Having a Magento Mobile App Promote it Without Investment

Once you’ve made your mind of developing a Magento mobile app for your online shopping store, it’s time that you must be wondering how to market your brand for the smartphone users. It is important to promote your app in order to attract the attention of target users.

For every online store owner, planning to enter the mobile world and get more smartphone users to their store, it’s important to ideally market their app in the best possible way to generate maximum audience. Make sure your efforts are going in the right direction to achieve good percentage of conversions and maximum reach.

So, before you begin with the marketing, make sure you know the essential questions that will help you determine the potential of your app.

• Does your app has good usage ratio?
• How would know if your app is being downloaded?
• How would you track success of your app?
• Is your app discoverable on the basis of the ranking it has achieved?

Once you’re able to answer these queries, you would realise the potential of the app. Now you will need to work on marketing techniques that will help you reap long term profits and benefits. I’ve conducted an in-depth research about some marketing techniques and here are some tips that you should ideally integrate to promote your app among the target audiences.

Get Introduced to Social Media

Today, whole word is there on social media platforms and you can’t afford to neglect its importance when you’re on the mission to market your online shopping apps in the international market. You need to sync with social media in the right way. Social media has the potential to help you engage with consumers and promote you app to gain right amount of attention and conversion.

A well-planned and effective social media strategy can help you make the app visible as well as personify the brand in an effective manner. Capture the dynamics of the app perfectly if you want more positive reviews.

Create Ad Network

Using affiliate marketing to improve your conversion for your app is never a bad deal. These affiliate marketing networks can help you promote your app through their banners. The click through rates of the app ads are pretty good. The results can be sometimes more than expected. The number of conversion achieved through these ads is about 1% of the total. It’s quite an impressive number.

You might need to work in collaboration with the ad company that will direct the ads to the segment of audience you want to target.

Organic Ads

Remember that organic marketing differs for both the Android app store and Apple app store. Hence consider these difference and work on them before you start promoting your apps through organic marketing. It can help you achieve optimal reach and boost the marketing of your brand and the Magento mobile app. If the ratio per download increases, this will reflect in the conversion and user engagement of your online shopping store. You can use push notification to reach registered users easily.

Retain Loyal Users

It is a fact, attracting new consumers is costly than retaining the existing consumers. Rewards or loyalty points can help engage more users in the best possible ways and gain maximum conversions. Once you have done with the mobile app development, make sure you keep on attractive more and more users using push notifications with loyalty points. Make sure the discount you offer should not have an overhead cost as this will help you control your expenses and improve the revenue that you are planning to generate.

While these tips may vary for gaming and eCommerce mobile apps, but there’s hardly any store that has failed to achieve more conversion with these tips. They are always helpful in gaining maximum conversions and profitable revenue with quality reach. Use these tips and you don’t have to invest any amount in the marketing campaigns. They only need quality performance.

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