Top Ways to Improve Your Ecommerce Business Sales

Magento Mobile App

The internet has transformed the way people buy everything from toys to laptops. The trend of online shopping has made life easier and a Magento mobile app has taken the experience to the next level by allowing them to shop on the go. But for the online retailers, it’s always important to know that increasing sales doesn’t necessarily have to cost thousands of dollars as some little changes can make a big difference.

Many online shopping stores may be very good at search engine rankings and get lots of traffic, but achieve low conversation rates. The reasons may be countless, from product pricing to security and payment gateways. Issues such as ease of use and trust make a big difference in the way how people look at your brand and make a purchase.
So, what exactly puts the online shopping stores’ revenue down? Honestly, that is hard to say, but below are some things that can make an enormous difference.

Go Mobile

The decline of the desktops has been predicted for years. The growth of online shopping apps is now a clear trend and people are using these compact devices to buy everything they need. If you do eCommerce business, you must optimize your store for tablets and smartphones or simply get an app that offers what your clients are looking for convenience and easy navigation. Mobile app development is the latest trend among all leading online retailers as browsing internet through smartphones is increasing steadily just as desktop sales are declining.

A right mobile strategy will help you secure your part of this new channel.

Build Trust

It’s much easier to build trust than to rebuild it. Make sure your store is equipped with payment gateways that people trust upon like PayPal or PayU. There are many small businesses that have online presence for over a decade and have been unable to be making their ways to the people’s mind. There’s no reason you can’t do something about it. You can talk to your website developer about what changes you want to bring to your store and believe me, it will make a difference in the way people buy from your store.

Security is an important part of trust. Make sure to put in front the names of payment providers you work with. And it’s good to have a trusted and internationally renowned payment partner with you.

Add Convenience

Making a store convenient to use is the key to bring more customers. Try using social media login extension to improve the user-friendliness of your eCommerce store sign-up process. With social media login, customers are more likely to sign up and get registered using their social media credentials because this will save them time.

It helps them complete the checkout process quickly as the lengthy registration form skips with the social media login page.

Quality Descriptions

One of the common mistakes most eCommerce store owners do is to avoid investing enough in their product-listing page. After the home page, catalog is the most important page of eCommerce store and investing in quality descriptions help customers understand products better rather than having to go through all images and know what the product actually does. A simple change can bring 5% increase in conversion rate as it saves customers’ time and efforts.

Social Media Presence

It is clear that social media is exploding, so why not to make use of the global presence these websites and target your global audience by simply going viral on the social media? Most mobile shopping apps come with social media sharing option, which enable your store visitors to share your products and content on these website and take active part in your internet marketing campaign. Social media sharing is the fastest growing traffic source and provides many other benefits such as credibility.

ECommerce is incredibly successful business despite the fact that entering the business has become relatively easier with platforms like Magento available at low cost. Following the increasing competition, it’s good to offer customers with something different and take the lead with mobile app development and other methods to be a non-like-anyone online shopping store.


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