Mobile App Marketing Insights: What a Consumer Expects From a Mobile App?


People download apps frequently but most of them are abandoned. There are certain features that engage customers with apps thereby branding them.
Before you start reading today’s newspaper or enjoy the cup of coffee each morning, it’s likely you already turned to your mobile to start your day. Whether it’s finding your way through an urgent meeting, hitting the gym or adding the cost of latte to the weekly budget, one thing is clear that apps have become an integral part of our daily life, with people spending around 30 hours per day in them.
There are strategies to dig deeper into the insights so that your customer can develop an effective mobile app marketing strategy. Two integral points in the strategy are boosting awareness of your app and keeping your app audience engage and delight them.

Take action: Make your app noticeable

People not just turn to search on PlayStore to find new apps buy they actually download them because of search ads. Those who download apps based on ad viewed on their mobile phones, most of them say they were prompted by a search ad to do so. In addition, there is a strong reason to tap into search and help boost app awareness. Search ads not just raise visibility but also drive app downloads. You need to convert your ecommerce website into a mobile app with the help of mobile app builder.
For online merchants, this means ensuring your app stands out wherever mobile users are looking to discover app relevant as per their interest. Noticeably, you can boost the visibility of the app by focussing on your app promotion on customer experience.

App engagement and rearrangement is the key

People turn to apps that are at ease in their daily grind. Researchers reveal people use an app frequently when it simplifies their lives. The other side of the coin is that the apps are frequently abandoned after installation. So what is there about the app that attracts customers in the first place? How brands should ensure that their apps are being repeatedly used. There is a simple answer to this: prove the value and utility of the app.


There are multiple ways to power a brand with an app and to build the deeper relationship with customers. A tactful mobile app marketing strategy complements a brand’s offline experience, drive ecommerce and help connect a brand with its potential customers. Together with mobile websites, they’ve become an important part of both customers and marketers.
Given the sheer number of apps available in the market, it is daunting to gain user’s attention with an app. This is the reason why your app needs to stand out from the rest. To ensure that your app makes a cut, it is important to display its clear value so that people can find and use it. The above-mentioned strategies will bring tremendous value to your business.

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