Magento Mobile App and Its effectiveness In Ecommerce Business

Magento Mobile App Builder

With increasing number of mobile users today, desktop websites have taken a back seat and more businesses are opting for the mobile-ready websites and Magento mobile apps. The mobile devices have taken the customers’ shopping experience to the next level. And there’s no doubt in it!

The current market size of mobile commerce is about 50 billion. And the reason is clear-we all love to shop using mobile devices. Mobile visits are responsible for about one-third of overall traffic that most leading eCommerce websites enjoy. In short, mobile has established itself as an integral part of eCommerce industry. Experts have also revealed that the businesses that are not investing in mobile apps, are probably missing on attracting potential customers.

Nearly 53% of smartphone users claim to find on-the-go shopping much better, quicker and easier than using desktop sites.

Let’s put it simple and jump to “Why it’s smart to have a Magento Mobile App for your eCommerce Business?”

Your Users Are on Mobile

As I already mentioned, customers love to shop via mobiles. Nearly 30% of the total revenue and 53% of the traffic in eCommerce websites are driven through mobile. This is a clear indication of what makes mobile a stronger channel for eCommerce businesses growth.

Nearly 2.5 billion people are using smartphones around the world. And the number is going to be double in coming years, which means the chances of your mobile visitors are higher than ever before.

More Speed

The modern buyers are the least patient creature ever found. Your website takes more than 5 seconds to load and you’ve lost many potential buyers. This is why, mobile apps ensure your store loads faster and better than of the competitors’ with just one tap on mobile screen. Because native mobile apps are created using advanced technologies for specific Operating Systems (OS), they load faster as compared to mobile sites.

Keep in mind that 1 second’s delay in page loading time leads to a 7 % drop in sales.

Push Notifications

With push notifications, you can easily communicate with consumers at a personal level. This feature gives life to your marketing campaign as 7 out of 10 push notifications receive clients’ attention and get clicks. This turns to be helpful in boosting repeat purchases and customer loyalty.

Whether you’re going to launch a new product, greatest deal, discount offer or have planned to bring something new on the upcoming festival season, just inform your target consumers about all of them through personalized notifications that target every individual. Push notifications can help convert 70% abandoned carts into complete purchases successfully.

Social Sharing

It’s no secret that almost everyone is using social media platforms and millions of people are communicating using these tools. Social sharing feature at your online shopping apps can help increase online presence and put your products forward to billions of people around the world. Research shows that about 66% of online buyers visit social media platforms to know about a product before purchasing it.

Each product that is shared via your mobile app is going to be live on the walls of many people.

Higher User-Engagement

A well-designed and better performing Magento mobile app, has the potential to drive high level of user engagement. The best thing about the apps is that users don’t need to remember the website URL, rather they can simply click on your company icon at mobile screen and your store will be live in seconds. If the users find your app interesting, they’re going to use it for a longer time.

This helps boost the visibility of apps and the users come across your brand more often, in fact every time they unlock their device.


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