Social Media Marketing Matters For Mcommerce

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I have no doubt about the role of Social Media in everyone’s life. Along with helping people grow relations with their loved ones, these platforms are must for business growth as well. Be it a start-up, small business having website only or a larger scale online marketing industry that allows people to shop on desktop and smartphones as well with online shopping apps, social media is a game changer and anyone can afford for marketing their product on global scale.

It is the trend every business needs to follow to survive in the cut-throat online shopping competition.

Let’s have a look at some strange facts about Social media:

• Nearly half of the world’s population is on internet, which is 3 billion.
• Nearly 2.1 billion people are active on social media sites.
• Almost 90% of people aged from 18 to 29 are frequent users.
• 1.7 billion people are using internet through mobile.

The whole aim of using social media platforms is to get the potential clients from all over the world at low rates. These platforms give unbeatable results to boost your online retail stores’ sales. Surely, it has some rules, but the results are overwhelming every time especially when you are considering to expose your store on the international market.

Greatest thing about social media platforms is that it is near to free of cost and easy-to-understand. All you need is to know how the social media culture works and how this can help your online store reach the target audience.

Now, if you’re wondering how the social media can help your Magento mobile app achieve international exposure, here is the answer,

Did you know?

• In 2016 and 2017 respectively, social media marketing has 9.8 billion Dollars and 11 billion Dollars of investment.
• 22 % of the brands hire a social media professional for online promotions.
• 64% sales professionals reports closing a deal as a direct result of social media.

This is the reason that leading companies from developed countries are enjoying great business from other countries. Social media platforms allow online shopping brands to communicate with their clients directly, without the interference of any person. Earlier, companies would invest a lot for commercial advertisements on TV and Radio, but the time has changed and today you only need 10 to 20% of that amount to promote your brand in global market.

How to expose your local brand to global audience?

Promoting your products in the global market via mobile shopping apps is a great choice, but social media platforms make it more interesting by making people aware about both your app and the products. Being a future-ready online retailer, you should know how social media can affect your target audience’s lives.

Always keep yourself updated with current trends and make your social media strategy accordingly to win the trust of local audience. Remember that localizing your strategy will help bring great response and achieve desired results. Make sure you promote your brand in native language. It makes them personalized.

How the reviews matter?

• Over 57% of the customers make shopping decisions according to online reviews.
• 70% consumers trust online reviews.
• Only 16% are found to only leave the positive reviews.
• 78% of the consumers buy products solely after what company posts.

The key to great results is to engage yourself with consumers as no one would want to be ignored. Just take care of their individual needs and help them in best possible way. Also make sure you understand how the product is beneficial for the consumers and create strategies accordingly on local level.


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