Top Pitfalls to Choosing an App Development Avoid When Company

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Over the year, experts at OnGoBuyo have been contacted by countless clients who, seeking help to get their Magento mobile app idea into a great reality. Many times, the clients were those whom we have met previously, but selected another app developer and many returned to us after having bad experiences with low cost developers who failed to deliver what they desired.

These incidents encouraged us to come up with some consultation tips on the top pitfalls to avoid while choosing an app development company. So we got connected to our top professionals and would like to share their reviews with you here.


Developing an app for an online store can be a great investment, especially for the startups or small businesses. Therefore, creating a relationship of trust between you and the development company is essential. Never forget to ask about their level of experience in the related field before choosing an app development company. Make sure you look at their portfolio, download their apps and check the performance, UI/UX design quality and features offered, etc.


Experience lets the developers to handle client queries the easier way. So, gain an understanding of their ability to communicate highly technical problems to the layman. The following questions may be asked to check their communication ability;

1. Will there be a project manager dedicated to my app development project?
2. How often I will be updated about the progress?
3. And what communication channel will be used to communicate and update about the status?


No matter what product you are dealing with, but design is the most important part to the success of your online shopping apps. The design has a direct impact on your users’ experiences. Check if the company has an expert designer in team or the design part will be done from a freelance professional. Hiring a development company which can’t deliver app design can often result in an app that is not only aesthetically displeasing but is also hard to use.

Keep in mind that design taste changes from country to country, that makes it loved by the target audience. Look for the previous examples of the company’s app design and the design process they undertake.

Technology & Testing

Sometimes you manage to develop a great app idea into reality with engaging design, but still it fails to achieve the desired download rate. The bugs can be a reason for it that hinder users’ shopping experience via your mobile app. Make sure to check the technology used by the professionals and the agency’s testing process is the key. You may find the test-driven app to be more expensive as the process takes time and lot of efforts, but it ensures the flawless perform whenever a shopper is using your app.

So, make sure the development company can demonstrate how the bugs are found and what steps are taken to implement fixes before the app is launched.

Underquoted & Undelivered

You may want to save every single penny you can when developing an app. But choosing a Magento mobile app development company purely on price can lead to corners being cut and a product that doesn’t meet your initial requirements. Don’t go for a bunch of features that don’t function according to your original requirements, instead try getting a Minimal Viable Product that works perfectly.


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