Seven Must-Have Features for Your Mobile App

Magento Mobile App

For brand marketers, mobile app builder has become the new website. Just like websites evolved from being digital marketing collateral to interactive storefronts, Magento mobile apps are now getting matured into virtual cash machine for brands. Small scale and large scale, both industries ensured that mobile becomes an integral part of their business. They not only develop mobile-friendly ecommerce capability but also offer personalised shopping experience to customers.

You might be surprised to know how tapping into some of your phone’s lesser known capabilities can begin to create new connections with your customers. Here are top 7 must have features that can change the way your mobile shopping app works for you.

Feedback system in your Mobile Apps

It is crucial to have a feedback feature for your customers in your app. Whether it is a button or a link to open an email, that doesn’t matter. The important part is giving your customers a quick way to ask queries, report bugs and provide suggestions or criticisms. Users will definitely appreciate your effort knowing that you are open to their feedback and their input is can revamp your app for future.

Usability should be your priority

A compelling magento mobile app  should feature an interface that aims at usability. The best way to pamper customers is to follow a casual application hierarchy of widely used applications like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Award bonus points for users if you can.

Improve customization

Ensure that there is a clear way to improvise settings for your apps: color, themes, font size and most importantly privacy settings if it is a social app. The more opportunities the user has to tailor the app as per his taste, less is the chance that anything goes wrong. And if there is, it can be mend easily.

Keep it simple

Customers tempt if you throw millions of small features into your e-commerce mobile app because you think they are cool.  Analyse user requirements and implement those features. He will be very satisfied with what he is getting and will spread a word to other too.

Social-media login

Connect the app with social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and give the user a delightful experience. But make sure to always provide them with a way to retrieve their user name and password or remind them which social network they use while setting the app.

Be relevant

Update something that is relevant. Stop building apps that are just full of text and focus on posting engaging content and deliver a richer experience that is beyond what your e-commerce website can do.

Prioritize speed

Check for the speed of the app, it shouldn’t be slow. People dislike Facebook because of how slow the mobile shopping app is. It is important that your app doesn’t make people wait around while it loads.

Although these 7 points maybe essential ingredients for an effective app, quality alone isn’t enough to ensure project’ success. Even the most popular apps receive a heavy marketing push. People will love to come back again and again if it is capable of providing some kind of value as short-term, fun is always loved by customers


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