Things to Learn from Global Top ECommerce Giants

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Online shopping is a big marketplace, with countless platforms already available. If you are also starting an eCommerce website then it’s good to think out-of-the-box and develop a Magento mobile app that creates human connection, encouraging your target audience to visit over and over again.

Just like we get inspired by people in a real life, a great success in online shopping business can be achieved by learning from the list of websites that fall under the top 1,000 sites (as per Alexa). Adopt the practices they follow to improve your traffic and conversions.

Here’s what the leading brands like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Zappos and many others do for building an exemplary image and encourage visitors to make a purchase.


The word of mouth is very powerful marketing tool. So make sure you are offering something amazing to your visitors to encourage them to become your brand ambassadors. Amazon’s founder, Jeff Bezor believes this strategy and has been using it quite well.

A great thing about Amazon is that it has got almost everything right in place, which is why it attracts highest traffic among all eCommerce players. There’s hardly any person who haven’t shopped from Amazon until now.

The level of personalization it provides to each customer is the best thing about Amazon. As you use the website or app and explore the products, your activities are watched thoroughly and recorded. The history is then used to show you a personalized view of the items you may like. And this process goes on whenever a customer signs in the next time.

In short, Amazon is slightly different for each consumer. Magento 2.0 can help you achieve this level of personalization as it uses customer’s browsing data to generate information about what customers preferably search.


“eBay has defined e-commerce,” Meg Whitman, Former President and CEO of eBay

I guess it is the real truth. After all, it was eBay that brought an entirely new concept of listing and selling a variety of goods on one online platform. I am sure you won’t believe about the most expensive purchase made on ebay, which was a Gulfstream II Jet that sold for $4.9 million in 2001.

eBay offers a great number of user-centric features for improving user buying experience.

First here is the Geo Targeting feature, which in the first place tells the customer whether the product can be purchases in their location or not. Second, is the option buyers get to drop a message for the seller for color options or any other query. Third here is the message that every buyer reads at the checkout page stating “Another user may buy it until you complete the checkout.

Displaying helpful messages on your online shopping apps or website can help your consumers at each step of buying. Think out-of-the-box to make it convenient and quick experience for users.


“No online shopping website comes with guaranteed success. If you want it to succeed, create traffic,” – Joel Anderson, Former President and CEO WalMart Stores Inc. (U.S. eCommerce arm).

The omnipresent search box, present on the top of homepage of Walmart, makes it easier for consumers to anytime search for anything throughout the website. Wherever you move on website, the search function follows you on home, category or product page.

A well-designed menu bar and search option must be the easiest and quickest element present on your Magento mobile app or website. Customers should not be troubled to find a search box on your website.


Zappos always dreamt of building a website that delivers a very best customer service and the very best customer experience.” – Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos.

This is what Zappos does very well. When you visit the website, you come across different number and ways to reach out to their executives for any customer support. They’re always available 24*7.

Also, the website encourages the visitor to talk to their customer executive via phone, live chat email, and also report any security issue. The user manuals available on website and app help users to get the information they need without having to interact with the executive.


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