A Quick Introduction to Mobile App Localization & Internationalization

Mobile App Localization & Internationalization

When you have an app available at the Apple Store or Google Play Store, it’s visible to everyone visiting these platforms. Following this, magento mobile app localization and internationalization have emerged as the key factors in determining the success of your mobile presence. You want only your target audience to click on your “App Icon” and proceed to download it.

Whether you are in the online shopping industry or simply have a gaming app, you must have the target audience in mind before you launch it. In order to ensure the success of your app, we would discuss the process of optimizing your Magento mobile app globally and locally simultaneously with numerous techniques.

Mobile App Localization & Internationalization

Most of the mobile apps are developed with a single language – English. This means that the apps are available for the global population who are proficient, at least can read, in English. According to the recent survey, more than 50% of the countries ranked in the top 10 list of downloading mobile apps are non-English speaking.

And since United States, South Korea, and Japan are surveyed to be the biggest app markets in the world, if you create your app for any of these three countries, you are already targeting over half of the global market for mobile Apps. This is what we mean by mobile app localization.

Big Brands like Walmart, Mercedes or Pepsi have always followed the localization strategy, which has been their strongest strategy in running a flourishing business for decades! Their mobile apps are altered to suit the preferences and tastes of users from different locations.

So when your digital marketing partner and Mobile app development company comes with suggestions on localizing your app for a particular market, you need to understand that it is more than just an additional feature.


Advantages of Mobile App Localization

App Localization allows you to target a specific market that belongs to a particular geography, age group, sex, or profession. To help you understand its benefits in detail, we’ve prepared a list so you can take that first step towards localizing your mobile app.

  • Over 90% of mobile activities include the use of mobile apps, which is why localization has assumed a whole new importance
  • You can make more revenue with your app available in multiple countries
  • English is not a global language as there is a whole world out there beyond the English speaking nations. Over half of the global mobile app users belong to non-English speaking nations like Asia/Pacific region
  • Managing your app to localization means the returns on investments are a whole lot higher
  • A localized mobile app with presence across multiple countries is likely to attract more users as compared to those apps that are only available in English.
  • App Internationalization

Once you are satisfied with the response of your app users with Magento mobile app localization, it is time to move on to the next level. Mobile app internationalization allows businesses to have a global presence and cater to the global population, regardless of their presence.

Although the two terms “Mobile App Localization” and “Mobile App Internationalization” are often used interchangeably and confusing for users, these are actually two different concepts.

To make available to the mobile app for all users of Android and iOS mobile devices, it is important to invest in the mobile app internationalization. Internationalization means a lot more than the language. It will take care of the font style, content displays, language orientation, and many other details so users from a particular country, age group or profession feel like the app is created specifically for them.

The Challenges

The mobile app localization and internationalization come with many benefits, but there are many challenges associated with them too. When you want to do the changes in your app to make it ready for different target markets and languages, there is going to be a whole lot of extensive coding work. You may want to deal with many factors like date formats, number systems, alignment, color coding, etc.

It is, therefore, the responsibility of your Magento mobile app developer to suggest you a better strategy for app internationalization and localization while ensuring the least changes in the app to make it ready for your target market.



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