What is the Cost For Mobile App Development?

Magento Mobile App Development

Regardless of product or services you are dealing, Magento mobile app has proven to be an excellent and profitable asset to every online business. However, the crucial part is the right estimate of the cost involved in mobile app development. Read on to determine the real cost that fits your budget.

The decision of app development is based upon various parameters which include features, quality of design and UI, and time of delivery. The cost for online shopping app development may start from as low as $0 and may go up to $10,000 and beyond depending upon the inclusion of advanced features, custom requirements, and functionality changes. The average range for a complete mobile app is $2,000 – $5,000.

Considering app development is a critical decision as you make two most valuable investments – time & money. In order to shape up your project in the right manner, you have to acknowledge some key factors that will help be helpful to take the decision for your business app development.

Precedence over Others

Before you jump into the decision of hiring a team of professionals, it’s good to set priorities. There’s a wide range of options, delivering quality work with an inexpensive budget within time limits. But, make sure to pick the option that are more likely to be in on your priority list.

For example, ‘Quality’ is your top priority – for which you have to have a bigger budget with less time or more time with less budget. Experts’ advice to have an adequate budget to get the exact quality work done by online shopping apps Development Company.

Whether Go for Outsourcing or In-House Development

Once you’ve set budget and estimated the time for your project, the next imperative task is to find skillful resources to give shape to your project. Decide whether to hire an in-house team or outsource it to an offshore company.

Let’s go with the second option first. Building an in-house team might seem lucrative decision but grooming the team may become a complex process as you must look after their technical knowledge, communication skills, and projection ability. In-house team gives you the confidence of project development on time.

Outsourcing app development to an offshore company can be beneficial in the other way as these professionals are expert professionals with years of profound technical knowledge in rolling out the best work within their define timelines.

App Development Methods

We all know the two leading methods of mobile app development – waterfall and agile. Both of them offer excellent features and functionality.

In agile technique, you can adjust the project, features, functions and changes. This is the most adopted method as it comes with a flexible structure. With this technique, you can launch your app on time and attract your target audience faster than any other method.

Waterfall development method is different to the agile technique. In waterfall, documentation is required in advance of process. This is just opposite to the agile method where there is no requirement of process documentation before development.

Waterfall technique allows you to know what you’re getting and how much cost will it require. While this is a great method, but it might not fit in a big and complex project as it is difficult for a developer to know every single detail from the beginning.

Fixed Fee vs. Time

As mentioned above, the waterfall development method goes right with a fizzed fee structure and one can decide the charges to put on a different level of app development. Sometimes, clients are afraid of their payment gets stuck then fixed fee structure may reduce it to some extent but you may have to comprise with the developer’s work quality.

Agile method is quite flexible enough that you can count the amount depending upon the efforts put into the project. You will be provided the estimated rates and if you are given the access then you can track the efforts and time they put into the development process.

The Final Words

Keeping in mind the above mentioned factors, it’s easier for online businesses to understand where, what and how to invest in your Magento mobile app development project. With right estimates, right methods, and right partner, you will get the best app for your online eCommerce business.


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