Why Going Mobile-Friendly is the Need of the Hour?

Magento Mobile App

Despite how fabulous your ecommerce website looks, the real status is displayed once you visit it on a handheld device. For more than a decade, businesses have been recommended to take mobile responsiveness seriously. Although most of the businesses took things into consideration but this is the high time to pull up your socks and strive hard. With the recent Google announcements, most on-line merchants have started to incorporate mobile shopping apps for their website.
With the growing number of mobile users at a fast pace, statistics show that mobile web covers 50% of the overall traffic. This has urged businesses to build mobile application for their ecommerce websites. Here are three common types of mobile friendly options that may help you out.

Build a Separate Mobile Website

There are certain mobile versions of your website that are specifically designed to be run on handheld devices. They either run on domains and sub domains or can identify if the user is on desktop, laptop or any other devices and then redirects them accordingly. Having such options are hectic and costly and whenever an updation occurs, the changes are meant to be kept standard across the board. This option is recommended for social media network such as Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, etc. that can be simultaneously managed over multiple platforms. Plus, reach out to a reliable mobile app builder for creating a powerful mobile app.

Develop a Mobile App

Nowadays most of your routine tasks are being handled with the help of mobile apps. Plenty of apps are readily available on Google Play Store or App Store. The app content is specifically designed to fit into your phone and the users and benefit from the app via short cut icons available on your mobile screen. This makes the process hassle free while surfing the internet and finding the mobile app.

Make your website mobile responsive

Responsiveness is one of the most favourable option for any business. This is because the website spontaneously is adjusted in accordance with the device being used. Every ecommerce website should give its customers an extraordinary shopping experience and the fluidity should also be remarkable. Features such as smooth navigation, easy synchronization and customization makes it simpler to manage the ecommerce mobile app.

Conclusively, the above mentioned mobile-friendly options are relevant for your business and you may choose wisely among these three as every business has its own set of requirements. Regardless of the option you select, your ultimate goal should be to enhance the visual identity and responsiveness of your website and stay ahead in the rat race. With half of the traffic coming from smartphones, ensure to go for mobile friendly solutions and have a long lasting impression on your potential customers.


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