Mobile App Development: How to Build a Secure App?

Magento Mobile App

One good thing about Mobile App ecosystem is that it fills facets of our lives with ease. And the bad thing is the more these apps get popular, the more they are vulnerable to hacks. Consequently, many Magento mobile apps have ingrained into our routine executing financial transaction or uploading data with the help of mobile phones. Our personal data is always at a risk of being stolen.

Then the one who builds the Magento e-commerce mobile app is to be blamed. It is his sole responsibility to ensure that customer’s data is safeguarded, far from hacker’s access. The only way to protect customer data is by implementing security measures across every touch point. Here are some crucial things you need to consider while building a secure Android app.

Two-factor Authentication In E-commerce App

Passwords can be easily forgotten or hacked. At times, there are damn simple that anyone can be easily guessed in few attempts. Plus, on those mobile shopping apps that access your personal data, losing your password to hackers can be a tremendous loss.

Two-factor authentication solves this problem completely. Its implementation takes place while logging into the mobile app when a randomly generated code is generated based on registration with the service or product. Only when you enter the given code, in addition to your password, you will be allowed to use the app.

OAuth2: Mobile API security In E-commerce Mobile App

You might be familiar with the term OAuth before. OAuth is an excellent protocol for securing API services from untrusted devices and it offers the finest way to authenticate smartphone users with the help of token authentication.

Magento Ecommerce Mobile App

The token authentication creates an access token for users and stores it in their handheld devices once they log in with their username and password. Once the token expires, the app re-prompts the user to enter his credentials. OAuth2 restricts users from storing API keys within an unsafe environment. Rather, it generates access tokens which can be temporarily stored in an untrusted environment. It works well because if the hacker gets hold of user’s temporary access token, it will automatically expire.

Encryption In E-commerce App Development

Advanced Encryption Standard is currently one of the most popular algorithms exclusively used in symmetric key cryptography. Furthermore, it is also termed as the “gold standard” encryption technique. Many security-conscious companies strictly apply this technique and make sure that their employees use AES-256 for any kind of communication.

Usage of a modern algorithm that is adjusted strong by the security community. Go for AES with a 256-bit key for encryption and SHA-512 for hashing.

Safeguarding personal information related to consumers makes your mobile application more reliable and allures the customers. Needless to say, the trust factor also amplifies your chance of acquiring and retaining potential customers.