Why Online Shoppers don’t Prefer Their Compact Devices to Buy Things

Magento Mobile App


Customers are funny about mobile. They love to carry their devices everywhere and spend more time exploring about mobile shopping apps and games now than ever. On one hand, they do everything using their compact devices from gaming to making friends on social media. On the other hand, they still have reservations about making purchases from those devices.

According to a recent study on consumer shopping behavior, experts found more than half of consumers prefer online shopping. The reasons are many. If you’re planning to come up with an online shopping store, equipped with countless products and user-friendly services, stay assured to make way to every customer’s pocket with mobile shopping apps.

Consumers reported of facing inconvenience while buying goods through compact devices from a store with no mobile app available. The presence of countless fashionable clothing and other products stands secondary when it comes to shop online; buyers need a user-friendly store with mobile app that offers better shopping experience.

Having a Magento online store is a great choice, but the recipe to succeed is something different- Responsive design+app= success. If you find mobile shopping apps out of your budget, a lot can be done to provide a better experience to your customers by following the simple tips to make a mobile website awesome.


Although mobile user experience is already compressed, start by thinking on how to communicate your brand on mobile. Make sure to breathe your brand into mobile experience. Your logo, colors, fonts — whatever it is, use the best ones so that your customer remember you.


Mobile users hate the way the websites irritate them as they scroll down or up. Make everything scroll-friendly. Keep more information on top and don’t be afraid to have stuff stacked on top of each other. Customer only scroll down when they want more information about a product.

Copy, fonts, images & menu

Mobile affords the opportunity to make the copy really simple, so make it tight and shiny. Use less texts and more images. Don’t go too biased with the texts, and make them large enough to be readable.

Customers love to view more than going through the technical specifications of a product. They love to click on them, so make sure your images are enough eye-catching and informative.

Add to cart

Customers love buying from mobile shopping apps as they offer great options like add to cart. Use extensions to add different options to your store as they help enhancing shopping experience and bring more users frequently. Use big buttons to get the users to the next step of shopping.

To be truly mobile-friendly, you need to think mobile first and think hard about how to present your store on mobile screens with or without mobile shopping apps.


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