Mobile Application Marketing: Why is it Important?

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The influence of mobile apps is rapidly increasing each passing day. With more and more people using handheld devices like smartphones, tablets, etc. the potential of mobile application marketing is witnessing a drastic growth. Due to increase in development and launch of multiple mobile apps, it has become difficult to survive the cut throat competition of mobile application marketing. The success of your app solely depends on the marketing strategy you follow.

If you plan to develop a mobile shopping app to boost your business and keep it growing in the long run, then you need to build on the strategies at the very beginning itself. All the successful Magento ecommerce mobile apps that are popular amongst the audience have been following the best marketing strategies to grab potential customers from the initial stages and even after the launch of their app. The job is not only to develop a great app, if you expect a good response from visitors you need to concentrate an optimized marketing strategy.

Here are some tips for developing a good marketing strategy for your mobile app.

1. Give it a catchy name

Choose the best name for your app that promotes your business. The name of the app is the first thing that will be going to impress your customers. It has to be unique and engaging.

2. Suitable app icon

Next is choosing the best possible app icon. Nothing can do more than picking up an image that speaks for itself and the purpose of the mobile shopping app.

3. Choose the right category

Once the app is ready to launch, choose the appropriate category in which the application needs to be included. Selecting the right category is crucial since it ensures your app is found among the correct group.

4. Pre-launch campaign

Plan some productive promotions through social media, social sharing, organic promotion, etc. Social media is the best platform that helps in promoting the mobile app and making it more popular by introducing it to customers.

5. List in popular App Stores

List your app in the most popular app stores. For example- Google Play Store, Windows App Store, iTunes, Blackberry World etc. Ensure that your app is discoverable through popular search engines and promote it in a way that it gains high search ranking.

6. App promotion strategy

Set your own strategy that you are capable of implementing for the promotion of your app. Post screenshot of the app in the app promotion channels so that customers can get a glimpse of the app. If you present excellent screenshot, you can definitely grab their attention.

7. Branding your app

Highlight the brand identity of your app by delivering high quality service. In order to maintain audience’s trust, you need to maintain the brand image. Plus, regularly update the app by fixing all the issues encountered to provide a delightful user experience.

8. Reasonable pricing

With hundreds of app available at the store, it becomes quite difficult to get noticed. If you plan to fix a cost-effective pricing scheme that turns out to be convincing with the quality of service you provide, you can definitely outstand among your competitors.

Here are some strategies to develop a good mobile application strategy. The mobile app builder also plays a crucial role in building a fabulous app. Upgrade your app as per user requirements and analyze their feedback. Resolves issues if any and keep updating your mobile pap accordingly.


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