Statistics That Make Mobile Apps Better Than Desktop Sites

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Buckle up yourself. If you are an online retailer, you’re about to get a rude statistical awakening about Magento Mobile App.

Technology has brought about a great change in the way people purchase products and mobile plays the widest role. If you’re not doing something to make pace with the changes right now, you’re going to miss the train. Today, mobile is the game changer. Not just mobile search, but the entire mobile experience from browsing to conversions.

Go through the given statistics and you’ll see mobile commerce in a new way.
Two out of three people prefer accessing mobile app than mobile website.

Today, online buyers are more concerned about the speed, security, performance and smooth navigation, and want a mobile experience without all these barriers. Users find responsive websites an unnecessary barrier as they perform pathetic, if compared with native online shopping apps.
Many users don’t want yet another website. They want a personalized and lightweight experience of being able to do what they want to without any drawback.

Responsive websites come with great benefits, but users are looking for the next-generation solution for browsing directly from their mobile devices. Mobile users don’t mind becoming loyal customers of your brand store, provided if you are able to give them what they want.

They are just looking for a good deal with better navigation.

It’s time that you are going to stick to mobile-optimized web experience or take the next step towards the success with a Magento mobile app.

Something More

Online Customers will make purchases on a responsive website, but only if it’s easier than downloading an app.

If developing a mobile website, make sure it should be easy for the users to convert on their mobile devices without installing the app, which is near to impossible as apps are much better treat.

78% mobile searches result in purchase.

I bet it’s going to be an eye-popping statistic from mobile studies. Studies claim 78% pf online searches result in purchases, which show mobile winning by a significant margin.

Consider how this happens. If three individuals are looking for local restaurant. First there is an individual using a mobile phone. Second there is an individual using a laptop to search and third there is an individual using a tablet to search. Who is going to make the purchase?

Answer: The individual on mobile phone.

Researchers claim the mobile users are most valuable customer segment as they are most likely to convert into buyers. This makes sense to focus more on this user segment and deliver what they are looking for.

Something More

• Make sure you provide a better platform for customers to purchase from your store.
• Consider providing advantages to mobile users with an app.

Shoppers spend more time on mobile devices than desktops.

Shopping is more than just a mobile activity. During every festival season, one third of all eCommerce purchases are made on smartphones. Let’s check the figures:

• 11% of the internet searches are done on tablets.
• 44% of internet searches are done on mobile phones.

The figures clearly depict the mobile searches dominate the online shopping market. Because global consumers now spend more than half of their time on compact devices, mobile can’t be viewed as an ancillary device. People today think mobile as they think of purchasing something from online stores.

Something More

• If you have a local business, make sure to create a shopping experience that appeals to mobile users.
• If you have a local business, remember that customers interact more with your business on a mobile device than on a desktop.

The Bottom Line

Nearly every study, research, report, statistic has ominous prediction about how mobile shoppers are “on the rise!” And you know it already.

The difference between a successful and failed online business is understanding the importance of mobile technology and employing it to your business.


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