Must Have Features Every Restaurant App Needs

Magento Mobile App Development

If you’re unsure whether developing a Magento mobile app for your food joint or restaurant would be a safe investment, then it’s time that you stop worrying about the decision as mobile is the next-generation platform where people communicate, shop, hangout, and eat as well.

Over the years, the number of mobile users has grown and apps have become essential part of every brand and industry. Food industry is not unaware to the modern world and in order to stay ahead of the competitors, every food business must have a fully customized mobile app with a robust back-end support.

The Math is Simple

If you are a 10 table, family-run restaurant and if you don’t have a dedicated an app, chances are that you’re missing out on over 20% increase in sales.

Apart from a mobile app, you can also consider developing a Magento website, but if you’re not considering to have the app developed then you’re going to lose those clients who’re just passing through your area, and feeling hungry too.

Essential Features for Restaurant App

Well, now that you know investing in a mobile app would be the next step to grow business, the next thing to decide on is what features to put in it. Here’s a list of some must-have features that every restaurant Magento mobile app should have to be loved by the customers. You can surely use your own innovation to add some more, but you shouldn’t compromise on the following features:

In-App Ordering & Payment

Online mobile app lets your consumers to avoid time required to visit your local restaurant and wait for the order to be taken and processed. In-app ordering feature lets your business come closer to the consumer and the ability to pay for their orders takes consumer convenience one-step ahead.

According to a research, consumers who order food online tend to visit restaurant 67% more than those who don’t. The ease-of-payment is a reason that 26% consumers use a restaurant’s app.

Apps not only make life easier for the consumer, but also improves your accuracy for handling orders. A perfect combination of these two abilities gives you a clear edge over your competitors.

Loyalty, Discounts & Reward Programs

Over 73% people are likely to place order if offered free coupon or discount on food items. 37% people use mobile apps to look for discounts and over 32% use apps for redeeming and earning more loyalty points.

This is exactly why some big names in the food industry pay close attention to retaining existing customers by offering lucrative deals and discount coupons vial mobile app’s push notification feature.

Table Reservation

No matter you have a big or small restaurant, make it easier for the consumers to walk—in with a table already reserved for them. Offering ‘table reservation’ becomes important if you are running a famous and high-end eatery that only accommodates prior reservations.

A restaurant app with table reservation helps cut down customer frustration that would undoubtedly arise as consumers have to face when waiting for a table on weekends.

Social Media Integration

No matter what industry you belong to, social media has make its way to help it make a business successful. It has become a permanent feature for every mobile app and for restaurant’s Magento mobile app even more. Share your “Today’s Best” or “Latest in the menu” on social media and attract more food lovers.

Also you can leverage the social media and tie it with your promotional campaign to entice existing customers to earn more reward points as they share your products to friends. It helps attract new customers and bring back the existing ones as well.


Irrespective of the size and fame, every food business aims to grow more and the above said features are must to include into your app to attract more visitors and get more orders. Again, you can use your own innovation but using them is a must.


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