Should You Abandon Your Website in Favor of an App?

Magento Mobile App

Mobile has been a hot topic for a while, for obvious reasons. In an age of smartphones, app is not something to be ignored. But, it can be a bit tricky to select where to put your efforts – Magento Mobile App or Responsive Website.

Many online retailers feel that they don’t need a mobile app, a website that looks good on a mobile devices is enough. Others say that mobile apps have benefits that a website cannot provide. Having a responsive website that looks good on mobile is a great choice and there are no downsides, but taking a step ahead towards the app can make the wonders happen with various things that websites can’t, like offline access, push notifications and many businesses can benefit from them.

Let’s look at a few main factors to decide if it’s a right path for your business:

Your Business has a Location-based Component

Are you targeting audience from a particular city, or country and need to present them with relevant information based on there they are located? Push Notifications can be a great example for it.

Many businesses like restaurants would need to connect to the local people, informing them about the newly invented dish or what’s hot in today’s menu.

In case of a restaurant and local apparel store, there’s a strong location-based element that’s necessary to stay in touch with the foodies, fashionistas and the people who love to go trendy. Because most people have their smartphones when them everywhere, it makes sense to send Push Notifications informing them about the various activities on your store and build a stronger bond with a mobile app rather.

Your Idea Requires Real-Time Information Delivery

Do you want the consumers to get informed about something the moment it happens? Does your idea needs to inform people about latest updates? For example, online shopping stores. Every customer must be informed immediately about the status of item they just purchased.

Whether the product is packed, ready to ship, dispatched or delivered, online shopping apps can do it all for you.

Since people are concerned about the timely delivery of their product, they might want to track the status when they are away from their computer. For the on-the-go people, mobile app make more sense as it’s more convenient for them to track order details and shipping information. They don’t have to remember login details as the app would record them right when consumers login.

If real-time information delivery is the need for your business, it’s likely building a Magento mobile app will be the best route.

A Mobile App is a Key Competitive Advantage

If you’re new to the online business industry and have an idea with similar competitors that have already done a great job by building for the web, it’s your time to take a step ahead of the competition. Building a mobile app could be a route to consider.

For example, Myntra is an app that made a late entry into the eCommerce industry, but did well by standing out of the crowd with an innovative mobile app, simplifying online shopping experience for the modern buyers. If Myntra has started as a website and stayed with the same concept, it would have been difficult to stand out from more established competitors like Amazone, eBay or Flipkart.

Because Myntra focused on improving experience for the on-the-go buyers, it allowed them to differentiate more effectively from competitors. And it’s renowned name among those who love to shop using mobile devices. It has received widespread adoption from thousands of customers.


The final decision, whether or not to invest in a Magento mobile app, solely depends upon your business. For a casual blogger or service provider, the mobile website wills, while for the restaurants or eCommerce stores, the mobile app wins.


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