Privacy Policy

At OnGoBuyo, we recognize that confidentiality is vital and we are committed to protect your privacy. The policy describes it all-the-way we gather, store, utilize and safeguard your personal information. When you sign up with us and utilize our services, we assume that you have accepted our terms and conditions.

Data Collected

As soon as you visit our OnGoBuyo website, we instantly collect your IP address and web browser data. In order to create an account, you need to provide your personal information. When you plan to connect with us while subscribing, you might have to give us some additional information like your name and email address, store url and store domain.

We mean what we say

We focus on providing you a seamless, resourceful, effective and wonderful experience while you browse our website. We use your personal information in a relevant way to process and deliver the order placed by offering a delightful shopping experience to the customer.

Cookies utilization

While you browse the website, we store small data files called “cookies” on our system. This information is absolutely confidential as it helps identity you as a user when you visit multiple pages on the website during the same session so we don’t prompt you time and again for your password on each page. As soon as you log out your account this cookie automatically expires and disable the cookie for the website.

Safeguarding your personal information

We protect your personal information by storing it in our secure server. Your privacy is crucial, so we spend umpteen time in making sure that we collect minimum information required. As we use the SSL process, it keeps the billing information safe. We assure you that no credit card information is saved with us. Moreover, we never share your personal information with third party.

You can always trust us as we try our best to safeguard our customers.

Alterations in the policy

Make note of the fact that Privacy Policy may alter as per requirement. OnGoBuyo reserves the right to alter its policies whenever necessary. In addition, we will post the changes if any on this particular page and if the changes made are highly significant, we will ensure it is prominent and is noticeable to the customer.