Top 5 CMSs for Ecommerce for 2020

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One of the key things that make or break your business game on digital front is the quality of CMS (Content Management System). Attention to detail is the key to choosing the right CMS for eCommerce. Meaning, selecting the right CMS for eCommerce is not easy like ABC!

It mainly difficult because of the variety of content management systems for eCommerce available in market. All of them have their own set of features. Reading this post till the end will help you choose the right CMS for your eCommerce business.

The content management system for eCommerce to choose!

You need to be familiar with a couple of key things to be able to choose the right content management system for your eCommerce business.

  • Your business needs.
  • Your business goals. Short-term business goals as well as long term business goals.
  • Knowledge about the capabilities of CMS of your choosing and the values it can add to your online business.

Let’s now get to the point:

Reasons to choose Magento:

Magento is the most popular CMS for eCommerce in the world. It is available in two versions.

  • Magento 1
  • Magento 2

Both of these versions of Magento offer their own features and advantageous.

Here are some common reasons to choose Magento for your eCommerce business:

  • It is a versatile CMS for eCommerce
  • It offers mobile-friendly configuration.
  • It offers advanced level of SEO
  • It is extremely powerful and spacious.
  • Magento offers you built-in upsells and cross-sells.
  • Makes third party integrations super easy.
  • Allows you to customize security permissions according to the needs of your business.

Pros of Shopify:

Well, let’s the way it can value to your online business:

  • It is easy to use.
  • Makes your online store visually appealing.
  • Offers easy app integrations.
  • Improves the loading speed of your eCommerce store.
  • Makes your online store SEO and mobile-friendly.
  • Powerful marketing tools and outstanding customer support.
  • Makes it easy for customers to pay and checkout.

Benefits of Shopify Plus:

Like Magento, Shopify also comes in two versions. The second version of Shopify. Take a good look at its benefits:

  • Sound security.
  • Effective CDN (Content Delivery Network).
  • All the support required.
  • Offers multichannel sales.
  • Offers customization of almost everything.
  • Effective hosting.
  • Required bandwidth.


The value BigCommerce adds:

This is another popular CMS for eCommerce.

  • Offers great support.
  • Makes your online store mobile and SEO-friendly.
  • Offers faster installation.
  • Easy payment gateway integration.
  • Makes return management smooth.
  • Builds customers’ loyalty.
  • Offers product syndication.
  • Helps sell products on numerous websites.

The Impact of Wix on your eCommerce business:

  • It is SMB-Friendly. …
  • It is fully reliable for the hosting of your website. …
  • A great choice to manage content optimized for SEO
  • Offers eCommerce modules required
  • Helps optimize websites for mobile
  • Keeps connectivity Issues at an arm’s length
  • Offers excellent support.
  • Wix Artificial Design Intelligence & Wix Code is another key benefit of Wix.

The Bottom Line:

Hopefully, this helps you choose the right CMS for your eCommerce website. To make life easier for yourself, make sure you know your business goals and needs in advance.

In case you are looking forward to seeking content management services for your eCommerce business, SoftProdigy has everything to exceed your requirements and expectations.

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