced to launch iPhone Touch ID in the coming years to allow online buyers make payment with finger print authentication via Apple Pay.

Gathering Meaningful Data

Developing an online shopping app is not only a cool way to engage consumers on compact devices, but also it makes it easy to track and understand their behavior. This makes a great difference between a successful and failed eCommerce business. Mobile apps come with various features and tools that allow you to gather valuable information, helping you to make data-driven business decisions and perform better in your niche.

In short, if a Magento mobile app is designed with an optimal user experience in comparison to mobile website, online buyers are likely to select app as their preferred option. It’s must to understand that mobile is the trending platform where more and more transactions are completed. It’s hence a smart decision to adapt mobile strategy in order to meet customer expectation and take your eCommerce business to the next level while increasing customer loyalty.


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