• What is OnGoBuyo?

    OnGoBuyo simply converts your Magento ecommerce store into a shopping app. You just need to install it and all the product details, shipping rates, etc. will be displayed in your app.

  • Is there a CMS to update the content of the app?

    Of course yes! You can easily update the content of your app on our easy to use platform. Content and pages like ‘about us’, ‘home’ can be effortlessly updated. Moreover, you can also change, price, social media URLs, append new features and alter colors. Plus, you can modify your app even after it is published.

  • How long does it take to publish the app?

    Our team will analyze all the information and start branding the app. It usually takes around 2-3 working days to create the app from our end with the help of the credentials provided by you. Finally the app is published after it has been reviewed by Google Play Store.

  • Is the app compatible with iOS?

    No, it isn’t compatible with iOS. For now, it is only compatible with Android operating system. But it will soon be out for iOS devices.

  • Do I need adequate programming knowledge before installing OnGoBuyo?

    No, you can convert your ecommerce store into a shopping app without having any programming knowledge. You can completely transform and link the professional looking website to an Android app without knowing the coding techniques as it incorporates a user-friendly plug and play option.

  • What all payment modes are available in OnGoBuyo?

    OnGoBuyo supports PayPal, Cash on Delivery and Cheque money order.

  • How secure is OnGoBuyo with my data and customer personal information?

    With OnGoBuyo, the data is encrypted to ensure that no one has the access to admin or customer information. All the data collected is anonymous besides product order data.

  • Is there any additional cost for the updates?

    No. Regular updates fix small bugs that occur. You need to ensure OnGoBuyo is compatible with the latest Android version and newly released features are added to it for free.

  • Is there a quick buy feature or customers need to login first?

    Definitely! There is a quick buy feature in the app where in the guest user can purchase the package whereas other customers needs to register first.

  • What happens to the app when a new Android version is launched?

    Whenever a new Android version is launched, simply download the updated app from PlayStore. You don’t have to worry as we take care of all the updates.

  • What makes OnGoBuyo different from others?

    If you are a business owner, you always want to get your product and services highlighted. Driving traffic to your store is important and mcommerce is at its boom because customer finds it easy to pick products of their choice from their seats. OnGoBuyo allows more security, innovation, agility-all for a better price. In addition, it gratifies customer with a complete shopping experience making the admin and customer happy at the same time.

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