Top Creative Ways to Get More App Downloads

Top Creative Ways to Get More App Downloads

After months of planning, strategizing, designing, and development of your Magento mobile app, your app is up and running and is ready to take the world by storm. But, are you sure that your app will receive the desired download rate? What if no one is downloading it? Wondering what could be the problem? The prime reason here is the competition and people regardless of their search, people have hundreds of options to choose from.

Whether they’re looking for travel bags online or the best gaming experience, users have endless choices. So, in order to get what you aimed at when preparing the eCommerce app – more downloads – here are five ways to achieve your goals.

Get Some Attention

No matter how great your app works or looks like, there’s no chance of success if it’s not visible to your target market. So, market your app! There are multiple budget marketing techniques you can use to promote your app such as App Store Optimization, digital marketing, social media marketing, etc. For even more impact, personally reach out to the target market through emails or social media. While it may take time, but it’s always worth the effort to market your app. Attract more users to put review as with every new review, your app downloads increase.

Depending on your total budget, you should spend the money on best marketing methods and social media stands atop the best ones. Spread your total budget across the most popular channels with your target audience, which could include:

  • Email Marketing
  • Social media
  • App directory sites
  • SMS marketing

Localize Your App

After the great efforts you’ve put in the overall Magento ecommerce mobile app development, it will be a shame to miss out on the wider audience. This makes it important to localize your app. A few strategies like using multi-language, multi-currency, can help target the local country easily. If the budget is tight, look for discount offers available on the app development packages. The readymade mobile app builder packages are also great choice to build your own app in a budget.

Optimize Your Website

Your app is the reflection of your website, hence it is important to optimize your website according to the target market. Making the website user-friendly using premium Magento extensions proves to be the best strategy as these extensions not only make websites work great, but also make them look amazing as well. For example, using one-step checkout extension makes the whole shopping process easier, allowing shoppers to complete order on just one-step.

Know Your Users

There’s a weapon that every business owner should be aware of when launching a product or a service – know your users. It is important to be aware of who’s going to use your products and what methods they’ll be using to buy from you.

Use the data you get from your users to make additions, adjustments, and changes in direction to your app to ensure increased user satisfaction & retention. There is a wide range of tools available to help you with the target and the best one includes Google Analytics. Remember, most apps only retain about 20% of their users. So, make sure you do everything to keep them once you get them.

Final Words

Whichever route you take to increase the downloads of your Magento mobile app, it is suggested that you have a complete optimization plan as the core of any mobile app marketing strategy.


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